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Beer Goggles

Ah, to see the world, life and the Dallas Cowboys in total bliss. It ain’t easy. That really goes double if they lose a winnable game but that’s beside the point. Its been awhile since the Boys’ stunk up the joint. I mean really stink. You’d have to go back to the Campo era to see the […]

FMC’s Offseason Rant: Part 5

The Dallas Cowboys just finished OTA’s and now it’s time me to put my two cents into this. I focus on the Wideouts; Us as reigning NFC East Champs; LSU Tigers…I’m sorry what? Anyway; and our weak spots or at least to me weak spots. It’s just the same ol’ me doing a “somewhat” rant. […]

Quincy On My Mind

I was out with a few friends talking sports like we do. The subject matter mind you was about basketball with the Lakers vs. Celtics going on. One of my friends outta the blue yells out, “I hate Romo man! He playing golf, what kinda of QB play golf?” All six of us stood there […]

FMC’s Offseason Rant: Part 4

Draft day has passed and now we’re in that magical time when nothing happens, well big newsworthy. So you have to be quick to comment on it before it gets old. Well, I didn’t and it shows. This installment of FMC’s Offseason Rants was nothing more then me rehashing and talking about old news. I […]

Coming Out Party

How many of you out there are familiar with the film “Gangs of New York”? There was a scene were both gangs would stand across from one another face to face, ready to go to war. Those standoffs happen all the time during rivalry week. In 1999, I made it known to the world that […]

I Have A Giant Problem

In 1990, I saw my very first Super Bowl. At the time I never had a love for football, I was one of the many kids stuck on Michael Jordan. This Super Bowl featured Buffalo vs. New York. A great Super Bowl, good back and forth with drama mixed in. At the end it was […]

No I in Team

Team effort and leadership, it’s been a while since we seen the Cowboys give off this aura winning. Many people who are not fans of Romo can tell he’s different this year. Keith Brooking has brought fire to this defense. Miles Austin has opened up the offense. Did I mention Romo is different this year? […]

Lets Kill The Quarterback?

I could point to out 100 things that Tony Romo has done wrong since he took over as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Last night’s lost was ugly with a capital G. Romo must have been blind, stupid and given short arms because he looked like crap. It’s been over 12 hours now, and I’m moving […]

Follow the Leader

It’s seems that Romo is back to form and looks more focused then he did in the past. The next game Romo will face the NY Giants, a team he is 3-2 against. He’s focused and not taking them lightly. Wait, what? He’s forced on them and nothing else. Romo, focused on the next game? […]