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On Pins and Needles

The NFL is a magical thing. The hype of each season is more intense every year. For our boys it’s all or nothing. I’m not saying we need to go to the Super Bowl and win. I’m saying it’s time for us to do what we do best and stomp a mudhole into the chest […]

Special Teams Equals Man’s Game!

What hasn’t been said about Joe DeCamilis that hasn’t been said already? The man knows how to run special teams. One of the few weak points on this Cowboys team. Patrick Crayton said, “It’s tough and if you mess up a little on special teams you may be outta here. It’s like he has a “Parcells […]

And It’s Deep Too

As training camp begins, Jason Garrett has something to prove as the OC. T.O. is no longer there so, there are no excuses. Now the plays should be more focused on winning then feeding someone’s ego. But this isn’t about that old news. This is about what he has in the backfield. They may not be […]

McNair in My Eyes

As everyone looks back on what I believe was one of the greatest quarterbacks to never win a Super Bowl, I looked back on how I saw Steve McNair. In order for you to really understand me is to be in my shoes. As a young black boy in 1995, I grew up only seeing only […]

Sleeping with the Enemy

As I was going to pick up my friend from the doctor I was wearing my brand new Jason Witten throwback jersey with some new jeans. It’s 90 degrees but I didn’t care. I hopped into my father in-law’s minivan and started up the van. Hanging from the rear-mirror was a large Cowboys medallion connect […]

Gotta Love A Rivalry

The true essence of the NFL is the rivalries. I love the games where both teams hate one another. The tackles are harder, the crowd is louder and the drama…man I love it. It’s the true beauty of the NFL in my opinion. Lucky for me the Cowboys have a few rivalries, and to be […]

Third Place in the NFC East?

Seeing how training camp hasn’t started, and the NFL Network needs a continuous stream of new stories to run, football predictions always finds it’s way into their programming lineup. That’s exactly what the topic was between Deion Sanders, Jamie Dukes, Marshall Faulk and Warren Sapp the other day. The panel talked about what we lost and […]

Much A Do About Nothing

Things look good so far with us. The Cowboys picked up a few draft picks and some off season free agents. The team looked good at the OTA’s and it seems that Boys’ still have life pumping in their veins. It’s all good in Dallas right now. That was until T.O. opened his mouth, or twitter for that […]

D Day Is Over

This years draft wasn’t the very best but I must say it was deep. A good hand full of sexy picks, a few sleepers and potential bust in this draft kept it interesting. As we all know the whole point of the draft is to fill in a spot or grow talent in a successful […]

Looking At The Late Rounds

The draft is only days away and the mock drafts have been put up. I was asked to do one but…Nah. To be fairly honest, I really don’t like the draft class this year. Mainly the secondary class. They’re either bad tacklers or too slow, they hit too soft or they drop interceptions. All this […]

A Long Way To Week 11

While we are waiting on a potential interesting draft, something else is brewing in the Nation’s Capital. It’s what I like to call “Pre-Pre-Pre Season” trash talk. It’s no question in DC there are a lot of Cowboys fans. The trash talk started the day the new schedules were announced. As usual, ESPN, NFL Network, and […]