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I think all fans have certain things that they do before a game. One of my friends decorate their living room with Chief memorabilia they have collected over the years. They wear their jerseys, pants and caps. They do that every game. I did the same thing in the 80’s and 90’s. I was admitted to […]

I Am Won Over

Anyone that knows me knows that I didn’t want the Cowboys to pick up TO. I was one of those fans that could not forgive him for the star incident! I just could not let it go. Even when he made touchdowns at the first of the season I had mixed feeling about it. As […]

Three Phrases of the Game

To be a champion caliber team you must be consistent in all phrases of the game. We all know about Dallas’s offense, Tony Romo with all his weapons, Barber and Jones’s running attack behind our fantastic offensive line. The defense is getting more respect and recognition as they improve every week (not counting the Lions […]