Getting Up To Speed

If you’re like me, the last off season has been worrisome with the lock-out, not knowing what changes to expect or even if there would be a season this year.  I have to admit, I have stayed away from writing about the Boys because I didn’t want to come across as cold or unconcerned about this season…the truth is, I was mad about it.  We all know that the NFL is a money making machine and for the most part, we are all willing to pay our share to revel in our teams victories, but making the fans believe that there may not even be a season is just cruel.  It seems to me that greed plays far more a roll in the NFL than it should.  But, enough about that, the lock-out is over, practices are in full swing and games begin this week!  It’s about time; this off season has felt like the longest in history!

In trying to make it though until practices started and not much happening in the off season with cuts, etc., I had to get up to speed on what all has happened and thought there maybe others who needed to do the same.  Below is the listing of the cuts and signings the Cowboys have made this year so far to bring us all current.  A few I totally agree with, a few I don’t, and honestly a few I’ve never heard of but will have high hopes for this year.  How do you feel about the cuts or the signings?

I have had enough of the excuses, enough of the bitter disappointments, enough of the changes and re-building…I want to see some major “W’s” in our column this year and expect a play-off run all the way through to the big game.  It’s time for our team to shine again and make everyone remember why the Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team!


8/3 Jason Hatcher re-signed/unrestricted
free agent (three-year contract).Abram Elam signed/unrestricted
free agent (one-year contract).

re-signed/unrestricted free agent (one-year contract).

8/2 Kai Forbath signed.Lawon Scott cut.

Jeff Moturi cut.

8/1 James Cleveland signed.Jimmy Saddler-McQueen acquired from waivers.
7/31 Tysson Poots signed.
7/30 Jesse Holley re-signed/exclusive
rights free agent.Bryan McCann re-signed/exclusive rights free agent.

Alan Ball re-signed/restricted
free agent (one-year contract).

Kenyon Coleman signed/unrestricted
free agent.

Kyle Kosier re-signed/unrestricted
free agent (three-year contract).

Doug Free re-signed/unrestricted
free agent (four-year contract).

7/29 Marcus Spears re-signed/unrestricted
free agent.DeMarco Murray signed/draft choice (four-year contract).

Alex Ibiloye signed.

Bruce Carter signed/draft choice (four-year contract).

Frank Warren signed.

Lawon Scott signed.

7/28 Kelvin Smith cut.Travis Bright cut.

Shaun Chapas signed/draft choice (four-year contract).

Chris Jones signed.

Keenan Mace signed.

Laupepa Letuli signed.

Collin Zych signed.

Billy Blackard signed.

Orie Lemon signed.

Chris Randle signed.

Corey Adams signed.

Josh Thomas signed/draft choice (four-year contract).

Alex Albright signed.

Tyron Smith signed/draft choice (four-year contract (fifth-year option)).

Zack Eskridge signed.

Dwayne Harris signed/draft choice (four-year contract).

Mario Butler signed.

Kevin Kowalski signed.

Bill Nagy signed/draft choice (four-year contract).

Jose Acuna signed.

Phillip Tanner signed.

Lyle Leong signed.

Dan Bailey signed.

Raymond Radway signed.

David Arkin signed/draft choice (four-year contract).

Marion Barber cut.

Leonard Davis cut.

Marc Colombo cut.

Kris Brown cut.

Troy Bergeron cut.

Robert Brewster

Roy Williams cut.

7/25 Alan Ball Restricted
Free Agent.Gerald
declared free agent.

Marcus Spears declared
free agent.

Leon Williams declared
free agent.

Alex Barron declared
free agent.

Kyle Kosier declared
free agent.

Jason Hatcher declared
free agent.

Stephen Bowen declared
free agent.

Doug Free declared
free agent.

Sam Hurd declared
free agent.

Chris Greisen declared free agent.


The Mind Is A Powerful Thing

Do you believe in superstitions? Do you believe that what you say or do will make a difference? Can you lead your team to victory by sitting a certain way in your living room? Can you send messages to players just by talking to the television as you pace during the final minutes of a close game? I’m sure we have all gone through this at one time or another. Some truly believe it’s a ridiculous thing and others take it all very seriously. All I can say is that the mind is a very powerful thing and it can convince you of things even though you know deep inside that it’s not true.

Having just recently turned 42 (can not believe I just wrote that), I’m one of those people who is superstitious over many things when it comes to the Cowboys. It’s true that the little voice in my head is telling me that the things I do and say are stupid, but why can’t I stop? Why do I have to keep doing things every game that I believe is helping the team play better? When I was younger I believed that if I hung my Drew Pearson jersey up on game day (Pearson’s name needed to be seen of course) that the Cowboys would play better. My family would ask why not just wear his jersey for good luck and my answer would be because I can’t see his name. But at the same time I would wear my Danny White jersey because I thought it would help him play better. So why not hang the Danny White jersey up like I did with Pearson’s? If I turned my favorite Cowboys book to one particular picture of Tony Dorsett and left it open for the game I believed he would play well. I lost count how many times I would change the way I was sitting because the Cowboys were playing poorly. Then by changing positions something positive would happen and I could not move because I truly believed it was me changing positions that changed the way the Cowboys were playing. The mind sure is a powerful thing to make you think that way. Talking to the players, yelling at the players as I stared at the television almost as if I was coaching them and motivating them. Could they really hear what I was saying? Well, if those players ended up doing what I spoke to them about or picked their game up, then the answer would be yes in my mind.

As I got older I got a little better. Maybe not much, but a little better. Although my wife would not agree that I’ve gotten better. She believes I’m crazy with some of the things I do and believe in. There was one Dallas-Giants game not long ago that it just so happened that when the Cowboys were on defense I was standing to the left of my television and when they were on offense I was standing on the right side. I kind of picked up on this right after halftime. For the rest of the game I could not go away from that since they were playing well. Like I said earlier, I knew deep down it was stupid but I also could not stop because even if there was a tiny thought that I was making a difference that’s all I needed to know. One game a few years back I had eaten dinner while watching the game. The Cowboys were not doing that well. When I finished dinner I put the empty plate on the arm of my chair. Wow!!! The Cowboys actually started to take control and play better. By simply putting an empty dish on the arm of my chair? This was amazing to me. My wife came into the living room to take the dish. “DON’T TOUCH IT!!” “ARE YOU CRAZY?” I pointed at the television trying to convince her that it was the dish and only the dish that was responsible for the Cowboys playing better. I can still see the look she gave me as she walked away…without the dish of course.

Back in 2007 the Cowboys were losing to Detroit 27-14 going into the fourth quarter. For three quarters I sat watching them play a horrible game. The fourth quarter I paced around my living room between plays and then stood still for each play with one foot on the coffee table. Well, for those who remember that game Cowboys came back and won 28-27. Should everyone thank me for winning that game because of what I did in the fourth quarter? For those who believe that we have the power to control games, then I will say you’re welcome. To actually think that we can change the course of a game simply by standing or sitting is amazing, but at the same time it can get a little scary because we get so caught up in it. 

If the Cowboys win and I am wearing a particular jersey (Romo, Barber, Emmitt and yes even Danny White) that week then you can be sure that the next game I will be wearing the same jersey. I will wear that jersey every week because I believe it has a spark to it and gave the Cowboys good luck. But as soon as the Cowboys lose I will then change jerseys because in my mind the spark has gone away and it can only mean bad things for the team. I also can not put on a jersey until right before kickoff because I believe it is bad luck.  

I met my beautiful wife five days after the Cowboys won Super Bowl XXX. Now she is not a big football fan, but she loves that I’m so passionate about the Cowboys to the point that she had no problem with giving my son the middle name of Dallas when he was born. But…….since meeting her five days after Super Bowl XXX the Cowboys have not done so well. They are only 2-7 in the playoffs and have missed the playoffs seven times. Back in 2000 I decided to bring her to a Dallas-Giants game. What happened? Troy Aikman has his worse day as a pro throwing five interceptions. She has been instructed for several years not even to look at the game when it’s on. She did not watch any of the playoff game against the Seahawks back in 2006 until the ball was snapped to Romo and….Well, we all remember what happened after that.

My point is that the mind can control all of us at times. It can convince us of things that we know are not possible, but at the same time we continue to think that way. Even as I write these examples and read them I’m shaking my head. I think it’s funny, but only because the Cowboys are not playing. If the Cowboys were playing tomorrow I would be doing the same things I’ve always done. Sitting a certain way, wearing something that had energy, standing with one leg up on the coffee table, telling the players what they need to do and to get their heads in the game, making sure I adjust my hat three or four times during a commercial. Am I crazy? Do I need help?  Some people think so. Some people yell at me saying that these players got to training camp, they practice every day, they lift weights, they study playbooks, they watch game film and do all the things they need to do to become better and to hopefully become a championship team. But yet I sit around thinking that I’m the one making the difference. That I’m the one doing what it takes to make the team better. Why can’t I stop myself even though I know better? Even though that little voice in my head keeps telling me that all these superstitions are ridiculous? In the end it’s all in my mind because…

The mind is a very powerful thing!

Am I A Traitor?

For the first time in 30 years, I cheered on another team that was playing  the Cowboys.

Before you all delete me as a friend, let me explain:

My grandson is playing coach pitch baseball.  There is a Cowboys team on the schedule.  I thought it would be a cowboy you know, a country cowboy.  But when we got there they are wearing blue and silver with a star!

My granddaughter ran out to the parking lot and screamed “Mimi we are playing the Dallas Cowboys!”  My grandson replied, “Mimi I know you are going to cheer for the Cowboys aren’t you?”

Who do u think I cheered for?

Come on friends, I am a grandma and they weren’t our Dallas Cowboys.

I have to admit it felt a little weird.

Admitting Depression Is The First Step To Recovery

  Well after what has seemed to be an eternity, I have decided to crawl out of my off-season hole and get back into the real world. I apologize to my co-writers and to our Lone Star Struck fans for not blogging about our Cowboys. Ever since that loss to the Vikings, I have been in, what I did not want to believe, a depressed state of mind. I have finally realized that loss affected me more than I thought it did. I said right after the loss, just like most of us did, its ok we got our first playoff win in 12 years. We had a great season and this season was a step forward. While all of that is true, that loss devastated me. Not because it was such a great season and I know we have the team to go all the way, but because the way we lost that game.

 We were the better team going into that game and EVERYONE knew it. The Cowboys were FINALLY getting the credit they deserved. A stout defense, an offensive line that protected and made holes for 3 GREAT running backs. A TRUE CONTENDER! I do not know what happened that dreadful day but I am now admitting it is eating me apart from the inside out. That is all I can think about and the only way to get back to myself is to write about it.

 As for the upcoming season. Free agency has just started and what an active season it is. The SECOND and maybe even third best defensive end in the league, Julius Peppers, has gone to Chicago. Of course the first being Demarcus Ware and second Anthony Spencer. Although I think we might all agree that Spencer needs a year or two more experience! With all the free agents out there and all the teams that need help in their areas, I have not heard much talk about the Cowboys needs. To me, that means we don’t have any real “needs”. We have what we need to take this team to the next level. We are a championship team.

Sleeping with the Enemy

As I was going to pick up my friend from the doctor I was wearing my brand new Jason Witten throwback jersey with some new jeans. It’s 90 degrees but I didn’t care. I hopped into my father in-law’s minivan and started up the van. Hanging from the rear-mirror was a large Cowboys medallion connect from silver and blue beads. It was large enough for others to see. In fact I was honked at by a fellow Cowboys fan and given the finger by a Redskin fan.

All was good until I heard, “Hell yeah, 6 rings baby”. Which was yelled at me by a guy in a tricked out Hummer. The reason he said that was flying high on my father in-laws van was a large Pittsburgh Steelers flag. That’s right folks, my lovely wife is and always will be a Steelers fan.

I am not the only husband/wife/bf/gf that has a loved one who loves another team. In fact, to my dismay I never had a partner that liked the Cowboys. I broke up with a girl who was Redskins fan, she hated the Cowboys that bad. I wish I could lie to you about that.

In the nation’s capital it’s already about 55% Skins fan to 40% Cowboys fans and the other 5% is a mesh of Steeler, Ravens, Eagles, Giants, 49ers and Vikings fans. So the chance you’ll end up with someone who doesn’t like your team will happen.Who knew that “What football team do you like?” would have to be a requirement to date someone in D.C.

Now I must say you have to draw the line somewhere with your better half and…kinda like their team. Hey, there’s no way around it. My wife is in love with Demarcus Ware and Marion Barber. She’s trying to make me get dreadlocks so I can look like Marion. Lucky for her I have tough skin (due to dealing with Skins fans) so all of her family’s rants on how the Steelers owned the Cowboys in the 70’s doesn’t hurt me. And to be frank I am jealous of the Steelers. They have a better coach and defense, and the bigger slap in the face, they have one more ring then us. But, I love the Samoan Headhunt.

I’ve seen relationships like this and I laugh because it’s fun. My friend wife is a Redskins fan. I mean a BIG Redskins fan. She dressed up her son as a “Mini-Hog”. Man did that piss him off. But it all comes back to one thing, love.

If you love your better half you will put up with all of that. Even if she bought you a shirt that said “We have 6, you got 5, we win again”. You know what, I take that back. I hate my wife. Let’s go Boys’!!!

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