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New To The Silver & Blue: Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant, OSU, #1 draft pick

New to the Silver and Blue: Kevin Olgetree

We as fans have watched the progression of this rookie receiver from training camp, through the pre-season and the impact he has had on the offense so far this season. I wanted to know a little more

New to the Silver & Blue: Robert Brewster

The Dallas Cowboys second pick in this year’s draft was offensive tackle #79, Robert Brewster. Robert was born to Robert and Delaney Brewster, July 30, 1986, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Robert is 6’4″ and weighs 325. Bernie Barre

New to the Silver & Blue: Jon Kitna

I am sure that every reader knows the name QB Jon Kitna.  Kitna has been around or 12 seasons.  Jon is 36 years old, weights 220 and is 6-2. Jon started his career with the Seattle Seahawks

New to the Silver & Blue: Jason Williams

Learn all about the latest Dallas Cowboy players to don the “Silver and Blue” in this new Lone Star Struck exclusive series by Raina Middleton. I am going to kick off this new series with the Cowboys first pick in the 2009 NFL