Cowboys 2009 Draft (Fixed)

I know hind sight is always 20/20, but looking back at this draft I see major flaws in the Cowboys draft strategy this year. The “big idea” was to acquire depth and special teams play as well as create competition with a large number of players.

The problem is, many picks will go wasted because of a lack of roster spots available for them all to make it. Also, it seems there was too much focus on players that specialize in a certain area of their total position’s responsibilities.

For example, a strong safety that can’t really play safety but is big enough to maybe play linebacker, but is supposed to be a special teams beast, or a kicker that won’t kick field goals but might play some sort of special teams positions as well as kickoff into the endzone. There are others.

If I’m a general manager, I’m taking FOOTBALL PLAYERS. If you are an outside linebacker you better be able to rush the passer and drop back into coverage, because those are two HUGE parts of your responsibility. I’m NOT taking any “tweeners” either. There are certain types of sizes and shapes for the front seven of a 3-4 defense and even though Ratliff has proven this theory wrong, it is not something that most 3-4 defenses have luck with.

Now I’m not saying that some of the players we did take aren’t “football players”, but I am saying the players we COULD HAVE taken at the same pick were more complete and, in most cases, more highly touted.

The kicker and tight end deal, as well as their explanations for taking them, degraded this grade from a C+ to my final 2009 Cowboys draft grade of a C-.

This revised draft is not fair, in the sense, that I could see ahead and see where certain players fell. However, other than the 7th round trade up, the players I took and the positions they play, in my opinion, would have seriously upgraded our overall draft strength. Trade downs and the one trade up that we actually did are included in this revision.

This is my “revised” draft:

Trade 20. 82. 192. To Detroit Roy Williams WR and 210
51 Trade To Buffalo For 75 And 110
69. Tyrone Mckenzie SOLB
75. Rashaad Johnson FS
101. Marcus Freeman WILB
110. Lawrence Sidury Jr. WOLB
117 Trade To Tampa Bay For 120 And 229
120. Scott Mckillop SILB
Trade 156 And 210 To Atlanta For 143. Jamon Merideth OT
166. Herman Johnson OG
172. Mike Hamlin SS
Trade 197 And 208 To San Diego For 189 Coye Francies CB
227. Mike Mickens CB
229. Manuel Johnson WR/PR

After Draft Signings:

Possibly Stephen Mcgee QB
Cullen Harper QB
Rudy Carpenter QB If Mcgee Isn’t Available
Darry Beckwith ILB
Alex Boone OT
Dallas Reynolds C/OG/OT

What Have the Cowboys Done in Round 3 and Beyond in the Past?

Day 1 of the 2009 Draft is over. And after waiting hours and hours for the Cowboys to make their first selection, the #51 is traded away to the Buffalo Bills for 2 more picks on Day 2.

Cowboy Nation screamed and threw their hands up in the air asking the simple question, “Why?”

Maybe it’s not such a simple question after all. Maybe we will hear an explanation, maybe not.

It’s over now, so it doesn’t matter. So lets take a look at what the Cowboys have done in recent years in the 3rd Round and beyond.


4 Tashard Choice Georgia Tech  
5 Orlando Scandrick Boise State  
6 Erik Walden Middle Tenn. State


3 James Marten Boston College  
4 Isaiah Stanback Washington  
4 Doug Free Northern Illinois  
6 Nicholas Folk Arizona  
6 Deon Anderson Connecticut  
7 Courtney Brown Cal Poly-S.L.O.  
7 Alan Ball Illinois


3 Jason Hatcher Grambling State  
4 Skyler Green Louisiana State  
5 Pat Watkins Florida State  
6 Montavious Stanley Louisville  
7 Pat McQuistan Weber State  
7 E.J. Whitley Texas Tech


4 Marion Barber Minnesota  
4 Chris Canty Virginia  
6 Justin Beriault Ball State  
6 Rob Petitti Pittsburgh  
7 Jay Ratliff Auburn

I think some of those names speak for themselves. Trent Edwards on ESPN said it best today when he said, “the later rounds are where you find your meat and potatoes. The first and second rounds you might find your superstars, but you build your foundation with the guys you find in the later rounds.”

Now those may not have been his exact words, but that’s the jist of it.


No More Excuses

With the 2009 NFL Draft just around the corner, Cowboys fans across the nation have more questions than answers. The uncertainty of 2009 has many of us anxious to get this thing started. Predictions of 8-8 by so-called experts have many of us feeling frustrated and insulted.

Opinions of how to reach the pinnacle of the NFL vary as much as the hundreds of mock drafts being put together by football minds all over the country.

I see debates on various sites about who’s to blame and what the answers are. T.O. should not have been released. Owens should have been released. Felix Jones should be the starter. Tashard Choice should be the starter. Marion Barber should be the starter. Romo’s not the answer. Romo is without a doubt the answer. Wade should be fired. Jerry should fire himself.

With the possibility of a Miles Austin exodus looming over our heads, I’m one very nervous Cowboys fan without any real answers.

Keep in mind these are just the surface issues. I could probably write a 5,000 word essay just dealing with the questions Cowboys fans have. With no real answers.

I’m compelled to believe we can all agree on one thing. The time for excuses is over.

No more riding on our laurels. No more talk about 13-3 or 13 Pro Bowlers. No more “But this team did this and that team did that”. Time to lay to rest 2007 and 2008. The only true way to move forward is to( as cliche as it may sound) put the past behind us and don’t look back. No more talk about 44-6.

The pressure on this team to succeed – from top to bottom – is more intense than at any time that I can remember. This season will answer many questions. It is a make-or-break year for this organization. The time is now for Mr. Jones, Mr Phillips, Mr. Garrett, and Mr. Romo.

The time is now. No more excuses.