Are Cowboys fans hypnotized by Tony Romo?

Last year around this time I posted the article below. This year I decided to write it over again and put it out there. Of course I’m having a little bit of fun when it comes to my analogy of the situation, but it wasn’t met with much approval from fans. I remember being blasted by fans last year. I’m guessing this year won’t be much different.

Does anyone remember the 1988 John Carpenter movie called “They Live”? I have often thought there were many similarities with that movie, Tony Romo and his fans. It’s a story of a guy who stumbles across a pair of sunglasses that when worn wakes him from the trance he has been under and shows him exactly how the world is. For those without knowledge of the sunglasses, their world has been brain washed to live a certain way. The world is hypnotized by subliminal messages on things they would come across in everyday life. Things like magazines, newspapers, billboards, road signs and even television. To those without the sunglasses nothing was wrong and life was good, but what they didn’t know was that they were being controlled by a higher power. When this person stumbled across these sunglasses he saw what the world was really like. These sunglasses woke him up from his trance and as he looked through the sunglasses he saw what all those signs, billboards, magazines and newspapers really said. Messages like “obey”, “consume”, “watch TV”, “stay asleep”, “marry and reproduce”, “do no question authority” as well as other messages that had the whole world hypnotized. When it comes to Tony Romo it’s almost the same type of situation. People have been hypnotized since he became the quarterback of the Cowboys back in 2006. It’s as though people without these sunglasses have been brain washed into thinking things like “Romo for life”, “In Romo we trust”, “Romomania”, “he will lead us”, “America’s QB”, “All hail Romo”. Every magazine, every news article, every sign are all normal to Romo fans because they don’t know that they have been hypnotized into a Tony Romo world.


I’ve probably heard every excuse in the book as to why Tony Romo has not led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl since becoming the starter during the 2006 season. Some believe it’s just not his time. Others believe that with a break here and there Romo would have a ring or two. I recently read that Tony Romo’s career completion percentage is higher than Eli Manning, Tom Brady and Troy Aikman. That may be true and he may have impressive regular season numbers for the most part, but as the Cowboys quarterback the team has made the playoffs three times and are 1-3 in those games, never going further than the second round. Manning, Brady and Aikman have eight Super Bowl rings between them. As each season passes with no Super Bowls and recently not even making the playoffs the excuses continue. It’s written time and time again that Cowboy fans must continue to believe in Romo. That he has the ability to become elite and get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. But there comes a time when people have to be woken up from their dreams. Please put on the sunglasses and take a look around. I’m not saying it’s all Romo’s fault that the Cowboys have not reached a Super Bowl. But Romo’s history shows that the bigger the game, the worse he plays. There comes a time when the team needs to realize that they can’t go any further with certain players and that they need to move on. Can anyone say this team is any closer to a championship or even closer to competing for a championship now than they were five years ago? Also, why does it seem to be that when the Cowboys win games it’s all because of Romo and his ability to make things happen, but then when he plays bad in big games and makes horrible decisions, it’s because of everything around him, but not him?

When do the excuses stop? It’s time to put the sunglasses on and see Tony Romo for what he really is. He is a very good quarterback with some good stats, but maybe, just maybe he has also reached his potential. Maybe he is what he is and that’s all. It’s not a bad thing, but at the same time the Cowboys need to realize that maybe Romo can’t get them any further as their quarterback. Elite quarterbacks rise up when the games are most important and Tony Romo has yet to do this for the Cowboys. Since becoming the Cowboys starter Romo has said countless times that he will learn from his mistakes and become a better quarterback, but here we are seven years later and he is still making the same mistakes at the worst possible times.


This all started back in 2006 when he stepped on the field against the Giants when he replaced Drew Bledsoe. He was new life for the Cowboys and a breath of fresh air. He was something different with his gunslinger type of play. He was fun to watch and he was winning games, which was when the brain washing started. We were led to believe that maybe Romo was the chosen one. Tony Romo could do no wrong as far as the fans were concerned. But maybe it had a lot to do with the fact that Cowboys fans were so desperate for a quarterback since Troy Aikman retired that they fell hard for Romo, me included. No one can be blamed for wanting to believe in Romo so much considering Cowboy’s fans had to suffer through quarterbacks like Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf, Drew Henson, Chad Hutchinson and Vinny Testaverde after Aikman retired in 2000.

I was one of the biggest Tony Romo supporters around. I loved watching him play, I cheered for him and wore his jersey proud. I made excuses for him when he played badly and put him so high on a pedestal when he won that you would have thought I was talking about Joe Montana. But after the 2011 season even though he put up good numbers again, I began to think that maybe things weren’t as good as I thought they were. I put on those sunglasses and they woke me up from the trance I was under. I saw a good quarterback that has won some games, but has also lost many heartbreaking games, especially those games that were most important. I asked myself if Tony Romo was any better in 2012 than he was back in 2007. My answer was not really! Sure he throws for a lot of touchdowns and for a lot of yards, but as far as an elite player and a leader has he really improved any? It seems to be the same song every season when it comes to Tony Romo. All the shoulda, woulda and coulda’s when discussing Romo’s career with the Cowboys.


Even though the sunglasses have broken the trance I’ve been under I also understand that Tony Romo is not going anywhere. He is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. But what happens after the 2013 season if he puts together another decent season as far as numbers and once again fails to get the Cowboys to the next level? What happens if he continues to lose more games like he did against the Steelers and Eagles in 2008 and the Jets and Lions in 2011? As well as the last game of the 2011 season against the Giants with the division title on the line? What about his three interceptions in the last game this past season against the Redskins with the division title once again on the line? Rookies like Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and RGIII have already led their teams to the playoffs as well as Colin Kaepernick who has led the 49ers to the Super Bowl. So many quarterbacks have raised their game in recent years while Cowboys fans continue to sit and wait for Romo to do the same. How many more seasons can the excuses continue with Romo not getting the Cowboys to the next level? He has proven time and time again that the bigger the game the worse he plays. Almost every season it seems like the Cowboys are one of the favorites, but then teams like the Giants, Steelers, Saints, and Packers and Ravens all rise up and become World Champions.

There is nothing wrong with change. There is nothing wrong with moving in another direction. The Packers moved on from Brett Favre, the Eagles moved on from Donovan McNabb and the Colts moved on from Peyton Manning.


It feels good with the sunglasses on and to see things for what they really are, but at the same time it feels horrible knowing that nothing will be changing as the Cowboys and Tony Romo continue on their journey that will most likely lead to nowhere. I read an article recently that the Cowboys would be lost without Tony Romo. That is the kind of thing I’m talking about as far as being hypnotized. I don’t understand that thought process from fans. What has Romo done that would make anyone believe that the 2013 season will be any different for him than any other season with the Cowboys? I could understand the argument that teams like the Packers, Giants, Patriots, Saints, Ravens and Steelers would be lost without their quarterbacks because those quarterbacks have raised their level of play and have carried their teams to the next level. While so many people are talking about Romo doing that exact same thing, those others players have done it. Maybe it’s time for the Cowboys to start thinking about Romo’s replacement. Maybe it’s time to move on in a new direction.



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