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Let’s Get Things Rolling Around Here

Monday was the first day of a 14 week off-season voluntary workout sessions for the Cowboy players. Josh Ellis at Dallas Cowboys.com reported that there was great attendance. The Cowboys strength and conditioning coach Joe Juraszek said,   “This year they are focusing on establishing camaraderie, all we want to do are more things together […]

Lets Count Our Blessings – All Three Of Them

After reading all the blogs around the web, the newspaper articles and watching sports news shows, all I have heard is what the Dallas Cowboys are missing.  I know that is important. Believe me, I have thought about that also, but friends, what about the great things the Cowboys do have!   The Dallas Cowboys […]

Goodbye Superman

We all knew that the release or trade of Safety, Roy Williams, was in the works. It was no surprise, but yet to finally see it in print broke my heart.   I know that his playing ability isn’t what it was in his earlier years, yet I can’t help but remember that player… the […]

Greg Ellis: More Than Meets The Eye

Gregory Lemont Ellis was born in Wendell North Carolina where he attended High School. Ellis was an all-state selection as a tight end and defensive end . During his high school career, he had five interceptions and returned all five for touchdowns. He also blocked four punts and returned two  for touchdowns.  The Greensboro News […]

Getting Autographs

In today’s world it seems hard to find something to make your day.  We are always are worrying about bills, our kids, etc. etc. I could go on and on, but we forget all that when we watch our Cowboys.  We then begin to brag and cheer when we win, Tony Romo has a great […]

Bird vs Bird

What a game the Arizona Cardinals played last night… I was amazed at how well their defense played against an outstanding Carolina offense.  It seemed like they knew what Carolina was going to do before the Panthers did.  I am bowing down at the defensive coordinator’s feet right now. Arizona’s offensive line in the first […]

End of the Season

Here we are at the end of another season. I did something I never do this morning. I watched ESPN and the NFL channel. What gets to me is the Cowboys are not in the playoffs, but we were the main subject of the show. Between the two shows they talked about our mind set, bad chemistry […]

Looking Back

Here it is the early hours of Friday morning and I just read the article written by  Terry Monroe , “So Long and Farewell Texas Stadium.” It really fired my mind up about what is really about to happen, the last game is being played Saturday night in our star-studded Stadium with that awesome hole […]

The Cowboy’s Personality Is Back!

With all of the injuries the Cowboys have suffered this season, we continued to witness the Cowboys get flatter each week . It was like watching a balloon with a slow leak. We watched because we are true fans, but even I found myself doing laundry while watching the game, something I never do. When the game is on nothing […]

Special Teams Less Than Impressive

Am I forgetting some Special Team stats that are impressive from the last few years?  I don’t think so! Our Special Teams have been less than impressive for a long time. Back in 1990, Jimmy Johnson hired Joe Avezzano to lead the Special Teams. I remember his teams having that spark that made you sit on the edge […]

Felix Jones: Star In The Making

Every Dallas Cowboys fan that has watched all three games this season, now know who #28 Felix Jones is. Although he is not on the field much, what he has done when his cleats hit the turf has been truly amazing!   Felix Jones has scored a touchdown in each of the first three games […]

Ellis Playing Corner???

When I think of Greg Ellis, I think of sacks and him playing defensive end or linebacker. But I never thought of Terence Newman helping Greg Ellis play corner. Yes corner, according to Rob Phillips, staff writer for dallascowboys.com. Ellis covered Winslow on first and second downs. He  was mostly jamming Winslow at the line […]