Cowboys Fan Club Spotlight: Las Vegas Dallas Cowboys Family


Club Name: Las Vegas Dallas Cowboys Family
Your Name: President Daniel Gomez, Vice President Darryl Gariglio, Treasurer Monique Gomez, Secretary Kathy Freeman, Public Relations Greg Freeman
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Website or Contact Info:
Greg Freeman,  Public Relations 702-910-1776

1. What encouraged you to start your Dallas Cowboys Fan Club?
One of the most important things we feel is that, loving the Dallas Cowboys should be a family thing. The places we use to go to watch the Boys play never allowed kids (usually at bars), so we said lets start a club and have it somewhere that’s kid friendly. That’s why we chose Las Vegas Dallas Cowboys Family as our name. Las Vegas; the city we love, Dallas Cowboys; our favorite team, and Family; because that’s what it’s all about, FAMILY. You would be surprise how many die hard Cowboy fans are in Las Vegas.


2. Tell us what it’s like at one of your club meetings or watch parties?
Yelling, screaming, partying, cheering, and sometimes some boos, but mostly a lot of fun. Our giveaways are awesome. We have some of the best members around, diverse crowd of die hard fun loving devoted Dallas Cowboy fans. We love our members, they’re the ones who make this fun. Packed crowd, terrific atmosphere, high-fiving, club handshake, TD flag run, our after game cheer. From whistle to whistle nothing but a party.

3. How can an interested fan join your club or learn more about you?
Contact any member or admin directly or visit or FB/TWITTER/MEETUP

4. Do you get to go to any games during the pre-season / regular season?
Because we are in Vegas we don’t get a chance for the Boys to come here with no pro team. So, any chance we get to go see them we’re there. Oxnard training camp, any games in San Diego or AZ. Plus our annual pilgrimage to AT&T Stadium for the Thanksgiving game. This year we will be putting several travel packages together.

5. What is your most memorable Dallas Cowboy moment?
Recently it was Witten making the play without his helmet; classic would be anything with the Triplets.

6. What are your closing thoughts on the 2013 season and what are your expectations for the 2014 season?
Disappointment we finished 8-8, we’re a better team than that. Hoping with the revisions that we made we can finish strong this year and take it all the way.

7. Who are your favorite players, past or present?
Roger Staubach, Randy White, Michael Irvin, Dez Bryant, Cole Beasely

8. Do you have a Facebook page and a Twitter account you wish to share with our readers?


9. Is there anything you would like to add?
Our club is the best around, not because what we do at our events but because of our members. They’re the ones that make this fun. This year we will be more then a club we will be putting in time with our community for charities and fundraisers, and we currently became a non-profit organization. We love our city and our goal is to stand out and prove that the LVDCF is better then any other team fan club here.

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