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Michael Irvin's Star Search

Have you guys checked out 4th and Long yet? I have been watching and recording 4th and Long all season and I absolutely love it. Watching these young players trying to make the cut and playing their hearts

Don't Forget, Turn to Spike Tonight!

Press Release Tonight on Spike, Hall of Famer Michael Irvin is on a quest to give a football hopeful a shot at making the Dallas Cowboys roster! Premiering at 10pm ET/PT on Spike TV, 4th and Long

A Full Day for Cowboys Fans

We Cowboys fans have a full day to look forward to today. Not only will the full team be together for their first OTA today as reported by Kelly in an earlier post, but tonight will be for

Michael Irvin Everywhere

Michael Irvin seems to be making his rounds promoting his new show “4th and Long”. He has done radio interviews across the nation, chances are you’ve heard how excited the Playmaker is about his upcoming reality show