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Emergency Mock Draft

Flozell Adams and Ken Hamlin have been released. All of a sudden the Cowboys, who were entering the draft with no serious holes to fill, have two HUGE ones. None, arguably, more important than Left Tackle. The

End Of March Mock Draft

I should preface this mock by saying it was composed with the assumption that Jerry signs O.J. Atogwe away from the Rams, releases Ken Hamlin and is counting on one of the youngsters such as Marquis Floyd, Jesse Holley

Defensive End Dilemma

Marcus Spears, Steven Bowen and Jason Hatcher are all becoming free agents this year. To lose them all would be a heck of a blow to a very stout D-line. Marcus Dixon , a two year practice

Rehab For Roy and I

I remember October 14th, 2008 like it was yesterday. I was so excited to get Roy E. Williams. He would join fellow Longhorn Leonard Davis on a Cowboys team, built to make a run now. The trade

Video: Expecting a Big Bounce Back on MNF

After a tough loss at home, the Cowboys look to redeem themselves this Monday night on national television. Carolina at Dallas MNF Pre Game Video Visit LSS on YouTube at

Video: Nate The Cowboy Ninja Chimes In On Cowboys, Giants

Nate the Cowboy Ninja is getting ready for the big game this weekend. The Cowboys open up their brand spankin’ new home this Sunday night and ‘Ninja’ expects a big win to christen Cowboys Stadium. Check out the video and

How About An Early 53 Man Roster Prediction?

Offense (24) QB (3)- Romo, Kitna, McGee RB (3)- Barber, Jones, Choice FB  (1)- Anderson TE  (3)- Witten, Bennett, Phillips WR (5)- Williams, Crayton, Austin, Hurd (if healthy), Stanback (if healthy) Ogletree, Manny Johnson and Holley are

Holley Has A Legitimate Shot…Believe It!!!

Most people think that this Jesse Holley guy is just a reality show gimmick for publicity. Yeah, he can play, but if he isn’t good enough for the Bengal’s practice squad, why is he good enough for

2009 Fantasy Rankings From the Ninja

As our Fantasy Football Drafts are rapidly approaching, I thought I’d share my lists of top 10 players for the upcoming season. This list will change, slightly, as rosters are finalized by the end of the pre-season.

No Overweight Cowboys At Camp This Year

According to Aaron Wilson of, the Cowboys are continuing the trend of getting tough with their own players. Not only have they rid themselves of the “bad eggs” on the team, they are now imposing large

Jimmy Johnson's Monkey Nightmare

If the late great Tom Landry never were born, Jimmy Johnson would, by far, be my favorite coach. He demanded nothing less than excellence and was rewarded with two Super Bowl wins. (Should have been three, had

Cowboys 2009 Draft (Fixed)

I know hind sight is always 20/20, but looking back at this draft I see major flaws in the Cowboys draft strategy this year. The “big idea” was to acquire depth and special teams play as well