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Why Are Cowboys Fans So Hated?

Everyone or should I say most people that come to this site are Dallas Cowboy fans. So I ask this question why are we so hated by other NFL fans? It seems to me being a loyal

Just Believe

you don't win these types of ballgames without that type of belief in each other.

Anthony Spencer: The Latest Weapon In Cowboys Arsenal

As most Cowboys fans know, we have plenty of  talent within our defensive huddle: DeMarcus Ware, J-Rat, Brooking, etc., I could go on and on. However, one player that has really come in to his own this season is linebacker

New to the Silver and Blue: Kevin Olgetree

We as fans have watched the progression of this rookie receiver from training camp, through the pre-season and the impact he has had on the offense so far this season. I wanted to know a little more

Marked on the Calendar

Keith Brooking admitted when interviewed on Cowboy Insider, that he has had Sunday’s game against his former team of ten years, circled on his calendar since coming to Dallas. He thinks it will be a lot of

It Was More Than A Win, It Was A Defining Moment

I felt every emotion that you could possibly feel during Sunday’s win over the Chiefs. I went from being embarrassed by all the penalties and disappointed by the bad plays, to being thrilled by Choice setting the pace for the offense that

Not Exactly What We All Expected…

Overall when you turn the ball over 4 times you are going to lose. The Cowboys almost over came all the crazy turnovers.

New to the Silver & Blue: Robert Brewster

The Dallas Cowboys second pick in this year’s draft was offensive tackle #79, Robert Brewster. Robert was born to Robert and Delaney Brewster, July 30, 1986, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Robert is 6’4″ and weighs 325. Bernie Barre

Michael Irvin's Star Search

Have you guys checked out 4th and Long yet? I have been watching and recording 4th and Long all season and I absolutely love it. Watching these young players trying to make the cut and playing their hearts

New to the Silver & Blue: Jon Kitna

I am sure that every reader knows the name QB Jon Kitna.  Kitna has been around or 12 seasons.  Jon is 36 years old, weights 220 and is 6-2. Jon started his career with the Seattle Seahawks

New to the Silver & Blue: Jason Williams

Learn all about the latest Dallas Cowboy players to don the “Silver and Blue” in this new Lone Star Struck exclusive series by Raina Middleton. I am going to kick off this new series with the Cowboys first pick in the 2009 NFL

Q and A with Felix Jones

This past weekend Felix Jones came home to celebrate his 22nd birthday with about 300 family and friends in downtown Tulsa and to kickoff his first ‘Felix Jones Football and Life Skills Camp’. Thanks to Bill Haisten