Every now and then I find it necessary to delete a comment because it fails to add anything to the debate and is simply an immature and irrational comment whose purpose was mostly to insult an author or another commenter.

What those comments really do is exhibit the lack of character, maturity and decency of the one who left it.

Because I allow unregistered commenting on this site, I have no other choice than to ask everyone to kindly adhere to these simple rules of common sense and decency when commenting on this site.

  • I believe in free speech, so you are free to debate and post an opposing point of view in any manner you see fit as long as you do it without insulting another reader, commenter or writer along the way. I will remove any comment that crosses this line.
  • I don’t require that you stay on topic. You can talk about whatever you want, as long as what you have to say has some interest for readers of this blog. What I won’t tolerate is personal attacks or comments intended only to antagonize.
  • If you’re a fan of another team and don’t like the Cowboys, you are free to post and join the debate. However, if your idea of a debate is “Cowboys suck”, your comment will be deleted and you will be banned from this site. Go vent somewhere else. This is a web site by Cowboys fans for other Cowboys fans for the purpose of discussing all NFL topics and issues.
  • Keep your language clean. I don’t swear here, and I’d appreciate if you didn’t either. I’d like for parents to feel comfortable having their kids read this site. I’m no angel, so if I can express myself without profanity, you can, too. Be creative.
  • Please be respectful. We have fun here disagreeing with each other, but we do it with respect. Hate speech against individuals or groups will never be tolerated.

By posting a comment to this site, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.