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It’s July 30th, do you know where your football team is? Today the Dallas Cowboys begin Training Camp for the 2012 season in Oxnard, California. For the many fans who reside on the west coast it’s chance to see the ‘Boys practice and sign autographs. For the rest of us it’s the beginning of football season, and we are so glad it’s finally here!

We have exactly two weeks until the first preseason matchup at Oakland, and just over a month until the season kicks off in New York!

In honor of the best season of the year [football season], I have finally taken many of you up on your requests and designed LSS Facebook Covers for everyone to share. I hope to regularly add to the collection but to start off here are 16 original designs for your Facebook timeline. Simply click on the link below and follow the easy instructions.

For future reference you will be able to easily access the Facebook Covers in the navigation menu under “Custom Graphics”.

DeMarco Murray: The Greatest Cowboys Debut Ever!

I apologize if I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself here, but is DeMarco Murray the next greatest player of the Dallas Cowboys?

I mean can anybody ever remember a rookie debut as phenominal as Murray’s first three games as a Cowboy?

Not even the great Emmitt Smith was this good. Check out Smith’s first five games as a starter:

  • 9/9/90 – 2 rushes, 2 yards
  • 9/16/90 – 6 rushes, 11 yards
  • 9/23/90 – 17 rushes, 63 yards
  • 9/30/90 – 12 rushes, 28 yards
  • 10/6/90 – 23 rushes, 121 yards

That is 325 yards gained in his first five games for Emmitt Smith.

DeMarco Murray on the other hand has 466 yards over three games.

Short sample size I know, but encouraging and eye-opening to say the absolute least.

Murray has been nothing short of phenomenal, and to come out of the gate and break Emmitt Smith’s single-game franchise rushing record with 253 yards in his first ever NFL start?

Un-Freaking believable!

That was what you call a bold statement.

And what about his power-run game coupled with all the twists and turns of a world class gymnast?

When was Felix Jones, Marion Barber, Tashard Choice and Julius Jones this tough and this elusive?

He’s averaging 6.7 yards per carry and freaking 3.14 yards after contact! After contact! Say it again… 3.14 YARDS AFTER CONTACT!

I’m not saying Murray is the next Emmitt Smith, only that we may be witnessing one of the best Cowboys debuts in recent memory. No Cowboy has ever busted 466 yards in his first three games, not one of them.

So let’s relish it and enjoy it like a fine bottle of champagne.

That’s all I’m saying…

Happy Halloween Cowboys Fans!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween from all of us at Lone Star Struck!

Happy Mother’s Day Cowboys Moms

Just wanted to wish all of the Cowboys Moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Enjoy your day and hopefully soon we will start enjoying some Cowboys Football!

Go Cowboys!

Dallas Cowboys GFX: Class Of 2011

Here they are in all their glory. The next time we see these players they will all be donning their Silver and Blue uniforms.

Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys guys!

Live long and prosper!

Never Miss A Game – A Series of Cowboys Schedule Graphics

I proudly present to you our first series of Cowboys 2011 Schedule graphics. You can see all 10 new graphics in our graphics gallery – click here.

Designs include:


Save them, collect them, print them. Use one on your website, put one on your fridge, tack one on your bulletin board, or keep one in your wallet.

Hope you enjoy, and there’s more to come!


All times on graphics are Central Time and (like anything in the NFL) are subject to change.

Happy Easter From LSS

I just wanted to wish those of you celebrate on this day, a very Happy and Joyous Easter!

Cowboys Fans Supporting Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium

Are you still mad about the 2010 Cowboys season? Well, a great friend of mine said something the other day that really stuck with me.

She said:

I am really excited for our metroplex and what hosting a Super Bowl means for the local economy. Really hoping it turns out so well we can win another SB bid. I am the biggest Cowboys Fan you can find but I am happy to host these fans of these other teams who earned their way to this game and wish them all good luck.

I would like to see other people around here thinking the same way and being grateful for what this is doing for our community and for our stadium. Let’s be good sports and welcoming hosts. We are Dallas Cowboys fans and we have class and pride. Let’s show it.

So we didn’t make it (not even close), but we still have the responsibility of hosting the biggest game in the business. We can be proud and still be respectful and show good sportsmanship.

Hey, I don’t want the Steelers to win another trophy either and I’m not saying we have to root for them to win but we can be civil and not act like our rivals up in the city of brotherly love… yeah, you know who I’m talking about.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, this is just mine (and my buddy Tiffany’s). If you share our view on this year’s Super Bowl, here are some buttons for you to use as you please. Use them as your profile picture on your favored social network or IM, use them on your own blog, or any other way you choose.

Share and enjoy!

Witten Praises Romo’s Commitment

Check out what Jason Witten had to say in an ESPN Dallas radio interview last Friday regarding Tony Romo.

Do you think Tony Romo gets a little too much criticism from experts? As a person catching passes from him, what do you think makes him a good quarterback?

Well, absolutely, I feel like there’s a lot of criticism that comes his way and obviously I’m biased because I’ve played with him for a long time and is a good friend. But, first of all, regardless of where you got him ranked on your list of quarterbacks, he’s one of the most competitive guys I know. So, questioning that aspect of the game: does he want to get back? Did he check out at the end? I mean, it’s just ridiculous. He’s one the hardest working guys I know; he’s definitely the most competitive guy I know in everything that he does.

I think that’s why he has success, whether it’s playing rec league basketball or golf or a two minute drive on Thursday in an OTA in May. He wants to win and I think that’s a great attribute that you look for in your quarterback and leader. That guy is going to have a high standard and everybody else needs to jump onboard, all in. And that’s the way we need to play too and so I think he’s an elite quarterback. I think he’s more motivated now than he’s ever been and throughout this experience: getting hurt, having to watch and see us fight like we did and watching Kitna come in and play so well and just wanting to be a part of that. It’s hard when the game is taken away from you like that and I think this experience is going to make him a better quarterback because of it, and I know he’s anxious to go back out there and play and lead our team and jump back into the foxhole with us.

Just like Jason Witten, I have complete faith in Tony Romo. I hear critics and fans both criticize Romo and I still can not fathom why. Maybe it just comes with the job of being the leader of America’s Team. Were there people that didn’t like Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach in their days? Probably so, although I can’t imagine that either. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying he’s reached their stature yet, but he certainly has the talent and determination. It’s up to him and his teammates if they will become champions of the star or just another number in the reference books.

Your 2011 Pro Bowl Cowboys

Miles Austin was added to the Pro Bowl roster in place of the Eagles’ DeSean Jackson. That brings the total of Dallas Cowboys playing in tomorrow’s game to six.

Austin joins Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Andre Gurode and Mat McBriar.

Now if you can explain how a team that went 6-10 has a 6-pack of players in the Pro Bowl…

New Graphic: Congratulations to Head Coach Jason Garrett

On January 6th, 2011 Jason Garrett was officially named the 8th Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s Nov. 7th, Do You Know Where Your Football Team Is?

I just want to get one thing straight, I am not blind to the fact that our Dallas Cowboys are the worst team in the NFC.

However, that blatant fact is not going to stop me from screaming, “Go Cowboys!” and getting just as emotional during the game as if we were the best in the conference.

As explained in my previous post, I am not sugar coating America’s Team any longer but I am still a 100% die hard supporter of the team in Blue and Silver.

At this point in the season we as fans have earned the right to complain, criticize, and do whatever else makes us feel better. Most of us have watched every game and believed in our hearts we would come out winners. This insane losing streak doesn’t have us doubting our loyalty, but only our team’s ability to get things done.

When someone walks up to me and asks me, “Whats wrong with the Cowboys?”, believe me they get an earful and like my sister the other day, most likely more than they expected (LOL).

We don’t have all the answers, and clearly neither does the current Cowboys coaching staff, but we definitely offer our opinions. I can tell you what I think is wrong and what needs to be changed but you don’t want to read that right now. You want to watch a football game, a great football game.

You want to watch a team that’s ranked 16 out of 16 in the standings terrorize a team that’s ranked number three. You want to see the defense working on all cylinders and attacking an offense that never stops fighting, losing only two games this season both in overtime. You want to see an offense use all of its weapons and break out some new plays, hush the crowd and bring home a win.

I can’t promise you will see any of those things, but I can promise you that I am going into this game optimistically with 100% dedication and support. We can only hope that the Dallas Cowboys who take the field in Green Bay tonight do the same.

This is not a guaranteed win for Green Bay or a guaranteed loss for Dallas. This is a prime example of why we play the games. We need a motivated, disciplined team to come into Lambeau Field and honor the star on their helmets. Fight for that win! Lets see that talent that everyone keeps claiming we are loaded with. Forget that you are 1-6 and the world is against you, play like we know you can and you will be winners.