Cowboys Fan Club Spotlight: TrueBlueNation Fan Club Of the Dallas Cowboys


Club Name: TrueBlueNation Fan Club Of the Dallas Cowboys

Your Name: Brandon “TrueBlueNation” Beasley

Location: Dallas/Ft. Worth Area (Little Elm)

Website or Contact Info:

TBN-DREW1. What encouraged you to start your Dallas Cowboys Fan Club?
Family history is what encouraged me to start the TrueBlueNation Fan Club of the Dallas Cowboys. Both sides of my families are huge Dallas Cowboys fans. We are a family that is truly committed to the efforts of the Dallas Cowboys.
In my family we were raised to root for the Dallas Cowboys no matter what.

2. Tell us what it’s like at one of your club meetings or watch parties?
Our watch parties are synonymous with the best Greek party you have ever been to. Food, drinks, and drinks will flow till the very end and we do not run out but this is only done for away games. TrueBlueNation is local DFW area Fan club and on site at our home “Cowboys Stadium” for home games to bring a loud home field advantage.

3. How can an interested fan join your club or learn more about you?
To find more information about us follow us on Twitter or look us up on Facebook at TrueBlueNation Fan of the Dallas Cowboys or send me an email @ Our group is open to all Cowboys Fans who bleed Blue and Silver 24/7 365.

TBN-Cowboys-game4. Do you get to go to any games during the pre-season / regular season?
Yes we go to most of the home games at Cowboys Stadium but we are going to try to make more road games to support our Cowboys.

5. What is your most memorable Dallas Cowboy moment?
Wow that’s hard but two come to mind……
1. Super Bowl XXX when our Cowboys defeated the hated Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17. We had a Super Bowl at my parents and we were so loud and after the Cowboys won I remember us running outside in the streets like mad men screaming and yelling Cowboys and We are the Champions!
2. Michael Irvin breaking his neck I remember watching the game with my Father and when we saw Irvin run the slant and we saw him jam his neck on the field at Veteran Stadium and he wasn’t getting up I knew it was bad. But what made this memorable was hearing the Eagles fans cheering as Irvin was down on the field hurt I always hated the eagles but this increased my hate for them.

TBN-AND-TF6. What are your closing thoughts on the 2012 season and what are your expectations for the 2013 season?
To sum up the Cowboys 2012 season in a few words is “missed opportunities”. There were several games last year we should have won the game but bad clock management or other bone headed plays cost us.
My expectations for the Cowboys are huge for the 2013 season. I’m going out on the limb but I see us going 11-5 this year and winning the NFC East. If we can limit our turnovers, give Romo sometime in the pocket and lean our ground game more we will be okay.

7. Who are your favorite players, past or present?

There are some many Cowboys that I loved throughout my years of following my beloved Dallas Cowboys players.
Past – Ed “Too Tall” Jones or Randy White
90’s– Emmitt Smith
Present – DeMarcus Ware or Sean Lee


8. Do you have a Facebook page and a Twitter account you wish to share with our readers?
Facebook: TrueBlueNation Fan Club of the Dallas Cowboys (Group)
Facebook: (Like Page)


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