Brian Waters needs to start for the Cowboys now!

After watching the Cowboys victory over the Rams again from this past Sunday, I came away with one major change that is needed. The Cowboys need to get Brian Waters in as their full time right guard ASAP. There is a reason why Waters has gone to six Pro Bowls. He is a force on the inside and dominates from the first level to the third level. I understand the Cowboys have been trying to work Waters back into football shape, but I think the time has come to insert him as the starting right guard come Sunday against the Chargers. As I watched Waters against the Rams I saw a player who took care of business at the line of scrimmage and then moved on to the next level with no hesitation.

With the addition of Waters to go with Tyron Smith, Ron Leary, Travis Frederick and Doug Free, the Cowboys have what could be their best offensive line in years. A group of guys that can open up the running lanes, which will then help Tony Romo and the passing game.

Outside of one holding call against the Rams, Waters seemed to dominate every play he was in. One play out of many that stood out was at the start of the third quarter on the Cowboys second play. As DeMarco Murray broke loose on a long run, it was Waters who took care of his initial block and then got to the next level and dove at another defenders legs to knock him down. By doing this the play was extended and Murray was allowed to gain more yards.

The more this line plays together the better they will get and hopefully become an outstanding unit, which is something the Cowboys have been lacking in recent years.


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