The Coalter Report: Dallas vs. Eagles

What Went Right

            We won. The Dallas Cowboys went to Eagles territory and came home with a much needed win. Dez Bryant had a solid game with a clutch “touchdown.” Despite the fact that the laces rolled, I will still take the chance to mention around the Eagles fans I see. Jones showed up and showed some explosiveness and ability to make the first guy miss. Witten once again was Romo’s plan B, and had some solid blocks that set the edge for our running backs. Brandon Carr shut down Desean Jackson and Maclin, when they were his responsibility. Ratliff put the pressure on Foles in the forth like a Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny. Bruce Carter dominated the Eagles backfield, wrapping McCoy up in hugs all game long.

What Went Wrong

            The offensive line are still having issues with the players lining up opposite of them. They are less like quarterback protective walls, and more like Wal-Mart door greeters. Clairborne was literally holding on to dear life as Eagle receivers flashed by him. His holding penalties did not end up costing them the game, but I doubt it will go unnoticed by Rob Ryan this week.

Final Thoughts

            Well a win is a win, any way you look at it. We did not play perfect, but we played better than the opponent and that’s all we have to do week in and week out to be successful. As the Browns come to town, look for the matchup between Joe Thomas and Demarcus Ware. Thomas is about as good a lineman as Cleveland has ever had, and he is going up against the premiere pass rusher in the NFL. Also, watch for Romo to dial up Austin and Bryants number for some deep balls, as the Cleveland secondary is full of holes without Haden.

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