Rock Stars And Shooting Stars

Driving home Friday night, I was blasting the local classic rock station and singing my little heart out. I’m one of those people who listen to the lyrics and find meaning in music. I always find it interesting that music can be interpreted so many different ways.

Take one of the songs I heard last night, “Shooting Star” by Bad Company. Now I know that song is about a man who had a dream to be a rock star, and his dream comes true and in the end his life is taken in the same way as many famous musicians.

But the chorus alone could easily be related to our beloved Cowboys, and that’s how I chose to interpret it.

Here’s my latest graphic…

“Don’t you know that you are a shooting star
And all the world will love you just as long as you are.”

~ Bad Company

Hot Flashes: DeMarcus Ware

No great football team is complete without a defensive star. DeMarcus Ware has been a strong force since 2005 and will be for years to come. Continuously challenging for the league lead in sacks, DeMarcus is a major factor to the Cowboys success. A strong leader and a family man the Pro Bowl linebacker puts fear into the eyes of every quarterback who faces him. Just ask Eli Manning… he knows the power of the Ware-wolf oh too well.

Hot Flashes: Jason Witten

Talk about hot, Jason Witten has only missed one game in seven years. Where would the Cowboys be without the warrior? A great guy on the field as well as off, Jason is a leader and a role model in a league where the bad guys seem to get most of the attention. He doesn’t care, he does what he’s done since being drafted back in 2003, blocking, catching, leading and whatever else he can do to make this team win.

Hats off to Jason Witten, you are one of the best we’ve ever seen!

Hot Flashes: Miles Austin

What’s a star quarterback without his number one man? Miles Austin has earned himself a starting position on the team as well as in our hearts. I dare you to try to find a Cowboys fan who doesn’t love Miles… well except maybe Roy Williams mother (just kidding!).

Hot Flashes: Tony Romo

After a game the field fills up with paparazzi and media snapping photos, video and begging for interviews. This new series of graphics, entitled Hot Flashes, reminds me of the rock star atmosphere that comes with being one of the biggest stars on the Dallas Cowboys.

First up none other than the leading star of the team, Mr. Tony Romo.

Hard To Believe It’s Only Been 50 Years

It certainly is hard to believe the Dallas Cowboys have only been around for 50 years. When you think about it 50 years isn’t that long. Heck, it was enough time for our team to win five Super Bowls. It took the New Orleans Saints longer to get just one and the Pittsburgh Steelers 27 years longer to get six.

1960, the year our beloved Dallas Cowboys were born, was a very memorable year. The announcement that 3,500 troops would be sent to Vietnam was made in March of 1960. The great John F. Kennedy was elected president in November, and ironically later was assassinated in Dallas only three years later. The U.S. launched the very first weather satellite. Ben-Hur won a record breaking eleven Oscars.

In 50 short years the Cowboys have become the highest valued sports team with a worth of approximately $1.65 billion. They are also the wealthiest team earning $269 million a year, in great part of it’s enormous fan base spanning not only the United States but the entire world.

If that’s not a jaw dropper then Emmitt Smith isn’t a Hall of Famer. 😉

Here’s to another great 50 years of football to come, and as Tony Romo would say, “Enjoy the journey!”

Below is the graphic of the day, a nice schedule graphic – Cowboys celebrating 50 years.

Cowboys Graphic: 5X Champions

With a diamond ring for each finger, the Cowboys are looking to start a new collection this season. Dallas has been to eight Super Bowls, and come away with five Lombardi trophies.

  • Jan. 16, 1972 – Super Bowl VI – Dallas 24, Miami 3
  • Jan. 15, 1978 – Super Bowl XII – Dallas 27, Denver 10
  • Jan. 31, 1993 – Super Bowl XXVII – Dallas 52, Buffalo 17
  • Jan. 30, 1994 – Super Bowl XXVIII – Cowboys 30, Bills 13
  • Jan. 28, 1996 – Super Bowl XXX – Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17

Here’s a cool site where you can view every Super Bowl ring:

Enjoy this wallpaper honoring the beautiful rings that were earned by Cowboys Champions throughout the years.




1600×900 (widescreen)

We’ve Got A New Attitude To Go With Our New Look!

So what do you guys think of the new digs? Last week I made the decision that I wanted a change. I felt I needed to put focus back on the reason I began this website back in 2006. When “Star Struck” was born it was all about Cowboys graphics. I used my graphic design talent to make visual art representing the team I have loved all my life.  I was finally giving back. It felt good, it was exciting. But somehow over the years this website became more of a traditional blog and while that’s great, it’s not me.

I’m a creative and visual artist. I get an urge to write when something sparks my attention and I feel passionate about it, but for the most part I could just create graphics all day long – that’s my passion.

I want to get back to creating “Cowboys Graphic Delights” for my friends, my fans and all of the followers of Lone Star Struck. Back when MySpace was booming, I could pump out dozens of new graphics a week. Then as MySpace fell, I let myself fall. Well I’m back and standing tall and proud. I am committing to posting a new visual delight daily.

We will still continue to have Cowboys posts as well as other new features that we will introduce in the coming days. The Dallas Cowboys have a rich history in its 50 years of existence and we will have a full section of history and flashbacks for your pleasure. We will also feature LSS Exclusives such as book reviews, interviews, giveaways and contests. In addition, we are inviting you to be a part of our community here. Our new photo galleries and Fan Shots section will allow you to share your experiences with other fans across the nation.

As you can tell we are very excited about the new changes here at The future is bright. And if I may, how great do our Cowboys look for this season?! It’s the perfect time to get a new outlook.

For my first Graphic Delight, I present our first ever Lone Star Struck wallpaper. Dedicated to the Dallas Cowboys 50 years of football. Enjoy and I will see you back here tomorrow with a new daily dose of Cowboys fun!




1600×900 (widescreen)

New Graphics: 2010 Schedules

The schedules were released last night and I have to ask you, was it worth the anticipation? Hell yeah it was. This quiet offseason is killin’ us Die Hards, isn’t it?

Driving to work yesterday rocking out to Octane XM, the DJ asked, remember when the release of the NFL schedule was no big deal and the draft wasn’t either and now they are both in primetime?

Hey it is what it is, but we crave football! Any tiny bit of coverage we can get and we jump all over it!

Which probably explains why I worked nearly 12 hours yesterday and came home and designed new schedule graphics all night.

Well, here they are – nine new designs for your pleasure. Take ’em, post ’em, print ’em – whatever you do I hope you love ’em!

Click here to see them all – All New 2010 Schedules

Back By Popular Demand [New Graphics]

Back in July we created new game day schedules. While they were well received, we received several messages asking where the neon light schedules were and if we were planning to make them for the new season.

So without further ado, I present to you the famed 2009 Neon Light Schedule Graphics. There is one graphic for each week, 17 in all including the bye week but excluding preseason.

You can find the entire collection in our graphics section under the category “gameday” or you can click here.

New Graphics: Game Day Schedules

As we get closer to the 2009 Cowboys season, we will be busting out new graphics exclusively for fan use. For the past 4 years we have been bringing Cowboy fans tons of graphics, layouts, avatars, and more to celebrate the Dallas Cowboys and our amazing love for the team and it’s players.

I would like to introduce this year’s game day schedules. There is one graphic for each week this upcoming season, plus the 4 preseason games.

Here is the graphic for Week 1 of the new 2009 season:

As you can tell the graphics have transformed quite a bit over the years. Here are the previous game day graphics.







Please enjoy these graphics and feel free to use them to express your true team colors. 

You can find the entire collection of 2009 game day schedules in our graphics section under GAMEDAY or simply click here.

Come back and visit often!