Cowboys Fans Supporting Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium

Are you still mad about the 2010 Cowboys season? Well, a great friend of mine said something the other day that really stuck with me.

She said:

I am really excited for our metroplex and what hosting a Super Bowl means for the local economy. Really hoping it turns out so well we can win another SB bid. I am the biggest Cowboys Fan you can find but I am happy to host these fans of these other teams who earned their way to this game and wish them all good luck.

I would like to see other people around here thinking the same way and being grateful for what this is doing for our community and for our stadium. Let’s be good sports and welcoming hosts. We are Dallas Cowboys fans and we have class and pride. Let’s show it.

So we didn’t make it (not even close), but we still have the responsibility of hosting the biggest game in the business. We can be proud and still be respectful and show good sportsmanship.

Hey, I don’t want the Steelers to win another trophy either and I’m not saying we have to root for them to win but we can be civil and not act like our rivals up in the city of brotherly love… yeah, you know who I’m talking about.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, this is just mine (and my buddy Tiffany’s). If you share our view on this year’s Super Bowl, here are some buttons for you to use as you please. Use them as your profile picture on your favored social network or IM, use them on your own blog, or any other way you choose.

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Cowboys Fan Club Spotlight: So.Cal. Dallas Cowboys Fan Club

Name: So.Cal. Dallas Cowboys Fan Club, Luis G. (President)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Website or Contact Info: and LuisG @

1. What encouraged you to start your Dallas Cowboys Fan Club?

The need and the demand of a Die Hard group in So.Cal made me put together this family that im so thankful for today. It was rough in the beginning but with alot of hard work that me and my staff (Robert M, Jesse J) have put in throughout these 3 years it now paid off. 500+ Die Hard Cowboys fans under one roof …. What more can I ask for 🙂 Go Cowboys!!

2. Tell us what it’s like at one of your club meetings or watch parties?

Our Cowboys watch parties give our members a memorable experience to take home with over 500+Cowboys fans under one roof, Tailgate parties before the game, halftime performances, great Cowboys memoribilia raffles and and experience as close as possible to being in a real live Cowboys game. If your a Die Hard Cowboys fan join us.

3. How can an interested fan join your club or learn more about you?

They can find us at: or or

4. Do you get to go to any games during the pre season / regular season?

I as well as my members make it to 3-4 games every season.

5. What is your most memorable Dallas Cowboy moment?

I will never forget Sunday October 27th 2002, Seahawks at Cowboys….. 5’10 216lbs #22 Emmitt Smith became the all time leading rusher breaking Walter Paytons record …. I still get goosebumps just thinking of that day.

6. What are your closing thoughts on the 2010 season and what are your expectations for the 2011 season?

2010 was interesting and ofcourse very dissapointing. It clearly showed that the Boys gave up on Wade… But i think of it as “Yesterday was yesterday and today is today”. Im looking for the Boys to have a good draft, and very excited with the way Garrett has brought spirit to the team, The addition of Rob Ryan will be interesting and im looking forward to it. I expect the Cowboys to have left off from 2009 and get into the playoffs with a bang to lead them to a Sixth title.

7. Who are your favorite players, past or present?

Past: Mr. Cowboy Bob “Lewis” Lilly, Emmitt Smith, The Manster Randy White, and Troy Aikman. Present: “TC” Tashard Choice, Demarcus Ware, Jason Witten and #88 Dez Bryant.

8. Do you have a Facebook page and a Twitter account you wish to share with our readers?

If you have a Dallas Cowboys fan club and would like to be featured on our website, please contact us here.

We Live and We Learn

As you get older you start to understand the world a bit better. You learn that everything isn’t what it seems and money doesn’t grow on trees, you know, the average “it sucks to be a grownup” life lessons. In the last year I’d have to say I’ve learned more about being a real sports fanatic, I’ve opened my eyes and my ears and came to realize everything that glitters isn’t gold.

A few years ago it didn’t matter if the Cowboys were losing or if a player failed, in my eyes they could do no wrong and if anyone said anything critical I would immediately jump in and defend the team I love so much. No one was harder to defend more than Terrell Owens, but I did, and I didn’t back down either.

Now I’ve found myself criticizing them for their horrible plays and penalties and lack of discipline, hell I could go on and on but you all know the problems, how could you not?

Maybe this is the worst season I’ve witnessed as a mature adult so it seems more clear or maybe I’ve opened my mind to understand that unconditional love means that I love them through the good times and the bad. There is no question that these are the bad times. That doesn’t mean I have lost my loyalty to the Dallas Cowboys. Any sane person can see a team that is 1-6 is not a good team.

You want to argue that there is wasted talent on the team? Outside of Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware, and a healthy Tony Romo, this team is mediocre at best. That’s my honest opinion and it really wasn’t that easy to admit. How many of the Cowboys do you expect to be elected to the Pro Bowl this year?

The heart breaker is that we came into the season with high hopes and expectations. When you really think about it, we didn’t change much in the offseason. Our biggest acquisition was Dez Bryant and he has completely lived up to everything we wanted him to be. He has a bright future with the Cowboys and we should look forward to celebrating wins and beyond with Dez. But it won’t be this year.

I will continue to watch the games and try to go into them with an open-mind and an open-heart. They might win a few of them.

I expect a big offseason with major changes everywhere. You know what happens then? You go into rebuilding mode. Things aren’t going to immediately be better just because we got a new coaching staff and a few new faces on the field. Everyone who is screaming, “Fire Wade!” you will get your wish, but it isn’t the cure-all answer. I hope you’re in for the long haul because I know I am.

Maybe it’s true in football as it is in life – once you hit rock-bottom there’s no way to go but up.

We won’t be celebrating 50 years in Dallas with a winning season or a trip to the playoffs, and we certainly won’t be the first team to play the Super Bowl in our own stadium. At least not this year. I am well aware that we still have nine games to go but there are too many problems that ail this team to realistically believe they still have a chance.

When you watch them play you can actually see them giving up. You can see the mood change on the field, especially after Tony Romo’s season abruptly ended a week ago.

So I guess I will get torched and people will say I’ve given up on my team. I haven’t given up on them, they gave up on themselves. Like I said I will always be a Cowboys fan, and I will continue to defend them but not without some criticism of my own. It’s almost as if I have been reborn as a fan and it hasn’t been easy. Going through life thinking everything is rainbows and butterflies, or Lombardi trophies and Super Bowl rings, is definitely so much easier.

Yes, I am a Cowboys fan for life and no matter the record they have my full support and loyalty. However, I’m not so naive anymore that I can preach to you how great they are when in reality there is nothing to brag about in 2010. We may see some bright spots here and there, and surely we will tack on some more wins but we are not contenders. Maybe once you realize what I have, it may be easier to watch a game and not bust holes in your walls.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sad about this season and all of the lost dreams. The Super Bowl is in Dallas, and believe it or not on my birthday. No one wanted this more than me! It was fate. But it’s not going to work out the way we dreamed it would.

Just another life lesson – life doesn’t always work out like we planned.

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