Rockin’ the NFL

Dallas Cowboys rockers plus one, Free Reign, will be featured on FOX this weekend during NFL games.

As posted by Rob Phillips on the Cowboys website,

The Cowboys’ heavy metal band, Free Reign — featuring offensive linemen Marc Colombo, Leonard Davis, Cory Procter and talented guitarist Justin Chapman — will provide a soundtrack of sorts during Sunday’s season opener (noon, CT). The band’s debut song “Rise Up” will premiere throughout the NFL on Fox broadcast.Free Reign’s debut album “Tragedy” will be released Nov. 17 via Riot Entertainment/Dismanic/ADA Music.

ROCK ON! – Two of my favorite things at the same time, rock music and football!

I guess it’s a good thing the Cowboys didn’t break up the band and cut Procter as predicted by many last weekend… or is it?

Williams in. Procter out?

With the last preseason game fast approaching now is the time to get all the nagging injuries healed. Roy Williams was back at practice today which is good news. From it was reported that Williams was seen joking around during warmups. He was throwing some pretty good passes from 20 yards out that were hitting the crossbar. Williams was also able to lift his left arm above his head to catch a pass which is also good news. Williams continues to prove that he reads everything written about him and is said about him.

“I can get it out there!” he hollered, loud enough for the media standing about 60 yards away to hear. “I’m coachable!”

As far Sam Hurd who is suffering from a sore quad, he once again did not practice today. But he is scheduled to do some running and return to practice by the end of the week. Chances are like most of the other starters Hurd will not play against Minnesota on Friday.

“I feel great,” Hurd said. “I feel better than good.”

Procter Out?

Reported by that every day before practice the quarterbacks and centers work on their exchanges. Every day Cory Procter was part of those drills, that is until Tuesday’s practice. The four centers today were Andre Gurode, Ryan Gibbons, Travis Bright and Duke Preston. Is that a sign that Procter is on his way out? It is known that Procter and John Kitna have had their share of problems with exchanges during training camp and the preseason games.

Aikman and Irvin

Hall of Famers Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin have different opinions when it comes to the Dallas offense.

Irvin: “I never ever believe you will get better getting rid of the kind of talent T.O. has.”

Aikman: (The Cowboys) weapons are there. The quarterback is there. This should be a helluva offense football team.”

I can not wait to get this season started. Partly because of the unknown. The Cowboys are a young team, but have enough veterans to lead them like Romo, Witten, Williams, Brooking, Newman and Ware. What will the offense really be like? I’ve read many articles about the Jason Garrett playing very basic offensive packages during the preseason. Will the offense go to a new level with all their weapons? Was Wade Phillips really holding back in the preseason? Is he waiting to unleash one of the best defenses in the league this season with the non-stop attacking that we have all read about?

I can not wait to see some of the younger and newer players.

Mike Jenkins, Yes, this is his second season, but I believe he will be given the starting cornerback job and do very well. But can he please go back to #31.

Gerald Sensabaugh, He will greatly improve our secondary this season and allow Phillips to do more which he could not do last season with Roy Williams and Keith Davis at safety.

Anthony Spencer, He has been having a good preseason so far and I think he can have a breakout season now that Greg Ellis is gone and learning from DeMarcus Ware will only help. Not to mention all the attention going to Ware will free up Spencer for big plays.

Keith Brooking, A veteran and true professional. He knows how Wade Phillips defense works and will work well with Bradie James on the inside.

Martellus Bennett, A full season behind him. He seems very focused on football and still having a good time. Bennett and Jason Witten both in the game will only cause problems for the defense.

David Beuhler, Will help a lot with getting the kickoffs into the end zones. Not to mention he loves to play on special teams and hit people.

Felix Jones, Is there anyone who is not excited about having Jones for a full season? He looks like he can explode every time he touches the ball

Kevin Ogletree, I’ve already put my call into Wade Phillips to keep this guy on the roster and to make sure he gets some snaps during the games. There is just something about Ogletree that I can not explain.

Let’s get this thing going and release the beast that is the 2009 Dallas Cowboys. A new season, a new hope and the chance to make everything right in the world with a 6th World Championship.

Three Down, One To Go

With preseason coming to an end this weekend, I found myself asking what have we learned from these exhibition games? After all isn’t that what preseason is all about? Of course, Cowboys fans what a win every game no matter what, but when it comes to preseason its more about seeing how the backups handle their roles, and learning who should stay and who should go.

Most would agree, the starters have looked amazing. Training camp served its purpose and served it well this year. Tony Romo looks rock solid. The power of Marion Barber and Felix Jones looks unstoppable. The defense looks tough (with a few minor adjustments).

Kevin OgletreePROS

Kevin Ogletree– who knew this undrafted rookie would prove to have so much talent. I agree with the fact it is only preseason but I certainly see Ogletree making the team before Stanback.

David Buehler – many questioned drafting a kicker, more questioned him making the team, but this special teams ‘specialist’ not only has an accurate kickoff but can tackle as well.

Keith Brooking – his experience and leadership reminds me of Zach Thomas last season. Its always nice to have a veteran role model on the squad.


Corey Procter – his performance has been underwhelming and rumors persist that he will be cut.

Courtney Brown – after getting an earful from Coach Phillips in front of the cameras, Brown’s most recent pass interference penalty was possibly the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Isaiah Stanback – he has been given a few too many chances to prove he can be a reliable receiver. Keeping him on the roster any longer is just absurd, when he’s actually healthy enough to play he hasn’t shown he has what it takes to make the team.

Bobby Carpenter – another first round draft pick letdown. He most likely won’t be cut because of injuries to rookies and the lack of depth at LB. However, that doesn’t mean I have to like him.

Penalties– they have got to get better disciplined. After 3 match-ups the Cowboys have racked up 32 penalties for 300 yards.

Special Teams– too many of the penalties just listed came from special teams. Field position means too much to continuously give up yardage for holding and other pathetic penalties.


Jon Kitna– hopefully it won’t matter how Kitna played in preseason because we won’t see him take the field. Some are saying he’s not the guy, but he is only a backup after all. His age is definitely catching up with him, but in time of need he may still be able to get the job done.

Wade Phillips

I’m sure there are a few I missed. Who would you add to pros or cons? Is there anyone you are still undecided about? The Cowboys have to cut three players for tomorrow’s deadline, who will it be?