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Roy Williams Goes For X-rays on Wrist

It is being reported by that Roy Williams went for x-rays on his left wrist Sunday afternoon. The injury happened when Williams came down hard on his wrist during the morning practice. Williams was on the

News and Notes Heading Into Second Preseason Game

So we all could not wait for the first preseason game this past Thursday. It would be the first time watching them play since the embarrassment of the Philadelphia game. We all watched the pregame warm-ups and

A Special Day For Bob Hayes

The wait is finally over. Tonight the Pro Football Hall of Fame will open it’s doors to a man who should have been voted in back in the early 1980’s. A man who changed the way his

Thursday Camp Notes

The Cowboys are already in camp 9 days and their first preseason game is in one week against the Raiders. The news coming out of camp has been boring, which I for one love. No drama, no

News and Notes From Day 2 of Cowboys Practice

There wasn’t too much to report on Day 1 of practice, but on Day 2 I read some things that caught my attention. For one I’m glad Tashard Choice is looking to show that last year was

T'was the Night Before Camp Opens and…

Wade Phillips showed some fire during today’s press conference with owner Jerry Jones. Hopefully Phillips fire was real and not just some smoke. “We were knocked down some last year, and we’re gonna get back up,” he

Injury Bug Starting Already, Update On Draft Picks

It’s been reported by ESPN that rookie offensive lineman Robert Brewster will miss the entire 2009 season. Brewster apparently suffered at torn pectoral muscle following the June mini-camps. Big loss for an offensive line that really needed

Let The Rookie Signing Begin!

As in past years with Jerry Jones he starts to negotiate with his draft picks a week before training camp starts. The first signings are in as of this evening and all are to believed four year

2010 Draft Schedule Changed

It has been reported on that the 2010 NFL Draft will go Prime-time. I’m not sure that I like this idea. Maybe it’s because I don’t like change that much and too much has changed in

An Early Look at the NFC East

As the NFL prepares to open training camp across the country and all fans have a new hope that good things will happen with their teams in 2009. I decided to take an early look at the

Troy Aikman Going Into College Football Hall of Fame

Troy Aikman will be inducted into The College Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. Although Aikman is best known for leading the Cowboys to three Super Bowl titles in the 90’s and being one of the most

What is This Game They Call the Super Bowl?

The date was January 15, 1978. I was only nine years old and could not tell you what a third down conversion was or what it meant to blitz the quarterback. I was about to sit and