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I’m Not Just a Fan, I’m a Fanatic!

My oldest daughter recently moved back in with us. She informed me that in the last 9 years I have become more of a Cowboy fanatic! She thought I was bad when she was growing up at home but now she said I am even worse. She likes the Cowboys but she isn’t  what I […]

Deion Sanders Really Likes Adam Jones

I watched Fox Sports last night and they were picking the teams they thought were the best in the NFC, two out of three picked the Cowboys! What a surprise, on ESPN all they do is rag on us. What I found most interesting is what D. Sanders said about Adam Jones. He said he […]

Lucky Charm

Here we are, getting ready for another football season. I started looking through my Cowboy memorabilia to see what is going to be my lucky charm this year. Last year I wrote an article called “Superstitious”. It told my drama over my lucky socks. For those of you who didn’t read the article, I threw my socks […]

A Stampede of Wide Receivers

Training camp is here! Pre-season kicks off on August 9th…   I was just sitting around thinking about the new season. We have so many exciting rookies in camp. I think the wide receiver corps is going to be the most fun to watch. As I looked over the roster I saw that we have four rookie wide receivers competing for a […]

Marion Barber: The Barbarian

In Plymouth, Minnesota, on June 10, 1983, Marion Barber III was born. I am sure when his parents named him, they had no idea his nick name would become “The Barbarian”. Barber was a Trojan at Wayzata High School, where he stood out in football, baseball and track. On the football team, he played both […]

Terence Newman: Livin’ the Dream

Which Cowboy was born in Salina Kansas on September 4, 1978, plays cornerback and wears the number #41? Any Cowboy fan can answer, the fantastic (single) Terence Newman. Newman attended Salina Central High School where he lettered in basketball, track, football and baseball. He graduated in 1998 and was listed as one of the top […]

DeMarcus Ware: Beware of DWare

If I ask you which Dallas Cowboy linebacker is popular with the fans, had 14 sacks last season and will be receiving a large contract in the near future, who would that be? The answer is DeMarcus Ware #94! DeMarcus was born July 31, 1982 in Auburn, Alabama. He attended Auburn High School, which produced […]

Roy Williams: Superman

Roy Lee Williams was born August 14, 1980 in Redwood City, California. Roy has been compared to the former Cowboy great Bill Bates. We had no idea that there was a little boy that would grow up to have the same bone jarring hits that Bill Bates was known for and that he would play safety […]

Tony Romo: Our Leader

The year 1980 was a great year. I know that because I graduated from High School and my hero, Danny White began his reign as QB of the Dallas Cowboys. Little did we know that the future of the Dallas Cowboys would be put upon the shoulders of a certain baby boy born on April […]

Zach Thomas: The Newest Star

Linebacker Zack Thomas is back in Texas after he was released by the Miami Dolphins on Valentines Day. Zach was just one of the many released by Bill Parcells as he makes massive changes in the sunshine state. The Dolphins drafted Thomas in 1996 in the 5th round. The 7 time Pro Bowler had been […]


After watching a repeat of the Super bowl on the NFL Network it showed the Patriots fans after the loss. I am not a Patriot fan by any means but  the pain on the fans faces made me feel for them.  It reminded me of one of the games that tore my heart out. Every loss hurts, but […]