A Very Special Cowboys Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Yeah, you know it’s football season, it’s Christmas time and our team is in first place. It hardly gets any better than this! As we get into the Christmas spirit here at LSS we want to include our tremendous Cowboys family this year.

Submit your Cowboys Christmas/Holiday photos to lonestarstruck @ aol.com and we will share them on our facebook!

I know I’m very proud of my Cowboys Christmas tree and I’m sure many of you have Cowboy themed ornaments and/or decorations as well. We want to put your blue and silver decor on display and have a nice Cowboys holiday collection for all of Cowboys nation to admire.

So join us and get in the holiday spirit! Email us your Cowboys holiday pictures!

Merry Christmas to all and How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!


A Cowboys Fan In Pennsylvania

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a Cowboys fan that lives in Pennsylvania. Poor guy is surrounded by Eagles and Steelers fans. I told him he was brave to wear his Cowboys gear out there but he’s true to his team like so many of us are. His name is Tom Kenderdine and he’s definitely True Blue!

First off, how long have you been a Cowboys fan?

Well, I have been a fan my entire life , so 39 years next month…don’t remember not being a Cowboys fan

Who are your favorite players? I couldn’t help but notice you have alot of pictures of you with Jason Witten.

Love Jason Witten, Felix Jones, and Mike Jenkins. If you go all time, then Michael Irvin.

The Cowboys are 1-2 in the preseason. What do you think of how the Boys are doing so far?

The only thing that worries me is the injuries. Preseason doesn’t mean much. But the defense getting manhandled saturday is a little worrisome. This week will show a lot, need more fire.

How do you think their chances are for the regular season and for repeating as NFC East Champs?

Real good, I like the mix of youth and experience. Romo needs to play well and the o-line needs to be better. Can’t throw away games early in the season like we did last year. Come out quick and put Washington away and that team will self destruct. The Eagles will be the main challenge again.  Kolb is going to be good.

Do you think they can play the Superbowl on their home turf?

Good chance, as a Cowboys fan I say definitely. But as a sports fan too early to say Superbowl. First, let’s get to the playoffs, get home field advantage and then we got a real good chance. Don’t want to play in Green Bay in January! lol

I find what you said about the Eagles quite interesting. They weren’t much of a challenge to the Cowboys last season. We spanked them 3 times.

Yes we did, and the year before they crushed us twice. So momentum means a lot. Kevin Kolb is going to be harder to defend then McNabb. He is more accurate so you won’t be able to blow any coverages. All 3 games last year, McNabb missed an open receiver and that may have changed momentum early. They are a good team and healthy, which they weren’t on defense last year. Plus their starting center was hurt. So don’t sleep on them….and yes that pains me too say that.

What’s your favorite Dallas Cowboys moment?

1992 NFC Championship. Slant to Alvin Harper. Score was 24-20. He made it to the San Francisco 8 yard line and put the game away.

Have you been to both Texas Stadium and the new Cowboys Stadium?

Been to Texas Stadium once and I’ll be going to Cowboys Stadium in October for the Titans game on the 10th.

What do you feel are the Cowboys’ strengths and weaknesses? Alot of people claim it’s the offensive line while others like to blame Tony.

The O-line is the biggest weakness by far. They are the reason we lost last season to Minnesota. Next would be the returns. You can’t expect your offense to go 70 or 80 yards every time. Tony is doing just fine.

Do you have any traditions or rituals you do before a Cowboys game?

Not much anymore. I used to have 2 Cowboys trolls I held for the entire game. Now I just don’t let anyone in my house lol. This is my first year being on Facebook during football season so this year will be different, I have a couple friends I’ll text with.

So you usually watch the games at home? If I can’t watch them at home, I usually go to a sports bar or something.

Yep, I don’t drink so no reason to go to the bar. Plus, I am very focused during the games and don’t play well with others lol.Also, I live in PA, only 2 hours from Philly. So, it would not be a good idea for me to go into public to watch the Cowboys games.

F the haters! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I got to see Romo’s first start in Carolina. That was awesome! Really cool people there.

Thanks Tom for allowing me to pester you for a while. You really are True Blue!

The Fall Of Owens

Understanding Owens strategy to ruling the receivers position in the National Football League.

By now, every human being is sick at hearing the name Owens. I will make this painless.

Terrell Owens was drafted by the 49ers a first class franchise with five titles. Owens was groomed by the master himself Jerry Rice. With training from Rice, Owens should go on to have a legendary career.

Would Owens be satisfied with the 49ers and Garcia as his QB?


Terrell would demand a trade.

Owens would be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. This franchise has a tremendous history with several playoff and super bowl appearances. Donovan McNabb is the starting qb for the Eagles. McNabb is 5 time pro bowler.

Would Owens be satisfied with the Eagles and McNabb as his QB?


This experiment would end in a disaster. Owens would chastise and harass McNabb for the brief two years stint.

Eagle fans and the franchise would send Owens to the unemployment department.

Terrell would find work. The Dallas Cowboys would sign Owens. The Cowboys are the greatest franchise in Professional Football. The Cowboys have been to more super bowls than any other franchise.

The Cowboys have more fans outside Dallas than in. This is America’s team. I would work as a Janitor for this franchise.

It doesn’t get any better or higher than the Dallas Cowboys. Would Terrell finally be appeased?


Terrell’s antics would force Bill Parcells to quit as the Cowboys Coach. Parcells would never get a chance to rebuild the Cowboys into champions.

After a three year tenure with the Cowboys would be released.

Every avenue and bridge has been torched.

One team decides to take a chance on Owens. The Mighty Buffalo Bills.

The Buffalo Bills are cursed. This teams legacy is tainted. OJ Simpson and the 4 super bowl loses in a row, have left this franchise hopeless.

The only excitement in Buffalo is changing the street lights. This city has a personality of John Doe.

Nobody moves to Buffalo. It’s population decreases each year. Economically it’s a snail.

The only way to revive this franchise is to move it to a first class city like Toronto. 

The Bills starting QB is Trent Edwards. Edwards has zero pro bowls.  Edwards may fall into the J.P. Losman realm. If Owens is not satisfied with Romo, Garcia or McNabb, how long will it take before he condemns Edwards?

Odds makers are reporting the Owens- Buffalo Bills relationship will last 90 days.

The Mighty have fallen…

Robert McGlinchey



My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

If you’re like me, your Sundays just aren’t the same these days. Although there are many holidays, celebrations, and events that we attend throughout the year, there is no time of the year like football season and watching my beloved Dallas Cowboys on the football field. I think back to how and when I jumped on the bandwagon as we all have at one point or another. 

It was the 1977-78 season which was a great year to become a fan, of the Dallas Cowboys that is. My best friend Greg got a new game for his birthday and it was the coolest thing I ever saw. It was an electric football game with individual players that you could position and attempt to direct on a scaled down version of a football field (it didn’t always work so well). Once each player had it’s offense and defense set up, you would flick the switch and the field would vibrate causing your players to go or not go in the direction you chose. When we played my friend Greg always got to be the Dallas Cowboys. After all… it was his game. That year we watched the Dallas Cowboys go to Super Bowl XII and defeat the Denver Broncos 27-10. From then on, my life would never be the same.

 My heroes went from Batman and Superman to Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett. After all, at age 8, it was much more acceptable to wear a jersey than a cape to school. I remember guys like “Butch Johnson” (No. 86). Johnson’s touchdown celebration was known as the “California Quake”. He would simulate pulling guns out of holsters and proceed to shoot them and shake. When I played football with my friends and scored a touchdown, I would do the same. I remember my first jersey. No. 33 “TD” Dorsett. If I could have, I would have worn it everyday. One day it was thrown in the wash with a bright red shirt. UGH!! It came out pink. I wore it anyway.

 As I sit here in front of my computer writing my first blog and reminiscing, I remember watching the Cowboys every year on what has become my favorite holiday of the year..Thanksgiving! What fan could ask for more? I remember the heartbreaks and losses too…like the famous play in the 1982 NFC Championship game known as “The Catch”. Where one of my heroes Everson Walls, couldn’t jump as high as 49er Dwight Clark to catch Joe Montana’s miracle touchdown throw with 51 seconds left in the game. I cried and cried that day.

 I’ve grown up watching this team. Many great super bowl wins along with playoff losses too. Many years of great bbq’s or parties with friends and family. Watching my favorite players come and go. Now my two sons are Cowboys fans (of course) and the tradition continues. I have to try not to draft all Cowboys on my fantasy football team (it’s hard). It’s been some time since we’ve been to the big game but I feel we are very close and I just can’t wait for training camp. The Boys are loaded with talent, and with a healthy season, I feel our time is now. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and I never jumped off. I bleed blue and silver and like good ol’ Willie Nelson sang…My heroes have always been Cowboys.