Another final game of the season for the Cowboys means another chance for the Playoffs

Even with the Cowboys sitting at 3-5 or even 5-6 and what seemed like season ending injuries happening every week, they are still in position to win the NFC East title and head into the playoffs. The 8-7 Cowboys are currently preparing for their title match against the rival 9-6 Redskins who beat them back on Thanksgiving, 38-31. It’s very simple for the Cowboys. Beat the Redskins and win the NFC East or lose and go on home until next season. As the Cowboys prepare for their do or die match-up with the Redskins this coming Sunday, it brings back memories of recent seasons when it came down to the last game of the season for the Cowboys.

– Back in 2008 the 9-6 Cowboys traveled to 8-6-1 Philadelphia for the last game of the season. A win would earn the Cowboys a Wildcard spot in the playoffs and send the Eagles home. It didn’t work out for the Cowboys as they were humiliated by the Eagles, 44-6.

– Back in 2009 the 10-5 Cowboys once again traveled to 11-4 Philadelphia for the last game of the season with the NFC East title on the line. The Cowboys bounced back from their horrible loss to the Eagles in 2008 and beat them 24-0 to earn the NFC East title based on head-to-head win percentage vs. the Eagles. The Cowboys would also beat the Eagles in the Wildcard round the next week 34-14.

– Last season it once again came down to the last game of the season with the NFC East title on the line. The 8-7 Cowboys traveled New Jersey to play the 8-7 NY Giants. The Cowboys quickly went down to the Giants 21-0 and ended up losing 31-14. Not only did the Cowboys lose out on another division title, but the loss allowed the Eagles to take over second place in the NFC East and dropped the Cowboys into a third place finish for the season.

So, for the fourth time in the last five seasons the Cowboys have a chance to make the playoffs if they can win the final game of the season. Also, for the third time in the last four seasons the last game of the season will be for the NFC East title.

The Cowboys have won three of the last four games since that Thanksgiving loss to the Redskins. The offensive line has played better as of late which has allowed Tony Romo to play better. Over his last five games Romo has thrown for 1,769 yards, 13 touchdown passes and only 3 interceptions. The Cowboys will also have a healthy DeMarco Murray for the Redskins game that they did not have back on Thanksgiving. Dez Bryant, even with a broken finger caught 9 passes for 224 yards and 2 touchdowns in a loss to the Saints last week. The Cowboys offense is as ready as it can be as they look to continue their good play that will hopefully get them into the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

Rob Ryan has done everything possible to keep his defense afloat even after season ending injuries to Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Jay Ratliff, Barry Church, Orlando Scandrick and Kenyon Coleman. Not to mention players like DeMarcus Ware, Jason Hatcher and Gerald Sensabaugh who are dealing with injuries. All three are expected to play against the Redskins. There seems to be no quit with this defense as they continue to put new players on the field like Ernie Sims, Michael Coe, Eric Frampton, Sterling Moore, Charlie Peprah and Brady Poppinga.

It once again comes down to the final game of the season for the Cowboys. Will they continue to fight through everything that they have faced this season or will things finally catch up to them? Even though the Cowboys lost to the Redskins a month ago I believe it will help them as they once again have to deal with rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. This is the exciting part of football as team’s battle for a chance to get into the playoff tournament where anything can happen.

As far as this Cowboys fan is concerned I see the Cowboys taking care of business against the Redskins on Sunday night, winning the NFC East and then getting themselves ready for a home playoff game against the Seahawks where some payback will be in order.

We Are Cowboys Nation All Day, Every Day And Twice on Sunday!

I just wanted to say a a few things on behave of the greatest fans on Earth on the eve of our second to last regular season game…

We Are Cowboys Nation

All Day

Surging Cowboys A 3-Point Home Favorite Versus The Saints

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans SaintsThe Dallas Cowboys will look to stay hot and remain in contention for the NFC East title in a Sunday home tilt against the New Orleans Saints.

This week’s NFL odds have the ‘Boys, who are in a three-way tie for the division lead at 8-6, as a 3-point favorite versus the Saints. The over/under is put at 51.5 points.

Dallas has won three straight games and five of its last six to storm back into playoff contention, and all of those wins came in close decisions. Last week, the Cowboys continued the trend by surviving in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-24.

The Saints fell out of the playoff hunt with a three-game losing streak, but certainly rose to the occasion a week ago in a 41-0 throttling of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

During this latest run, Dallas has seemed to have found its rhythm offensively thanks largely to the return of running back DeMarco Murray from injury and the continued emergence of wide receiver Dez Bryant. Murray finished with 81 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries against the Steelers while Bryant, playing with a broken finger, caught four balls for 59 yards with one all-important touchdown.

Dallas has been ravaged by injuries on the defensive side of the ball, but coordinator Rob Ryan has managed to keep the unit competitive during this Cowboys run. They were without six defensive starters against the Steelers, including cornerback Morris Claiborne, who is listed as probable to play against the Saints. The Cowboys rank 15th in total defense and have begun to get timely turnovers, none more so than Brandon Carr’s interception in overtime against the Steelers that set up the winning field goal.

Dallas certainly appears dangerous moving forward, but you have to wonder when all the injuries will become an issue. It could be this week when Drew Brees and company hit town.

This One Hits Home, Who Are We To Judge?

Josh Brent’s appearance in last Sunday’s game has media and fans in an uproar.  My opinion on this subject may surprise many people who know me personally, or it may not. I shared a good friend’s view of the subject matter on our Facebook page on Monday and it got a good share of responses for and against. At first I wasn’t sure about my stance on the situation. In case you’ve been living under a rock for 10 days or just not up on the times let me get you up to date.

Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent and practice squad player Jerry Brown were in a devastating car accident together on December 8th. Brent was driving under the influence of alcohol and wrecked the car, and his best friend Jerry Brown was killed. Brent has been charged with manslaughter. Surprisingly, Brent was spotted on the sidelines of the game on Sunday, Dec. 16 during the home game vs. Pittsburgh.

Now let me share with you my friend Nate Trumble’s status that I posted on Facebook and Twitter the day after the game:

Hey NFL, you trot rapists (Roethlesburger) dog killers (Vick) and murderers (Ray Lewis) out on the field every week. The Cowboys put Josh Brent on the sideline yesterday and you call it disgraceful??? It was his mother’s wish for the team to be with him…To support him…The kid needs family right now and the Cowboys ARE HIS FAMILY!!! It does not send a message to kids that drunk driving is ok…It says his family will support him through this awful tragedy…Brent made a terrible CHOICE…Im not saying what he did wasnt wrong, but some people need to get off their soap-box…It was the Cowboys family supporting one of their own…period…end of rant… – Nate Trumble Current Dallas Cowboys News and Discussion

Many people believe that we are condoning drunk driving. That is not the case at all. We are supporting family and friends and standing behind someone you love and care for in their most desperate time of need. Look, I’ve been on the outside looking in at close family members and friends who chose to drink and drive and had to face the consequences. I don’t drink and am strongly against anyone who chooses to get behind the wheel when they’ve been drinking or doing drugs. I am also a strict law abiding citizen and always follow the rules and believe heavily in karma. Not that I don’t make mistakes, but I always try to make the right and moral decision.

Getting in that car after a night of drinking was the wrong decision for both men. Jerry Brown lost his life [May he rest in peace] and Josh Brent lost his best friend, his career, everything. I want to make it clear that I am not sticking up for Brent. He is clearly guilty and in the wrong and will carry this for the rest of his life and beyond. I’ve read articles that say he will face prison and some say he could get off with probation. But I am not judge nor jury and my opinion is just that, my own. It means nothing. And if you’re a Christian or of a faith that believes in a higher power, you too know that his judgement day will come.

Tonight I read this article on CBS Sports that completely choked me up and provoked me to do something I haven’t done in quite some time, share my feelings here. I would like to share parts of it with you, and encourage you to go read it for yourself. According to this article Josh Brent will not be seen again on the Cowboys sidelines. Ever.

Brent deserves prison, but getting banned from sideline is cruel

Josh Brent won’t be on the sideline Sunday for the Dallas Cowboys’ home finale. Satisfied? That’s what you wanted, right?

That’s what the Cowboys reportedly want — they want Brent banished from the sidelines, hidden from nosy TV cameras and shrieking TV analysts. At least, I hope it’s what the Cowboys want. I hope they’re not merely bowing to pressure from people who don’t matter.

People like you. And me. This whole story is emotional and awful and centered around an issue, drunk driving, that affects many of us — but Josh Brent’s sideline plans aren’t my business. Or yours.

As Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett learned later, Brent was there because he’d been asked to be there by his teammates.

The author goes on to explain what he believes Josh Brent deserves…

For drinking and driving and killing one person and jeopardizing the safety of everyone who shared a road with him that night, Josh Brent deserves to go to prison.

He deserves other things as well. He deserves to be treated humanely, even kindly, especially by those who care about him. Look, few people in this world — Jerry Brown’s parents, but maybe nobody else — lost as much as Josh Brent lost on Dec. 8. He lost his best friend. He killed his best friend. He lost his dream career. He lost his freedom, most likely, after the courts are through with him. He lost his reputation. He lost damn near everything that night, and now we’re going to complain because he’s standing on the sideline a week later with his friends and teammates?

Brent was seen on the sidelines and called out by the game announcers and social media blew up!

The outrage was so loud and moving so fast, Brent heard it on the sideline … and left in the third quarter.

And now he won’t be back. The Cowboys have seen to that, though Brent probably wouldn’t have shown up Sunday against the Saints, not after what happened last weekend. But who knows? Maybe teammates were going to ask him, insist to him, that he come back. They’re closer to the situation than we are, and they know Jerry Brown’s parents would approve. Brown’s parents urged the Cowboys to support Brent in any way they see fit. Whatever Brent needs from the team that employed their son, Brown’s family wants the Cowboys to give it.

Who are we to say it’s wrong?

And here is where I started to choke up. Because he’s right!

I hear the “it sends the wrong message” argument, but think it through. If Josh Brent were on the sideline again Sunday, people would be talking about his story — which means talking about the dangers of drunk driving. That’s a conversation that can save lives. Maybe your kid’s life, years from now, if he were to ask you, “Why does everyone care if that man is on the sidelines?”

You could have told your kid why, and talked about what Josh Brent did Dec. 8. About drinking and driving. About the friend he killed.

And you could have told your kid about Josh Brent’s other friends, the ones supporting him through his lowest moments. That’s a great story, but one that will go untold.

We all have our opinion, and thanks to the internet and social media its broadcast loud and clear. Was Josh Brent’s appearance on the sideline wrong? It’s not really for me to say. I was definitely surprised and initially wasn’t sure what my opinion was about it. When I learned that Jerry Brown’s mother forgave Josh Brent, first I had much respect for her ability to forgive, God knows I probably couldn’t find the strength to find forgiveness that soon. Secondly, I felt pride in my team and their love and support for one of their own. Lastly, I felt sad for the player who would never take that field, would never wear the helmet with that beautiful star again, who’s life was taken way to soon.

Tragedies are way too common for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. We will get past this one, as we have many others, and go on to enjoy life and the game of football but Jerry and Josh won’t. May God bless their loved ones and be with them both. Let Him be the judge.

Please, don’t drive if you’ve been drinking. Go Cowboys!


Dallas Cowboys Look to Surprise as a Home Underdog Against Pittsburgh Steelers

Tony RomoOne of the marquee matchups of this week’s NFL slate pits the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road against the Dallas Cowboys. Both of these marquee franchises are fighting to stay in the playoff races of their respective conferences and in desperate need of a victory.

This week’s NFL odds have the Steelers installed as a 1 1/2-point favorite with the over/under pegged at 44 points. Dallas comes in off an emotional last-second victory over the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday, while Pittsburgh enters off one of its worse performances of the year in a loss to the San Diego Chargers that also marked the return of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

The Cowboys this week continue to deal with the tragic death of Jerry Brown in a car accident over the weekend, which was allegedly caused by teammate Josh Brent driving under the influence. The Dallas organization held a private ceremony to honor Brown Tuesday and Brent was in attendance (at the request of the Brown family) after being released from jail on bail. There was no immediate word on the playing status of Brent. The nose tackle has been one of the Cowboys’ best run-stuffers this season.

The question now is, how much will these developments impact the Cowboys preparation? It obviously has to be a distraction to some extent, and that’s not what you’re looking for heading into the biggest game of the season.

Other bad news out of Dallas is wide receiver Dez Bryant could miss this game and perhaps more because of a fracture to his left index finger. Bryant has emerged the last few weeks as the playmaker the Cowboys and quarterback Tony Romo have been desperately seeking. If he is out against the Steelers it would be a huge blow to the Cowboys chances.

Dallas will certainly be playing with heavy hearts, but they could be catching the Steelers at just the right time. Roethlisberger looked nowhere near 100 percent against the Chargers last week and the lack of pass-rush from the once-feared Steelers defensive unit is a growing concern. The Cowboys look fully capable of springing a straight-up win as a mild home underdog.

Cowboys Are An Underdog In Key Matchup With Bengals

The Dallas Cowboys travel to take on the Cincinnati Bengals in a Week 14 matchup of two potential playoff teams in desperate need of a victory. According to the Week 14 NFL odds, the Bengals are a 3-point favorite with the over/under listed at 45.5 points.

Both these teams sit currently outside the playoff picture in their respective conferences, but very much in the hunt. Dallas (6-6) is one game behind the Seattle Seahawks for the final NFC Wild card berth, while the Bengals are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers at 7-5 for the last spot in the AFC playoffs, but lose the tiebreaker because of their head-to-head loss to the Steelers earlier this year.

Dallas kept its playoff hopes alive last week by escaping the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-33. Quarterback Tony Romo had a big game going 22 of 27 for 303 yards with three touchdowns. The Cowboys also received a boost with the return of DeMarco Murray, who had 83 yards and a touchdown on 23 carries in his first game-action in seven weeks. Wide receiver Dez Bryant also had a touchdown to continue his recent emergence as the deep threat the Cowboys crave.

The Bengals enter this as one of the hottest teams in the league having won its last four games, which includes a 20-13 victory on the road against the San Diego Chargers last week. Cincinnati used a balanced attack to beat the Chargers led by the passing combination of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green and the running of BenJarvis Green-Ellis, who carried 25 times for 118 yards in his one of his best games of the season.

This has the potential to be one of the best game’s of this week’s NFL slate when you consider the stakes and the fact both teams come into this feeling good about themselves. With Murray back in the fold and the emergence of Bryant on the outside, the Cowboys could be poised to make a winning run to close out the season. Of course, it remains difficult to have much confidence given the maddening inconsistency Dallas has displayed all season. Look for this one to stay close and be decided by a field goal either way.