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Cowboys Extra Points: Everything's Bigger in Texas

The new home of the Dallas Cowboys will be featured on the Science Channel on Monday at 9:00 p.m. central time. For an hour the program “Build It Bigger” will explore the biggest stadium ever built in the

Cowboys Tough Start to Season, Early Analysis

The NFL schedule has been released and it makes for some good day dreaming and predictions for all……I had to join in the fun and share with all of you all. In my early opinion, it is

Sneak Peak: Cowboys to Open Stadium Against the Giants

The NFL Network is having the 2009 NFL schedules release party at 6pm Central time, but I just caught word that the Cowboys will open their brand new shiny stadium during week 2 against NFC East rivals

Cowboys Extra Points: Somewhere They Want You

Restricted free agent Miles Austin is set to visit the New York Jets on Friday. A source for the Cowboys claims the team won’t let Austin get away. “That’s not happening. We are going to do something.”

Everything Is Always Bigger In Texas

We’ve all heard that saying before, haven’t we? Well it looks like Jerry Jones is going to put some bite into that old saying according to this story in the Star-Telegram this morning. When fans walk into