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Boys Involved in Two Legacy Games in 2009

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the American Football League, the NFL has announced that the original eight AFL teams will wear their historic uniforms in 16 Legacy games in 2009. The eight AFL teams will

Injury Update from Dallas

Posted on about the tragic collapse of the Cowboys indoor training facility regarding the injuries that affected the coaching staff, scouting department and training staff. 1. Scouting assistant Rich Behm. Suffered a severed spinal cord that caused permanent

Dallas History Lesson

It’s the off-season, the draft is over, free agency has died down, so things can get a little boring. I can watch old Dallas games on DVD, read about the draft class or challenge myself to list

Five Reasons for a Special 2009 Season

There are still many months before the Cowboys kickoff the 2009 season, but is there ever a wrong time to write about America’s Team? The Cowboys just went through one of the most disappointing seasons in recent

Undrafted Free Agents Arriving

It has been reported by that even after drafting 12 players over the weekend, they are not done. Five players are expected to sign with the Cowboys sometime on Monday with three or four more scheduled

LSS Draft Chat

At today’s Lone Star Struck Draft Chat a good time was had by all. I was very happy to be a part of it for over five hours. I talked to many true Dallas fans and also

Why Do Things Need To Change?

As the years pass and I get older (Did I say older?), I look back on some things that have changed in the NFL or is about to change since becoming a fan.  I liked things how

Draft Day Fast Approaching

As the 2009 NFL Draft fast approaches, I have read many articles about what the Cowboys will do with their first pick. All of these are opinions of course which is what makes draft day so much