Happy Father’s Day

Lone Star Struck would like to send a message out to all of the wonderful fathers out there.

When I created this website I dedicated to my father. I grew up in Dallas, Texas. I would not be a Dallas Cowboy fan if it weren’t for my dad. Although we may have drifted apart in my adulthood, one positive memory I have and one thing we will always share is love for Dallas Cowboys football.

I can remember my father missing important family holidays such as Thanksgiving, to be at a Cowboys game. I also remember getting to stay up late when the Cowboys played in the Super Bowls back in the 90s.

I rarely see my father these days, but when I visit Dallas for Thanksgiving I see him, and the one thing that’s never awkward to talk about is football.

Sending well wishes and happy thoughts to all the dads out there. I’m sure some of you can relate to my story and I hope this bring you wonderful memories with your father.



Jason Witten and his young son
Jason Witten and his young son
DeMarcus Ware and his baby daughter
DeMarcus Ware and his baby daughter
Jerry Jones and son Stephen Jones
Jerry Jones and son Stephen Jones

A Little Bit of Fun From the Cowboys

For those who have not seen this video it will make you laugh right along with the Boys. Glad to see they are having fun and enjoying themselves. Looks like some good chemistry to me in the locker room. Tashard Choice is filming while Marcus Spears and Jay Ratliff make fun of Leonard Davis.Notice also DeMarcus Ware in a few of the shots.

Am I allowed to be excited in June about the Cowboys Defense?

So I keep reading about all these different things the Cowboys are doing with their defense during the OTA’s. If one thing is certain it’s that Wade Phillips knows defense. I made comments to people late last season that the defense was playing different when Wade took control from Brian Stewart. They seemed to be moving around more and attacking more.

Today I’m reading things like DeMarcus Ware lining up on the left side along side new starter Anthony Spencer. Ware also lined up as what looked like a defensive end in a 4-3 defense.

Bradie James also lined up as a defensive end attacking from the outside.

Gerald Sensabaugh lurking at the line of scrimmage to maybe blitz or maybe to pick up the tight end or running back.

Everyone attacking from all over the field. I also have a very good feeling about the Dallas secondary this season. If they can play more man-to-man defense and play it well then that will allow the defensive front to continue to attack. They might even have a chance to break last seasons sack total of 59.

Bradie James…

“We have guys just attacking,” James said, somewhat satisfied with the aggressive nature of this defense. “This is how a 3-4 is supposed to be. I don’t know that you can call this a 3-4 after all this.

“It’s a multiple defense.”

“You want to be aggressive and not stand around,” James said of some of the more unusual formations being used on the nickel and dime. “We’re doing a lot of different things, different schemes.”

“We never would do that last year,” James said of all the movement the defense was showing. “(Phillips) was still learning the personnel. We can do different things with Bobby (Carpenter) and Spencer and D. Ware.”

I think the defense will be faster this season with the additions of Gerald Sensabaugh, Michael Hamlin, Mike Mickens and DeAngelo Smith. As well as Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick taking over for Anthony Henry and Anthony Spencer taking over for Greg Ellis

Wade Phillips…

“Things we ran today are fairly complicated and we didn’t make many mistakes today,” said Phillips, who did suggest the possibility of playing more man coverage this year. “Play a little more man and maybe more blitz stuff.

“We’re a pretty good pressure team with all the movement we have.”

On a negative note for the defense. One of the schemes the Cowboys ran during practice while defenders were blitzing and mixing up coverages, there was DeMarcus Ware running 30 yards up the middle of the field chasing who? Felix Jones, and guess who won that contest? Ware needs to move around and do what he does best, rush the QB.

Yes, I’m excited in June to read all of these things about the Cowboys defense. I can’t wait to see this all in action. Attacking week in and week out. Pressure, Pressure, Pressure for 60 minutes. Could this be the newest version of the Doomsday Defense? Let’s hope so.

Cowboys Extra Points: Hurd, Austin, Bennett…

extrapts2Is anyone else becoming concerned about the health of wide receivers Sam Hurd and Miles Austin? I read on Matt Mosley’s blog on ESPN that Austin did light running because of a hamstring injury while Hurd is still missing time because of a quad injury. We all know that both players were out last season but we are relying on them this upcoming season more than ever. I hope they can heal and get back to work fast!

No need to worry about those Pacman Jones rumors from earlier this week. Even though Pacman still lives and Texas, that doesn’t suggest he’s coming back. Plus Jerry Jones said Monday afternoon, “I have no plans to bring Adam back.” Even though we know how Jerry can easily change his mind I don’t think this is one of those occasions.

I wonder if the young DB’s took that Pacman nonsense to heart because they had a hell of a practice today. As previously reported by Rob V., the defense has been extremely impressive. Everywhere I look for Cowboys news is reporting that the defense was on fire today. Now that’s news I like to report!

I continue to read wonderful things of Martellus Bennett‘s talent. Word is that Bennett will be incorporated more in two tight end sets this season, as the Cowboys plan the 22-year old a bigger role. His speed and strength continues to impress and draw attention. However, he will still be second string behind veteran Jason Witten.

Cowboys fans aren’t as patient as DeMarcus Ware regarding a new contract and securing the priceless player for years to come. Jerry made a comment about Ware’s future deal as posted on ESPN last week:

…the Cowboys don’t necessarily have to get something done with Ware because of the potential of an uncapped year in 2010. But Jones said Thursday that he’s not factoring that into negotiations with Ware.

“I don’t think that’s a factor,” said Jones. “We’ve already made plans to get things done.”

That’s good news, I guess.

Linebackers Will Be a Strength For Dallas

DeMarcus Ware, Bradie James, Keith Brooking and Anthony Spencer will be our four linebackers this coming season, and it looks they will have a lot of success to go along with their talent.

We know what we are getting from 94 and also Bradie James and for the most part Brooking as well, but the question all off season will be how will Anthony Spencer do starting at outside linebacker for an entire season for the first time? Head coach wade Phillips sees great potential in Spencer, he is very athletic and knows how to play the game.

Phillips knows good talent at outside linebacker when he sees it, after all he has coached Shawn Merriman in San Diego and coached D-Ware in his most productive season as a pro to date.

Brooking was a big part of the Atlanta Falcons defense and a solid piece in the middle of that LB corps, he will bring experience, leadership, and a desire to win with him to Dallas. Bradie James is often left out of the conversation when it comes to middle linebackers not only on this team, but around the entire league James is very underated. Bradie is a force in the middle, and has been for a few years now, but is seldom talked about despite leading the team in tacles for the last two seasons.

We might have weaknesses on this team, but if they stay healthy our linebackers will not be one of them.


Who Should Be In the Ring of Honor Next???

I have tried to debate this for awhile now with people that I know, but can’t seem to get anyone to bite back. Maybe now is the time. Who should Jerry Jones put in the Ring of Honor in the new stadium? It has been a long time since the Triplets where inducted into it. I have my opinions, which I don’t think a lot of people will agree on, but it is my opinion. I will throw out a few names for you and see if you agree.

My first choice is Danny White. Yes, I know he never took the team to the Super Bowl but he had some really big shoes to fill with the retiring Roger Staubach. He did take them to some Championship games but never really over the hump. He also played another role in punting for the Cowboys. I think he has been given a bad rap for not getting the boys the Super Bowl. But most people think, Danny will always but the butt of jokes for not being the QB that Roger was.

My second choice is Drew Pearson, the original 88. I kind of forgot about him but the Top Ten Cowboys List on NFL Network reminded me that he isn’t in the Ring of Honor. Who was Roger’s go-to guy? Drew. Who made the most famous Hail Mary catch? Drew. When Roger needed some yardage good ole 88 was there. Shoot, I think he should be in the Hall of Fame. What a great talent he was.

Who would you choose for the Ring of Honor with the current roster? Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware? Who knows. Tony won’t if he doesn’t win it all, just like Danny. That’s why I hear some fans put Tony and Danny in the same sentence. Jason is a solid TE for the Boys. If he keeps playing the way he has it shouldn’t be a debate about that one. And then there is DeMarcus ‘Sack Master’ Ware. Out of the three he should be the next great who is put up around the ring of the stadium.

You could agree or disagree with some of my choices or have some of your own. But in the end we have had some great teams and players throughout the years. Enjoy the memories and the future seasons to come. And last but not least – How ’bout them Cowboys!!

Cowboys Extra Points: Past, Present and Future

Former Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart will join the Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff this week. Stewart coached the Cowboys defense in 2007 and 2008. He was fired back in January after the Cowboys failed to make the playoffs.

Jerry Jones will be on tonight’s episode of “4th and Long”. According to reports he has high expectations for the winner of the television show. “4th and Long” airs on Spike TV at 9pm central on Mondays.

Still no word on a DeMarcus Ware extension. Some sources are reporting Ware will likely go into training camp without a deal, while Dallas Cowboys official website says Ware is patient and continues to be active and the same team player he always has been.

“I’m a guy that’s always been about hard work, and that’s what’s gotten me where I am right now,” Ware said. “Why would you take some days off or sort of jeopardize the team? If you want to be a team player that’s how you’ve got to do it. Sometimes you’ve got to sacrifice some things and that’s what I’m doing now.”

“My agent and Jerry Jones are handling that and they’re just letting me go out and play like they usually do,” Ware said. “I just let them handle that. And I’ll know when something happens.”

The Bleacher Report had an interesting article entitled, “Five Plays the Dallas Cowboys Offense Would Be Wise to Keep in Their Playbook for 2009“. You can read the article here.

Lone Star Struck is now on youtube. You can view our introduction video here.

Correction about D-Ware and a Twitter Warning

Last night I read that DeMarcus Ware was close to signing a new contract with the Cowboys and then posted it on LSS. Although this may be true as far as a new contact. The source that it came from last night was false. PFT reported the news from a Twitter post that they thought was DeMarcus Ware. The Dallas Morning News had a similar story about Ware’s new contract. But now it’s being reported that DeMarcus Ware contacted the Dallas Morning News explaining that the Twitter post was not him.

Who do we believe? Is it DeMarcus Ware on Twitter? Was it DeMarcus Ware who contacted the Dallas Morning News saying it wasn’t him? I’ve only been on Twitter a short time, but it’s a scary thing not knowing if someone is who they say they are. So, going forward I for one will no longer listen to Twitter posts from players because you just never know. I apologize for the post that we now believe to be false.

Ware and Cowboys Close to New Deal

It has been reported that Demarcus Ware is close to a new long term deal with the Cowboys. This would make me very happy since I believe he is the heart of the Cowboys defense and the best in the NFL.

“Yeah, we are getting close,” Ware wrote. “Looking to stay with the ‘Boys for a long time to come.”

On Ware’s Twitter page he joked that the contract could be around $94 million. The 94 being Ware’s jersey number of course. It is thought that Ware’s new contract could pass the one just signed by the Steelers James Harrison which  was six years, $51.75 million.

Ware is only 26 years old and registered 20 sacks in 2008 along with six forced fumbles and 84 tackles in his fourth season. He has a total of 53 1/2 sacks in his short NFL career.

The Deal With DeMarcus Ware

Cowboys fans have been waiting all offseason for a huge contract extension for the sack leader DeMarcus Ware. Well, I’m sorry to tell you, I’m not here to give the good news. But according to a blog on the Dallas Morning News Ware says things are moving along.

Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison came in with a $51 million deal with $20 million guaranteed, while Washington paid Albert Haynesworth $100 million with $41 million guaranteed.

“I feel like it’s somewhere in there,” Ware said. “It’s not 51. It might not be 100. It’s somewhere between the two. Maybe it’s 94.”

“I’m not frustrated because at the end of the day I know I can play,” said Ware, who led the league with 20 sacks in 2008. “Like I say, I’m a Ferrari. The only thing I do is appreciate. It’s on them to get it done.”

I love Ware’s attitude on the subject. Did you know that DeMarcus is set to make only $1 million dollars this year? That is certainly unacceptable. I believe he will get his money and be well rewarded.

The Madden Curse

I have noticed that Demarcus Ware is one of the players being considered for the Madden 10 cover and there are alot of Cowboy fans wanting this, well I say no way.

The Madden Curse is why I say no to Ware on the cover of Madden 10, since Madden 2000 any player to appear on the cover of the game has seen their career drop. Let me give you the history of the Madden Curse.

Until Madden 2000 only John Madden had been featured on the cover of the game, so for Madden 2000 they put Barry Sanders on the cover with Madden and suddenly on July 29th Sanders retired from the NFL. It was years later that Sanders would admit that the reason for his sudden retirement was that he couldnt handle the culture of losing that had enveloped the Lions organization. He said it robbed him of his competitive spirit. Consequently, a culture of losing has followed every Madden Cover athlete since that year.

Madden 2001– Eddie George, his curse did not hit instantly but it did get him.

Madden 2002– Daunte Culpepper, his curse hit him in the 2001 season the year of his Madden Cover when his season ended in the 11th game because of a back injury, he had thrown 14 TD’s but also thrown 13 INT’s.

Madden 2003– Marshall Faulk, he did not miss any games during the 2002 season but an injured ankle took a big bite out of his normal stellar statistics.

Madden 2004– Michael Vick, just days after the game hit stores Vick fractured his leg in a pre-season game, the injury was so severe that he missed the first 11 games of the season.

Madden 2005– Ray Lewis, his cursed years happened from 2004-2005 when he had his worst stats in his career.

Madden 2006– Donovan McNabb, his cursed years were from 2005-2006 and he is still struggling to keep his job in Philly.

Madden 2007– Shaun Alexander, broke his foot in game 3 of the 2006 season and his career went downhill from there he has left the Seahawks and played for the Redskins in 2008 but was released and is now a free agent.

Madden 2008– Vince Young, Kerry Collins took his startring job thats enough said.

Madden 2009– Brett Farve, came out of retirement to try and play again for the Packers and he got traded to the Jets and started the season off great but at the end of the season when it counted I seen Farve play the worst ball I’ve seen from him ever.

So with all that stated I say put Big Ben Worthlessberger and Troy Polamalu on the cover and lets watch their careers go down the drain and not see Ware on the cover and have to watch a horrible season from him, because I dont know about everyone else but I want to see Ware break Strahans sack record.

Cowboys Have the Talent to Contend in ’09

The minute the schedule was released, the media went haywire attacking the Cowboys and predicting a disappointing season. As a change of pace, here is a comment that does quite the opposite.

Vinnie Iyer of Sporting News talks about the final four in 2009. Here’s what he had to say about one of the two NFC teams to make the list, The Dallas Cowboys:

“Now it gets interesting. In the past two years, we’ve had Giants-Packers and Eagles-Cardinals as the NFC’s championship game matchup. Not only it is hard to predict which team will make the playoffs in this conference, but the seeds also don’t mean anything.

So why not go with a third different team from the NFL’s best division, the NFC East? With Owens out of town and the team dumping some off-field baggage, the Cowboys are in position to open their new stadium in style. The defensive talent, led by DeMarcus Ware, is Super Bowl worthy. The key is becoming more efficient and balanced offensively, and helping that carry over to the entire team.

The passing game won’t lose too much once Roy Williams gets on the same page with Tony Romo, but without the crutch of T.O., the ‘Boys will lean more on a strong rushing attack as the ideal complement to their defense. Going back to the basics of pounding away with Marion Barber and Felix Jones to set up the pass will turn Dallas from a disappointing non-playoff team to the contender it should have been.”