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New Design, New Purpose…

As Coach Garrett would say, “It’s been a helluva year.”  There can’t be more truth to this.  Kelly and I took our son this past summer to Disney World.  It was an amazing trip.  Then, in October, we went to Las Vegas and made it official:  Kelly and I got married.   This year wasn’t just […]

Responsive isn’t just about responding

I don’t just mean making sure that we respond to comments or awesome Dallas Cowboys events with even awesomer (like that?) graphics.  Responsive web design means that our site changes shape to make sure it looks good in all screen sizes. This means that no matter where you are, on the go, at work, or […]

Finish the Fight.

I wanted to share some thoughts about how AWESOME Jason Garrett has been this season as a coach. I can’t applaud him enough. There is something to be said about his leadership in making sure morale is high. Fight. That was the motto this season and I challenge anyone to prove that hasn’t been true […]