All Work and No Play Makes Wade A Dull Boy

The Boys had their final Alamodome practice yesterday and will be heading back home to Cowboys Stadium for the second preseason game against the Tennessee Titans.

Word has it the starters could play into the third quarter. Nick Eatman at gives good reasons for this unusual plan and it makes complete sense to me.

1. The Cowboys first game in the new stadium. It’s going to be one heck of a celebration.

2. It’s the Titans third preseason game so they are in that mode.

Eatman says Wade Phillips didn’t say how long the starters would play, just that it would be a lot more than last week’s game.

Another interesting story that caught my attention was Wade complaining about the running race between David Buehler and DeAngelo Smith. As posted earlier this week, the two rookies ran a foot race and DB Smith was burned by K Buehler in a 50 yard dash.

Coach surprisingly put his foot down and decided he was not going to allow any more “extracurricular activity” for fear of an unnecessary injury.

Not sure how to feel about that one. I agree we don’t want any injuries from horsing around, but these are athletes and competition is always a good thing. I think I will stay neutral on this because I can understand both sides.

Finally, ESPN’s Matt Mosley posted Three and Out: Cowboys over at this NFC East blog, basically only stating the obvious.

1. Get ready to hear a lot about the two-tight end offense.

2. The Cowboys could be in big trouble if there’s an injury on the offensive line.

3. The Cowboys could have 63 sacks if everything goes as planned.


We have been blessed with two amazing tight ends and we sure plan to use them to the best of their abilities.

O-line, ugh. What can you say? No depth.

Sacks for everyone! Roll call – Ware, James, Spencer, Ratliff…!


Big (preseason) game tomorrow! Everyone get your game faces on and hope our ‘Boys break in the new stadium with a outstanding win to remember. I let my boss know that I needed to get done early nearly two weeks ago, and I told him why. I’m setting the DVR anyway but you can imagine how mad I’ll be if I don’t make it home for a live kickoff. The Boys Are Back in Town!

New Cowboys Stadium Open For All To See!

The wonder that is the new Cowboys Stadium is on display for all to see.Regardless of your economic status, you can now visit and get an in-depth tour of the greatest sports venue in the world, for near the price of a movie ticket.

Tours are available seven days a week, with tours departing every 30 minutes, beginning at 9 AM (11 AM on Sundays). Of course, you can visit for all the fine print. The bottom line is, if you are an D/FW resident or plan to visit the area, make sure you take time to get a close look at the new home of the Cowboys! You will not regret it.

I have to issue a warning however, visiting the stadium will only make it harder to wait for football season to get here. Thanks to all of the friendly staff and tour guides that were working, it felt like they truly enjoyed their jobs, and who can blame them?

Our tour guide, Slim, had a few good jokes to throw in as well. Including the classic, “How do you keep a Redskin out of your backyard? You paint it like an endzone!” Good times.

Go COWBOYS! I can’t wait to see the stadium filled with Cowboys fans! Come on September!!!

Here are a few pictures from my tour this weekend:








No Ring of Honor Ceremony For New Stadium

According to a report by Tim MacMahon of the Dallas Morning News, there will be no new inductee into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor in the upcoming season.

Some fans have openly wondered whether some of the traditions of our former stadium would continue in the new Cowboys Stadium and according to Jerry Jones, the Ring of Honor will continue on.

At a ceremony in which 12 oak trees were transplanted from Texas Stadium in Irving to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Jones said there will not be a Ring of Honor ceremony this year.

“But it will be every bit as emphasized in the new stadium as it was at Texas Stadium,” Jones said.

The Cowboys have not inducted any players into the Ring of Honor since the Triplets – Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith – were added on Sept. 19, 2005. Here are the current members…

No. Name Date of Induction
74 Bob Lilly Nov. 23, 1975
17 Don Meredith Nov. 7,1976
43 Don Perkins Nov. 7, 1976
54 Chuck Howley Oct. 30, 1977
20 Mel Renfro Oct. 25, 1981
12 Roger Staubach Oct. 9, 1983
55 Lee Roy Jordan Oct. 29, 1989
HC Tom Landry Nov. 7, 1993
33 Tony Dorsett Oct. 9, 1994
54 Randy White Oct. 9, 1994
22 Bob Hayes Sept. 23, 2001
GM Tex Schramm Oct. 12, 2003
43 Cliff Harris Oct. 10, 2004
70 Rayfield Wright Oct. 10, 2004
8 Troy Aikman Sept. 19, 2005
88 Michael Irvin Sept. 19, 2005
22 Emmitt Smith Sept. 19, 2005

I thought it would be a nice gesture to open the new stadium with a grand ceremony honoring the latest inductee and at the same time christening the stadium with some of our former glory. But I guess we will have to wait it out at least another year.

Too bad… There are so many former Cowboys who really deserve to be honored and I was hoping to see one of them get in this year.


In other stadium news, the Cowboys have yet to pick a place for the Tom Landry statue at the new stadium but it will be done before the season begins according to team officials.

Memo to Jerry Jones: GIT-R-DONE!

Cowboys Extra Points: Stars Shine Bright

extrapts2Our great Jason Witten will be honored by a hospital in his home state. Witten made a donation of $200,000 to Johnson City Medical Center in Tennessee. The Emergency Department will be renamed and the waiting room has been redecorated in his honor. Witten and his lovely wife Michelle are expected to be present at the ceremony.

The King of Pop Michael Jackson who left this earth yesterday had a connection with our Dallas Cowboys. If you remember the nineties Super Bowls you remember Michael Jackson performed the halftime show for Super Bowl XXVII. The Cowboys played the Bills at the Rose Bowl and the final score was 52-17.

There will be no new Ring of Honor inductees this season.

At the Texas Stadium tree transfer this morning, Jerry Jones said there would be no new members added to the Ring of Honor at Cowboys Stadium this season.”We of course are excited about what we’re doing in the Ring of Honor. We won’t be doing anything in the Ring of Honor this year as far as any new inductees,” Jones said. “But it’ll be every bit as emphasized in the new stadium as it was in Texas Stadium.”Currently the Ring has 17 members. A spokesman for the venue hinted the team would wait to unveil many of the building’s “bells and whistles” at the regular season opener Sept. 20. No new Cowboys have been enshrined since 2005, when Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin were honored together at halftime of a game against the Washington Redskins.- Josh Ellis of

Defensive tackle La’Roi Glover announced his retirement this week. The 6-time Pro Bowler played for Dallas from 2002-2005. He led the NFL with 17 sacks in 2000 and finished his career with 83.5, tied for 37th on the all-time list. He was tied for fifth among active players.

Public tours of the new Cowboys Stadium begin today. Stadium tours, at $15 for adults and $12 for children, will be conducted every half-hour and last up to 75 minutes. The tour includes the high-tech scoreboard control room, the press box, the Cowboys’ locker room and limited field access.

Check out this cool article about Cowboys great Randy White as he talks about charity and football: Cowboys legend White talks charity, football

Martellus Bennett’s tour of Cowboys Stadium

Check out this video from Martellus Bennett who toured the new Cowboys Stadium for the first time with the rest of the team. Martellus still seems a bit immature at times, but as long as catching the ball and running over people I’m fine with it. Great video that features many Cowboys as well as Jerry Jones.

Cowboys Extra Points: Bradie, Bullet Bob and Country Music

extrapts2Cowboys Stadium will host it’s first event this Saturday. George Strait and Reba McEntire will be in concert at the billion dollar home of the Dallas Cowboys. If you are a Cowboys fan and a country music fan this is the perfect opportunity to visit the new stadium. Tickets are still available, click here for prices. lists the “Top 10 players not in the Hall of Fame” and has former Cowboys wide receiver “Bullet” Bob Hayes ranked at number 5. Someone should tell them he was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year and will be inducted on August 8.

Another list on recognized Bradie James in a feature story naming great linebackers.

Bradie James, Dallas — James follows the format of how to ideally play the strong side, inside linebacker position in a 3-4. James is frequently responsible for taking on the lead block and he is a violent knee buckler, whether it’s a guard, fullback or trapping tight end. Besides playing his role responsibly, James also has been Dallas’s top tackler for the past three seasons. He had a career-best 116 tackles last season and he added eight sacks, a very high total for an inside backer.



Around the League

Eagles running back Brian Westbrook is scheduled to have surgery on his ankle tomorrow. The procedure is aimed to clean up bone spurs and there is no time table for his expected return.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger limped off the practice field yesterday morning after tweaking his knee. The team declined to comment but indications are its not serious.

While quarterback Kerry Collins holds the reins in Tennessee, Vince Young is looking to take over and return to the field. Young says he wants out of Tennessee if he’s not the starter. Titans coach Jeff Fisher says Young will have to earn the starting role but as of now Collins is the starter.

Although I’m not looking to earn any bad karma, I would just like to say those are three things we should be happy we do not have in Dallas right now – star running back injury, quarterback injury and quarterback controversy.

Cowboys Stadium

Everything I’ve heard about the new Cowboys Stadium and everything I’ve seen, it looks like an incredible place. Maybe one day I’ll be able to get down there to enjoy it. Take a look at this video I found on It’s the creation of the stadium from the very start back in 2006.

I also found these pictures on from the ribbon cutting ceremonies at the new stadium. You can really see just how large the big screen is from a few of these pictures.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

It’s now official Cowboys fans!

Our brand spanking new stadium was christened during a special ceremony yesterday attended by a small throng of special dignitaries.

Hundreds gathered for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium on Wednesday including Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips and other members of the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff.

Plenty of former Cowboys were also on hand including Bob Lilly, Drew Pearson, Chuck Howley, Lee Roy Jordan,  Mel Renfro, Rayfield Wright, and Cliff Harris. Even the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were there for the festivities.

There were plenty of fans too of course, and what would a ceremony be without a bunch of city officials and politicians getting their faces on camera.

All who were there, watched as the glass retractable end zone doors opened for the first time in an awe inspiring moment.

After 49 seasons, the Cowboys will now take possession of their new home.

The $1.1 billion dollar, state-of-the-art stadium is now the new standard bearer for the ultimate sports mecca in the world.

Here is a video I found on You Tube which shows some of the fanfare and celebration.

But if you want to see the official 30 minute video which captures the whole event from start to finish, just click on this link.

Cowboys Stadium It Is

We’ve been waiting, for what seems like forever, for a name for our new home. Surprise surprise the name is set (for now) and is basically what most of us have been calling it since it broke ground.

Simply “Cowboys Stadium”.

The Dallas Morning News posted the following quote from Jerry Jones this afternoon:

“Texas Stadium, we certainly have a deep embedded vision of what it is and at some point we will say was,” Jones said. “But we’d like to keep it at that. It’s certainly fitting when looking at the tradition of the Cowboys for it to be Cowboys Stadium. It sounds obvious and simplistic but it’s right.”

Hey, I like it. What’s not to like. Basic and classic.

The sad thing is, it will change. When a big corporation settles on naming rights we will have some formal, hideous name that has nothing to do with football or Dallas.

But for now I, and I’m sure many fans will agree, Cowboys Stadium is just perfect.

The Largest Video Screen In The World

Check out this video of the new Cowboys Stadium jumbo video screens.


The Dallas Cowboys site says that there will be eight video boards in this facility. The most unique being the four board cluster that will be suspended 110 feet directly over the center of the playing surface. The board will run from the 20-yard line to the 20-yard line — measuring 180 feet in length and 50 feet in height – making it the largest video board installation in the world.

The video center will allow fans on all levels to view the game in crisp, clear images during the game. This will create a premium on the value of the upper-level seats and make the game more exciting for all fans.

Cowboys To Forgo Corporate Naming Rights…..For Now.

The Dallas Cowboys have decided on a name for the team’s new stadium, but that’s being kept secret for now.

sta1According to, the Cowboys will not have a corporate naming rights sponsor in time for the June 6 grand opening concert featuring George Strait. It’s likely that a non-sponsored name might be fairly similar to the current working name of Dallas Cowboys New Stadium.

Cowboys Vice President Stephen Jones was interviewed for the story and said that “There will be a [sponsored] name on it at some point, we certainly want everyone to be aware of that. But not initially.”

I like the patience that the team is showing with this, it is better to wait then to just take the first thing that comes along, I think that one of the few things that could tarnish this beautiful stadium is if it goes through several name changes over the course of it’s early beginnings. I don’t want it to be Dr. Pepper stadium in season 1, then Chevrolet Field in season 2, and then Wal-Mart Stadium in seasons 3 thru 5.

On a personal rant, isn’t it sad that the main reason behind the deal, or lack thereof, is the struggling economy? I wish it was about discretion and class. I am not saying this just about Jerry or Stephen Jones, but just the entire sports world. It seems that every stadium, arena, scoreboard and segment has to be sponsored. I like Candlestick Park, Reunion Arena, Sky Dome, and Joe Robbie Stadium….not AT&T Park, American Airlines Center, Rogers Centre or Pro Player Stadium. And to me, there was no better stadium name in sports than Texas Stadium. I am sure for now we will be calling it Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, soon to be followed by “INSERT GENERIC COMPANY NAME HERE Stadium” and that’s just the way it, so no point in fighting it or having a heart attack about it, but just wish things were a little different.

Cowboys Fan For Life – TD

The Eighth Wonder of the World

I got a chance to watch an episode of Build It Bigger on the Science Channel last night. It was a fantastic episode featuring the construction of the new Cowboys Stadium, and even included an appearance by our own Emmitt Smith. That said though, it was the stadium that was the true star of the show.

The show covered some of the many unique aspects of the stadium and also included some of the challenges they faced in raising this stadium from the ground up.

The video of our new home was awe inspiring in many respects as they did an excellent job of capturing the place from dozens of unique angles and perspectives.

A large part of the one hour show, focused on the roof, the high definition TV screen, the sliding glass doors on each end of the stadium, and of course the sheer magnitude of the place.

Here are some facts about the new stadium

The stadium will hold about 75,000 spectators on most occasions, but it can be expanded to fit 100,000 for special occasions like the post season and the Super Bowl.

The High Definition television is 180 feet long and is the largest and longest ever made. It will be suspended by six steel cables that are four inches in diameter and will be centered over the 50 yard line. It will weigh as much as twenty city buses. The heat that will be generated by this technological marvel will be so intense, that special air conditioning units will surround it to keep it from overheating the entire stadium.

The sliding glass doors are the largest in the world and it was amazing seeing what they went through trying to install them and get them on the tracks.

The exterior will be covered in glass that will change colors depending on the time of the day. And the rook is seamless so that it can withstand the winds of a tornado.

I don’t know if the show will be rebroadcast any time soon, but if it is make sure you check it out. You won’t be disappointed

I can’t wait to see the Cowboys kick this place off with a big win against the New York Giants!