Cowboys Extra Points: Past, Present and Future

Former Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart will join the Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff this week. Stewart coached the Cowboys defense in 2007 and 2008. He was fired back in January after the Cowboys failed to make the playoffs.

Jerry Jones will be on tonight’s episode of “4th and Long”. According to reports he has high expectations for the winner of the television show. “4th and Long” airs on Spike TV at 9pm central on Mondays.

Still no word on a DeMarcus Ware extension. Some sources are reporting Ware will likely go into training camp without a deal, while Dallas Cowboys official website says Ware is patient and continues to be active and the same team player he always has been.

“I’m a guy that’s always been about hard work, and that’s what’s gotten me where I am right now,” Ware said. “Why would you take some days off or sort of jeopardize the team? If you want to be a team player that’s how you’ve got to do it. Sometimes you’ve got to sacrifice some things and that’s what I’m doing now.”

“My agent and Jerry Jones are handling that and they’re just letting me go out and play like they usually do,” Ware said. “I just let them handle that. And I’ll know when something happens.”

The Bleacher Report had an interesting article entitled, “Five Plays the Dallas Cowboys Offense Would Be Wise to Keep in Their Playbook for 2009“. You can read the article here.

Lone Star Struck is now on youtube. You can view our introduction video here.

Coordinators Making Moves, Cowboys Make Changes

This afternoon the Cowboys fired Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart. No further details were reported or any replacement named.

It is also being reported that Jason Garret is traveling back to St. Louis this afternoon. It is being reported that he has been offered the head coaching job of the Rams. According to the Ticket in Dallas, he will accept the job.

To lose both coordinators in one day is highly unusual, and add that to the firing of the special teams coordinator, it will be a fresh start for the coaching staff next year.