A Dream Came True

I don’t know where to begin.  If you read my article My Birthday Wish you know how much going to Cowboy Stadium  was a dream of mine. My dream came true!   I just returned from Arlington.  Just seeing the size of the stadium is something to behold.

Once I entered the stadium I was shaking.  I told the Usher I couldn’t believe I was about not only see the field but stand on it.  We talked Thur a small corridor and behold before my eyes the largest building I had ever seen.  The colors of the field where so brilliant.   The layers of seats seemed to keep going and going. I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house.  Its definitely larger than Texas Stadium, but you still felt as though you where at the old stadium, the hole in the roof, the ring of honor, the white stars around the field.  The old and new combined together with class.

It took me a few minutes to step on the field.  Once I did wow how special it was.  I was standing in the end zone where  touchdowns are made.  I checked out every detail  thinking how hard  the players  work to get there every Sunday.

We  made our way to the Miller Lite Club from there.  I know I will never be in there unless I win the lottery.  The huge star that  hung over the tunnel was beautiful!  I stood at the beginning of the tunnel , seeing the field ahead and  wondered what the players felt with 100,000 people waiting to see them perform on their new home turf.  That gave me cold chills.  That was my special moment.

Photobucket On to  the Interview Room, which is larger than the White House’s.   We sat at the table where Romo and all the players handle the pressure of the press.   We walk through a set of double doors and there we are on Rookie Row in the locker room.   These lockers aren’t by the other lockers.  They have a small TV and not that much room.  I was thinking wow the locker room sure isn’t much’  then I saw all the other lockers and the big TV’s,  the showers and so on.  It then dawned on me those where the rookie lockers we had seen first.  So I am calling it Rookie Row.  I am not sure what the players call it.  DeMarcus Ware, Tony Romo and Miles Austin’s gear was left out so fans could try them on or just touch them.  I liked watching this little four year old, Anson Marquez from New Mexico putting on Tony ‘s  uniform.

We saved that famous star for last.  The star on the 50 yard line that every football fan knows.  I felt as I was stepping on sacred ground.  I thought of what this star represents.  The Dallas Cowboys the team we love and are so loyal to now, and the team our children and grandchildren will love and cheer for every Sunday.

I will always cherish the tour and the time I spent there.  I wish every fan could take that tour.   I know most of you have, this article is for all of those who haven’t had the honor.   My daughter and I made a memory we will never forget!

My Birthday Wish

My special day is June 29th and what I want for my birthday is to watch my Dallas Cowboys!  Okay I know that wish can’t come true, but I can go to Arlington and take a tour of Cowboy Stadium. This is a inexpensive gift, fans can check out the new home of our Cowboys as low as $17.50 per person.  That includes access to the field, the Cowboys and Cheerleaders locker room, the Miller Lite Club and the post-game interview room.

I realize most of our readers have done this, but alot of us that have been fans for years can’t afford game tickets or maybe can’t make the time to attend the game, this would be a fantasy come true. Just close your eyes and believe that you and the special people in your life are standing on the very field that your heroes play every Sunday – the very field that Tony Romo takes charge of the offense!  Miles Austin is making a touchdown! Stand in the end zone, catch a pass from a friend. Can you imagine the thrill when your heart is overcome with emotion? Well open your eyes because it can come true!

I know times are tough for everyone now. Life is short, find a way to take the time to do this.  Make special memories with your family and friends.

There are restrictions so go to the Cowboy official website and click TOUR and check it out and make the time to make a dream come true.

That is all I want for my birthday. I can’t this year but I am going on a road trip and I will stand on the star that has been such a huge symbol in my life. I will make memories for my kids and grandkids. I can’t wait. I will continue this article as soon as I return from my dream trip.

What is your Cowboy fantasy?

I would love to hear all about your Cowboy Dream!

Not Exactly What We All Expected…

As my heart heals and we as die hard Cowboy fans lick our wounds, I am going to try and give you my view of the game.  I am not going to throw stats at you like I should  as a author.  Today I am writing this as a FAN ! So don’t read this looking for writing mistakes etc. this is from the heart.

Let’s start with the Stadium and the party…  WOW!

That was all I could say last night.  Jerry and his family took our past and intertwined it  with the present and our future and made it work! I was proud of Cowboy Stadium and all that it stands for and I always will be.

Oh boy, Let’s get to the game.  I have been reading how bad our defense was. That is not what I saw. What I saw was our defense standing strong for 3 Quarters. They stopped the run, and the young secondary made some great plays. When you look at the stats you can be fooled if you didn’t watch the game. I saw players that where worn down in the 4th quarter. Ok, yes they should be able to play all 4 quarters I know, but they have alot of young players. The heat didn’t help and time on the field with the turnovers wore them out. I hear the comments I am going to get, but this is how I feel.  I wish they would of made some sacks and had some take aways, but overall I think they played hard.

Special Teams was better than last year, but no big plays.

Let’s get to the offense. I thought the line played great. They protected Romo and made holes for Barber, Felix Jones and Choice. I mean major holes that I could of ran through. The backs overall played well. I was impressed with TE Bennett and Witten as always. Roy Williams and Crayton got open most of the game. Miles Austin made plays.

Now to Romo, I really don’t know what to say, but WHAT THE ?!  Ok, it might of been nerves. He had the pressure of the world on his shoulders and he had a bad game. He didn’t pick up the Giants defensive changes when he should of and he threw behind on so many plays, but he did put points on the board.

Obviously, when you turn the ball over four times you are going to lose. The Cowboys almost overcame all the crazy turnovers. I thought Garrett’s play calls where right on overall. I did feel he should of been with Romo after the bad plays and he may of been, but on television all they kept showing was Tony sitting alone, no coaches no one to help him through it. That I don’t understand. I will stand behind Tony 100%, he is our quarterback and I will defend him against all the Cowboy Haters out there, but here at LSS we are die hard fans and I have to admit to you that I am worried.

I hope the team stands behind him and gets him through this week of bad press.  They all have to look forward to the Monday Night Game against the Panthers.

So there’s my view of the game… you can all go ahead and let me have it…

Whether you agree or disagree, leave me your thoughts and tell us what you think went right or wrong.