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Best Ever Dallas Cowboys

Last night I was watching the top ten Dallas Cowboys of all time on the NFL Network. Although I agree with most of the top ten, I did not agree with the order of some of them.

Cowboys Stadium

Everything I’ve heard about the new Cowboys Stadium and everything I’ve seen, it looks like an incredible place. Maybe one day I’ll be able to get down there to enjoy it. Take a look at this video

Tuesday’s OTA Notes

Here are a few updates from Tuesday’s practice. Jason Garrett seems to be a little different during practice so far in 2009. Yesterday he actually got mad at Jason Witten when he had a false start, yelling…

Another former player placing blame, but this time it has nothing to do with Owens

This time it’s former Dallas QB Quincy Carter throwing out the blame for his failed NFL career. As reported on in a videotaped interview on Carter blames Jerry Jones for releasing him for a failed

Dallas News on Michael Vick, Keith Davis and Greg Ellis

It seems that with every player released, unhappy or rumored to be on the trading block, most Cowboys fans ask if the player is right for the team. I’m in that group. I loved the idea of

Romo speaks at Today's OTA was able to get Tony Romo to speak for the first time today since the season ending loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. He was asked about his current wide receivers and the release of Terrell Owens.

Correction about D-Ware and a Twitter Warning

Last night I read that DeMarcus Ware was close to signing a new contract with the Cowboys and then posted it on LSS. Although this may be true as far as a new contact. The source that

A Full Day for Cowboys Fans

We Cowboys fans have a full day to look forward to today. Not only will the full team be together for their first OTA today as reported by Kelly in an earlier post, but tonight will be for

Ware and Cowboys Close to New Deal

It has been reported that Demarcus Ware is close to a new long term deal with the Cowboys. This would make me very happy since I believe he is the heart of the Cowboys defense and the

To Be or Not to Be…A Number 1 Receiver

As I look over the receivers in the NFL a thought came to me? Just how many number 1 receivers are there in the league? And is too much made of whether a team has one or

Roy Williams Upset, Chris McAlister to Dallas?

It has been reported by that Roy Williams is a little upset over the criticism he has received about whether he can be a number one receiver in Dallas. I myself think he can be that

Why So Alphabetical?

Has anyone seen the Depth Chart on Is it a sign that every roster spot is open to anyone? That the competition will be fierce come training camp? Is it motivation for certain players? Take a