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Flashback: Dallas vs Atlanta – 1980

It was a cold day at Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium for this Divisional Playoff game against the Falcons. They had won the NFC West division with a 12-4 record. Coming to town was the Wildcard Cowboys with

Going Back to His Roots

With every thing that Tony Romo has gone through in his short NFL career as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Today may have been the best thing to happen to him. No, he didn’t go

TC having some fun during the Chiefs game

Tashard Choice was mic-ed up for the Chiefs game and was having himself some fun as always. My thoughts as I watched the two minute video? If one of our players was out there having fun and

Flashback: Dallas vs Kansas City – 1983

This must be one of the hardest Flashback posts of the season since Dallas and Kansas City have only played each other eight times over the years, with Dallas winning five of the eight. I try to

Frustration and Anger

I normally don’t post while I’m upset, but this week I will make an exception. I’ve always thought of myself as a realistic Cowboys fan and I normally tell it like it is. I’ve always expressed my

Flashback: Dallas vs Denver – 1992

It was a cold, but not too cold Sunday afternoon on December 6, 1992 at Mile High Stadium in Denver. Dallas came into the game with an 11-2 record looking to clinch a spot in the NFC

A Tale of Two Defenses Against Carolina

What Dallas defense would we rather have on the field? The defense from the first half of the Carolina game or the defense from the second half? It’s an easy choice if you watched the 21-7 victory

Notes and Quotes going into Week 3

Heading into week 3 of 2009 there seems to be a lot going on with the Cowboys. They are trying to put the loss to the Giants behind them and get ready for the Carolina Panthers. Barber’s

Flashback: Dallas Vs. Carolina – 2006

Tony Romo walked off the field against the NY Giants sorry that he threw three interceptions one of which was returned for a touchdown. And also feeling bad that he could not lead the Cowboys to a victory. He

Two Days Later

It’s now been two days since the disappointing loss on Sunday night to the Giants. For two days I’ve been thinking what I should write about or even if I should write about the game at all.

Introducing the Cowboys Leader…Tony Romo

For those who say Tony Romo is not a leader or doesn’t care about winning or just doesn’t have fun anymore. Well, you need to watch this video. It’s from the Tampa Bay game last week where

Flashback: Cowboys vs Giants – 1985

It was week 5 of the 1985 season. Sunday Night Football on ABC which back then was very rare. Both the Cowboys and the Giants had 3-1 records and they would battle it out at Giants Stadium