Sitting at 4-4 where do the Cowboys go from here?

Even after last Sunday’s horrible 31-30 loss to the Lions the Cowboys still find themselves atop the NFC East with a 4-4 record, but that’s only because the Redskins, Eagles and Giants have played so bad the first part of the season. So, where do the Cowboys go from here? Next up are the Vikings, followed by difficult road games against the Saints and Giants. Don’t be fooled by the Vikings game. In no way should it be considered a gimme win just because they are 1-6. And don’t be surprised with how the season has played out so far that come November 24th that the Cowboys and Giants are playing for first place at MetLife Stadium.

So far the 2013 season is playing out just like recent past seasons. In 2011 the Cowboys started 4-4 and finished 8-8 and in 2012 they started 3-5 and finished 8-8. In my opinion I see no real differences with the 2013 Cowboys that make me say they are ready to make a quality run in the second half and the first eight games pretty much shows that. Some people say that I have become very negative when it comes to the Cowboys. Well, in a way they are right, but that’s only because the Cowboys have let me down so many times over last few years that it’s easy to get somewhat negative.

I sit and I watch every game just like it’s always been since I was 10 years old. But with the recent Cowboys teams there is something inside of me that always asks during the close games how are they going to find a way to lose. And in a lot of those games they do end up losing. In the glory days of the Cowboys there was always that sense of confidence that no matter the score they were going to finish off other teams.

We always hear that in order for teams to succeed the players need to buy into what the coaches are teaching. I don’t think that is much different when it comes to fans. If the fans don’t believe in what the coaches are doing then there will always be that lack of confidence in the team. And when it comes to Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones I just am not buying what they are trying to sell. They are filled with contradictions when it comes to many things regarding the team. Also add on poor play calling and poor game management for the past few seasons. And if I hear Garrett say the word process anymore I’m going to slam my head against a wall.

I will ask the question again. Where do the Cowboys go from here with a 4-4 record with teams like the Saints, Packers, Bears still to come, plus three more division games? Just how much confidence do fans have that they can do better than 4-4 in the second half of the season? I understand that the Cowboys have their share of injuries, but I really don’t want to hear it as an excuse. There are not many teams that are healthy right now, but they move on? In my opinion this team has talent. There is no doubt about that, but what it’s lacking is coaching. As an example I will use the Kansas City Chiefs that went 2-14 in 2012. The Chiefs went out and hired Andy Reid, who is a proven coach that players believe in and they are currently sitting at 8-0.

Before the season started I saw this Cowboys team going 8-8 again simply because I saw nothing that told me that things would be different. I hoped that I would be wrong and maybe I still will be, but after the first eight games something tells me that they are on course for another average season.