The Coalter Report: Dallas vs. Falcons

What Went Right

The defense once again was solid this week. Ware got pressure constantly and made sure to leave Matt Ryan’s face print onto the field before the game was over.  Ratliff showed signs of him old self and until his injury, he was walling off the middle to Michael Turner and charging into the pocket consistently.  McCray has shown that he may be a legitimate option to start. If nothing else, he is definitely exceeding the expectations set for an un-drafted free agent.

                On offense Ogletree is finally following up his season opener performance with a solid game. He showed athletic ability on his touchdown grab. Witten, to no surprise, surpassed Irvin’s record for franchise receptions, and was Romo’s security blanket throughout the night. Cole Beasley finally found himself in the action, and made a decent reception.

What Went Wrong

                Play calling was, in my opinion, the greatest handicap on this offense. Garrett seemed to have put training wheels on his nine year veteran quarterback, not allowing him many opportunities for deep throws and big plays. I do not see how calling a conservative game plan with this team, would ever put them above the Falcons electrifying play-makers.

                The offensive line struggled once again with penalties and pass rushers. It seems like this “rebuilt” offensive line, may not be the upgrade Jerry Jones had in mind, but more of a lateral move. Our interior still can’t push defenders out of the way, and the edge blockers give up too many sacks and drive killing penalties.

Next Week’s Focus

                I feel like the focus of next week’s game should be on the play of our offensive line, and the offensive play calling. We should hope to see our big men pushing the Eagles D-line like they’re on skates, as well as giving Tony Romo enough time to check down through his receiver’s. With Jerry Jones wanting big plays, we should see Jason Garrett dial up Dez Bryant’s number a few more times, answering with a touchdown or two.

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