The Cowboys need to consider Donald Driver if he is released by the Packers

Last year the Cowboys went out and signed Laurent Robinson to be their third receiver and the results were 54 receptions for 858 and 11 touchdowns. Some might say that he was the Cowboys offensive MVP as he had an instant connection with Tony Romo. Having trust in your receivers is very important as well as knowing   that they can be counted on at the most important times is priceless. That is what the Cowboys had in Robinson and he will be missed. This off season Robinson earned the right to be a starter in the NFL and decided to sign with the Jaguars. Now the Cowboys look to the young and inexperienced receivers that are currently on the roster. Players like Kevin Ogletree, Dwayne Harris, Raymond Radway, Andre Holmes and Danny Coale will all be battling for that third receiver spot. Between all five of those players only Ogletree has caught a pass in the NFL.

There are questions about each of the receivers that cannot be ignored. Olgetree has been given every opportunity to take the third receiver spot, but has been unable to produce and hold onto it. Radway is coming back from a broken leg he suffered last preseason that resulted in him missing the 2011 season. Harris had some chances in the return game last season, but not on offense. Holmes seems to be a fan favorite due to his speed and size, but he is still unproven. The same can be said as far as rookie Danny Coale, who is recovering from a broken foot and will miss out on valuable time with the offense.

Do the Cowboys continue to see what these receivers can do as they go into training camp? Will one of them rise above the rest and become the trusted third receiver? I believe it’s asking an awful lot from such a young and inexperienced group of receivers. It’s also asking a lot from Tony Romo on the trust level. Romo needs to know that his receivers are going to be where they need to be and even help him out if he gets into trouble. There is always the option of looking for a veteran receiver like the Cowboys did last year during training camp, to come in and hold down the third receiver spot like Robinson did.

Enter 13 year veteran Donald Driver. There are reports that the Packers might release Driver and if that happens I believe the Cowboys should go after him for many different reasons. I understand that his age of 37 might be a concern to some people, but with his track record and proven numbers during his career he just might be a good fit for the Cowboys. Driver brings with him the experience and leadership that can help a player like Dez Bryant who is still trying to establish himself in the league. Not to mention that Driver can really help the younger receivers that end up behind him and work with them to improve their game. He can be that leader on and off the field that will only help the Cowboys as a team. Driver has been a winner in the NFL for many seasons and the one person on the Cowboys staff who knows that is his former receivers coach and current Cowboys receivers coach Jimmy Robinson. Up to this point in his career he has 735 receptions for 10,060 yards and 59 touchdowns to go along with a Championship in Super Bowl XLV. Oddly enough that Super Bowl victory came in Cowboys Stadium.

Driver brings so much to a team in need of a solid third receiver, which brings me to another reason why the Cowboys should seriously consider him. Injuries happen every season and if something should happen to either Miles Austin or Dez Bryant are the coaches confident enough in any of the younger receivers to make them a starter? How comfortable would Romo be if someone like Radway or Harris was starting opposite Austin for a few weeks? If Driver was the third receiver on the Cowboys and an injury happened I don’t think anyone would have any doubt that Driver could step in as a starter and produce.

It’s something the Cowboys really should consider if Donald Driver is released by the Packers. It’s a win win situation for all involved. The Cowboys are looking for a Super Bowl Championship and there is nothing Driver would like more at 37 years old than to get another championship before he walks away from the game.

Dez Bryant Brings Greatness Back To Number 88

Recently, I came across an interesting comment that said the starting wide receivers, Miles Austin and Roy E. Williams, have combined for seven catches for 123 yards and just one touchdown in the last eight quarters. That’s an average of about 30 yards per game for each of them. That’s unacceptable from your numbers one and two receivers, even the Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams can do better than that.

Enter Dez Bryant.

The emergence of our rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant has been nothing short of remarkable. In that same two game span, Dez has lit up the scoreboard to the tune of  12 catches for 190 yards and two touchdowns. Even more exciting is the fact he was targeted 15 times and Dez came through in 12 of them.

After connecting for a touchdown last week against the Giants at the Meadowlands, Jon Kitna said something I thought was very profound.

As they came off the field on Sunday, Jon Kitna gave Dez Bryant a simple but meaningful message. “I believe in you,” Kitna shouted. With that, Bryant broke into a million-watt smile. 

Watching the chemistry between Kitna and Bryant has truly been something to marvel at, and earlier this week even Miles Austin said that if he were Kitna he would go to Bryant first too.

Roy Williams sounded a little resentful over the emergence of Bryant and wanted to get more looks per game.

“If I get two or three looks a game, I have to capitalize on those two or three looks and hope that they can increase to four or five, six looks a game. Just know when the ball comes my way, I have to make a play.” 

Obviously, that was a thinly veiled hint that Williams is not happy with his decreased role in the offense.

The Cowboys are trying to put what’s been a brutal season thus far behind them. Right now, Dez Bryant gives the Cowboys their best chance to win.

In the last five games, Williams has caught seven balls for 88 yards and two touchdowns, while Dez Bryant has exploded during that span, catching 24 passes for 359 yards and five touchdowns.

“Kind of like the tables have turned,” Williams said. “I was scoring the touchdowns and all of a sudden I get swept up under the thing and here comes Dez scoring touchdowns. I just hope that all three of us can just do it.”

I love something Tim McMahan wrote last week,

Roy Williams said during training camp that it’d take a “baaaaad man” to beat him out of a starting job.

Bryant is clearly a bad man. He’s not officially a starter yet, but he’s bumped Williams down a spot in the Cowboys’ receiver pecking order.

So let me wrap this up with some fun facts about just how good Dez Bryant has been so far this season…

  • Through nine games Dez Bryant has seven touchdowns on the season, the most scores by a Cowboys’ rookie since Julius Jones had seven in 2004.
  • Bryant has scored at least one touchdown in four of the last five games, which is a pace he will have to keep up to make a run at Herschel Walker’s team rookie record for total touchdowns. Walker had 14 touchdowns in 1986.
  • With one more touchdown Bryant ties Calvin Hill, who had eight touchdowns in 1969 and he needs four more to tie Emmitt Smith, who had 11 in 1990. Bob Hayes (1965) and Tony Dorsett (1977) had 13 each.
  • Currently, Bryant’s five touchdown catches tie him with Michael Irvin, Mike Sherrard and Billy Joe DuPree. Another Bryant, Antonio, had six in 2002.
  • In the Monday Night Football game vs. the New York Giants, at Cowboys stadium on October 25, Bryant returned a punt for 93 yards for a touchdown. It was the longest Cowboys punt return since Dennis Morgan’s 98-yard return during the 1974 NFL season.

There must be something special about that Number 88.

First it was the legendary Drew Pearson who donned it and gave it notoriety, than Michael Irvin followed with his own brand of greatness. But now the torch has been passed to the electrifying Dez Bryant who believe it or not, with plenty of season still left to play, has already surpassed what Pearson and Irvin did in their rookie seasons. That my friends, is absolutely incredible.

The Story Behind Cowboys Number 88

Drew Pearson wore the Number 88 from 1973 to 1983. The number was vacant until Michael Irvin wore it from 1988 to 1999. Wide receiver Antonio Bryant and tight ends Jackie Harris and Brett Pierce have all worn the number briefly since Irvin retired. Overall, 10 Cowboys players have worn No. 88.

We Live and We Learn

As you get older you start to understand the world a bit better. You learn that everything isn’t what it seems and money doesn’t grow on trees, you know, the average “it sucks to be a grownup” life lessons. In the last year I’d have to say I’ve learned more about being a real sports fanatic, I’ve opened my eyes and my ears and came to realize everything that glitters isn’t gold.

A few years ago it didn’t matter if the Cowboys were losing or if a player failed, in my eyes they could do no wrong and if anyone said anything critical I would immediately jump in and defend the team I love so much. No one was harder to defend more than Terrell Owens, but I did, and I didn’t back down either.

Now I’ve found myself criticizing them for their horrible plays and penalties and lack of discipline, hell I could go on and on but you all know the problems, how could you not?

Maybe this is the worst season I’ve witnessed as a mature adult so it seems more clear or maybe I’ve opened my mind to understand that unconditional love means that I love them through the good times and the bad. There is no question that these are the bad times. That doesn’t mean I have lost my loyalty to the Dallas Cowboys. Any sane person can see a team that is 1-6 is not a good team.

You want to argue that there is wasted talent on the team? Outside of Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware, and a healthy Tony Romo, this team is mediocre at best. That’s my honest opinion and it really wasn’t that easy to admit. How many of the Cowboys do you expect to be elected to the Pro Bowl this year?

The heart breaker is that we came into the season with high hopes and expectations. When you really think about it, we didn’t change much in the offseason. Our biggest acquisition was Dez Bryant and he has completely lived up to everything we wanted him to be. He has a bright future with the Cowboys and we should look forward to celebrating wins and beyond with Dez. But it won’t be this year.

I will continue to watch the games and try to go into them with an open-mind and an open-heart. They might win a few of them.

I expect a big offseason with major changes everywhere. You know what happens then? You go into rebuilding mode. Things aren’t going to immediately be better just because we got a new coaching staff and a few new faces on the field. Everyone who is screaming, “Fire Wade!” you will get your wish, but it isn’t the cure-all answer. I hope you’re in for the long haul because I know I am.

Maybe it’s true in football as it is in life – once you hit rock-bottom there’s no way to go but up.

We won’t be celebrating 50 years in Dallas with a winning season or a trip to the playoffs, and we certainly won’t be the first team to play the Super Bowl in our own stadium. At least not this year. I am well aware that we still have nine games to go but there are too many problems that ail this team to realistically believe they still have a chance.

When you watch them play you can actually see them giving up. You can see the mood change on the field, especially after Tony Romo’s season abruptly ended a week ago.

So I guess I will get torched and people will say I’ve given up on my team. I haven’t given up on them, they gave up on themselves. Like I said I will always be a Cowboys fan, and I will continue to defend them but not without some criticism of my own. It’s almost as if I have been reborn as a fan and it hasn’t been easy. Going through life thinking everything is rainbows and butterflies, or Lombardi trophies and Super Bowl rings, is definitely so much easier.

Yes, I am a Cowboys fan for life and no matter the record they have my full support and loyalty. However, I’m not so naive anymore that I can preach to you how great they are when in reality there is nothing to brag about in 2010. We may see some bright spots here and there, and surely we will tack on some more wins but we are not contenders. Maybe once you realize what I have, it may be easier to watch a game and not bust holes in your walls.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sad about this season and all of the lost dreams. The Super Bowl is in Dallas, and believe it or not on my birthday. No one wanted this more than me! It was fate. But it’s not going to work out the way we dreamed it would.

Just another life lesson – life doesn’t always work out like we planned.

A Baptism By Fire

I’m not gonna exert 500 words into a post about that ridiculous $55,000 dollar dinner the Cowboys hung on Dez Bryant the other night. With the economy still sagging and millions of families struggling, that’s the last thing anybody wants to hear about right now.

Instead, I do want to keep the spotlight on Dez, but I’d rather talk about what a great start he is off to in his NFL career.

Despite the occasional rookie mistake, Dez Bryant now has at least 50 receiving yards in each of the Cowboys’ first three games.

Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett calls it a significant accomplishment, but cautions that he still has a lot of work to do.

“He’s got a lot of steps to take. He’s transitioned well for a guy who missed most of training camp. To be able to perform as well as he has been very impressive.”

I agree with Garrett, and I look forward to watching Dez Bryant blossom into a future playmaker for the Cowboys and one of the NFL’s brightest stars.

Bryant has nerves of steel, thrives under pressure, and had oftentimes flashed his game-breaking speed and elusive moves.

“He’s not bothered by game situations,” Garrett said. “He embraces them. He loves to play, and he can make plays. We’ve tried to give him an opportunity to do that, and he has stepped up and responded.”

That’s the kind of story and the kind of quotes I would rather read regarding Dez Bryant… But that’s just me.

The Future is Bright with Miles and Dez

In honor of Miles Austin’s new contract extension I’d just like to say how freaking awesome it is to know that we have Austin and Dez Bryant locked up for at least the next five years!

Cowboys signed Miles Austin to a six-year extension. Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the total package is worth $57 million.

Dez Bryant received a five-year, $11.8 million contract  that includes $8.5 million in guarantees.


First Team Offense And Dez Bryant Not Playing Against Miami In Preseason Finale

I don’t know if there has been larger pressure on any Dallas rookie than there is on Dez Bryant. Over the last several years television and NFL coverage has expanded which has put every NFL team under a microscope.

Combine that with the fact that Dez Bryant was suspended by the NCAA for lying about corresponding with Deion Sanders, and also the fact that he’s such an amazing talent with a team that many believe will go to the Super Bowl where their own stadium is hosting, and you get a kid who’s got a mountain on top of him.

Well, he’s going to have to wait a little longer to show what he can do because Jerry Jones has announced to the press that Dez Bryant will NOT be playing this Thursday in preseason.

As many of you know, I had the opportunity to see Dez Bryant at the first training camp, and while I do not have a degree in psychology, I believe I can give you an insight as to his character.

I think Jerry Jones wants to ease Dez Bryant into the league, but Dez has a chip on his shoulder and wants to show the world why he’s going to be the next great receiver.

He was the first player on the field at camp. He was practicing before everyone else, and he actually looked like he worked harder than everyone else. I saw him jumping for balls, diving to make catches, getting on his knees, and one-handed catches.

He refused to carry Roy Williams pads not because he wants to break tradition, but because he is so focused on coming into the National Football League and proving himself. I think he has the same attitude as Randy Moss did when he entered. He was spurned by many NFL teams, and he wants to say, “Look at what you passed up on. Choke on this.”

Dez Bryant suffered a high ankle sprain, probably from over-exerting himself, and Jerry Jones has stated that he felt the Cowboys organization was rushing Dez. Well, I think Dez disagrees because he has spoken many times about how he wants to play in the preseason finale.

Well, Jerry Jones is going to intervene, and I think Dez will be upset, but he’ll keep it to himself. I can empathize with his desire to help the team. He has a huge heart, and he wants to help his teammates.

He was the first guy in the top round to sign with his perspective team. His agent was the guy who orchestrated the holdout for Michael Crabtree, the receiver that the 49ers drafted, and yet, despite being in a situation where Eugene Parker, the said agent, could have milked the Cowboys for as much as possible; Dez Bryant is signed before anyone.

Please go here to read the rest of this article.

Kevin Ogletree: Trying Hard Or Hardly Trying?

I don’t know where this is coming from and how much of it just overblown, but I came across an article on that took a swipe at Kevin Ogletree’s character.

Tim MacMahon believes that the Kevin Ogletree, who kept making plays a year ago in the Alamodome when he was fighting for a roster spot, no longer has that same sense of urgency in this training camp.

The Cowboys still like Ogletree’s potential and believe he was a steal as an undrafted free agent. He showed his promise by making plays in a limited role as a rookie. Other than Dez Bryant, there might not be a more explosive receiver on the roster. He will be on the 53-man roster.

However, if Ogletree wants a significant role this season, he better flip the switch soon.

Ogletree has dropped too many balls this camp. He has failed to fight for the ball too many times. An example came on a crossing route during Thursday morning’s practice, when he allowed undrafted rookie cornerback Bryan McCann to knock the ball out of his hands.

MacMahon also says that he has Cowboys sources that are saying Ogletree has a sense of entitlement. That may or may not be true, but sometimes confidence in one’s abilities can be mistaken for a sense of urgency.

I don’t mind seeing a little swagger on the team, and would especially love to see that among some of the veterans.

The article concludes by saying that Ogletree doesn’t appear to have the right attitude. Really? One week into training camp and we’re already making judgment calls?

Needless to say, I disagree with MacMahon on this one, and I’d advise him to let the rest of training camp play out before calling someone out.

Dez Bryant Out 4-6 Weeks, May Miss All Pre-Season

Update 7:45 PM

The team announced Friday evening that Dez Bryant will miss four to six weeks. Bryant was injured on the second-to-last play of Friday’s practice in the Alamodome.

An MRI confirmed the team’s fear of a high ankle sprain. Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones had expressed hope that Bryant, who had a spectacular start to training camp, would be out for only a few days or a week, but now they are faced with an injury that could have ripple effects to start the season.

With this injury, the Cowboys’ top three picks are all injured. Second-round linebacker Sean Lee has been sidelined since Tuesday with a strained quadriceps, and fourth-round safety Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, who had shoulder surgery in March, has not been cleared to practice yet.


Original Post 3:00 PM

ESPN Dallas reports:

SAN ANTONIO — Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant, the team’s first-round selection, was helped off the field by two athletic trainers after suffering a right ankle injury near the end of the training practice Friday.

Bryant stayed on the Alamodome turf after cornerback Orlando Scandrick broke up a pass on a crossing route. Jon Kitna’s pass was thrown slightly behind Bryant, and Scandrick appeared to land on the prized rookie’s lower right leg. He was helped off the field, with Bryant keeping weight off it.

Bryant will have an MRI to determine the severity of the injury.

Let’s hope its not as bad as it sounds. All we can do at this point is wait for the MRI results.

Cowboys Haters In Full Effect Already, So What’s New?

When you are the most popular, most storied, most winning sports franchise in pro football history it comes with the territory that you have people who despise you. Call it jealousy, call it envy but its strong and its everywhere we turn.

The latest rants include Cowboys Number One Draft Pick Dez Bryant and the young tight end Martellus Bennett.

Okay maybe I will give them Dez, thats a valid complaint. He got his money and hasn’t even played in one pro game and already thinks he’s better than the veterans. Not cool Dez. So they are calling him “another Diva Cowboy”. Well the guy just scored nearly 12 million dollars, has been given the coveted number 88 and has already been deemed the super star wide receiver for America’s Team fresh out of college. To say expectations for Dez Bryant are high is an understatement.

You can blame Dez, blame Jerry Jones, or blame the media but I got money that says he produces and blows everyone away this season.

So, rumor is Marty B had a bad break-up and his ex posted nude pictures of him online. Who cares? What in the world does that have to do with football? Absolutely nothing. I have my own issues with Martellus’ off-the-field shenanigans but in reality he’s a backup tight end, a backup to one of the best in the league. Is he the future? Only time will tell. But he’s still young, immature and seems to crave a lot of attention. A professional athlete who wants all eyes on him – well thats totally unheard of, what in the world is he thinking?!

Like it or not all of these ridiculous stories sell, whether true or fabricated. People love to hate the Dallas Cowboys. Why do you think ESPN constantly disses the Cowboys? That’s easy, because hating on Dallas sells. It’s stirs up Cowboy followers and it revs up the haters. Personally, I very rarely watch ESPN for that very reason.

It doesn’t matter that there are players who have violated the league drug law or committed felonies. Hell, there have been times men have been suspected in rapes and murders, but if Tony Romo wants to play golf in the offseason or Miles Austin was in Las Vegas gambling and having a few drinks – well thats front page news! How dare they do something without a football in their hands.

Listen, like I said before it comes with the territory. I spent years defending Terrell Owens, because that’s what we do as Cowboys fans. I will admit I have a limit though, I never defended Pacman Jones. He truly was an embarrassment.

Earlier I went to visit my mom and she started talking about an article she read about Dez not carrying Roy’s pads on Yahoo!, and I immediately went into defense mode. It’s like a parent who’s child can do no wrong.

So when I go into work this morning and my boss who loves sports gossip starts telling me the latest, instead of defending Bryant and Bennett maybe I will turn the conversation around and talk about how great Romo and Austin are projected to be this season. Maybe I will tell him how excellent David Buehler is looking, how he’s blowing the experts away with his kicking talent. How about the fact that the Cowboys have a shot to be the first team in history to go to the Super Bowl in their own stadium and win!

When a hater comes straight up to me trashing my team I will defend them to the end. Call me a cheerleader, call me bias… no, you know what, just call me a Cowboys fan and damn proud of it.

Dez Bryant says no to Roy Williams

With training camp finally under way I was happy to finally get some news from the Cowboys this past weekend. All the practicing and the competition at so many positions is under way. I also loved the Kickoff show Friday night. For those who have not seen it you can watch it here.

The one thing that stood out to me this weekend was Dez Bryant refusing to carry Roy Williams shoulder pads after Sunday mornings practice. Bryant does not believe in any rookie initiations.

“I’m not doing it,” Bryant said. “I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player’s pads.”

“If I was a free agent, it would still be the same thing. I just feel like I’m here to play football. I’m here to try to help win a championship, not carry someone’s pads. I’m saying that out of no disrespect to [anyone].”

“I don’t believe in that at all,” Bryant said. “We have a goal here. It’s not about playing games. It’s all about just trying to do the right thing and achieve our goal.”

Roy Williams does believe rookies should be doing some things for the veterans just like he had to do as a rookie.

“Everybody has to go through it,” Williams said. “I had to go through it. No matter if you’re a No. 1 pick or the 7,000th pick, you’ve still got to do something when you’re a rookie.

“I carried pads. I paid for dinners. I paid for lunches. I did everything I was supposed to do, because I didn’t want to be that guy.”

I love that Dez Bryant refuses to carry Williams shoulder pads and is saying all the right things about the team being first and working towards a goal. With that kind of thinking from Bryant it won’t be long before Williams is carrying Bryant’s shoulder pads. Maybe Williams should concentrate more on catching the football then bothering the player that is most likely going to replace him.

Other news from camp is that supplemental pick Josh Brent suffered a broken hand in practice Sunday morning. Coach Wade Philips is hoping Brent can return to practice Monday. Any kind of time missed will only hurt Brent for his chances of making the team.

Keith Brooking is only practicing once a day as he recovers from off-season knee surgery. Although Brooking says he feels good, he understands that at his age it will do his body good to be held out a little during training camp.

Who is this man? Nate “The Kitchen” Newton has taken care of himself due to some serious health issues as he approached almost 400 pounds. On April 19th Newton had weight loss surgery and has since lost 132 pounds. He is now down to 263 pounds and is feeling good.

Orlando Scandrick is working through the pain of his broken finger and knows that training camp is even more important because of the work he missed during the teams OTAs.

“I’ve still got some pain but I’m working through it,” Scandrick said. “Just have to be tough. I just need time. I need the practice. I could feel my timing was off. I felt a little rusty out there.”

Back In The Saddle Again – Training Camp Notes

Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips are all smiles at the start of Cowboys Training Camp

I skimmed through all the different beat writer reports from today’s Cowboys Training Camp, and summarized all of the information for you.

Training Camp Player Valuations – In terms of talking about players after practice, Phillips doesn’t like to do it. He feels he needs to see some practice tape before talking about how well a player did or how bad a player did. Phillips said it gives him a chance to give better answers to questions.

“You may see a player do something real good in practice and the rest of the plays didn’t play well,” Phillips said. “Like a guy in a game, you think he played well, and he didn’t play well at all.”

Ain’t That A Kick In The Pants – The coach made a note that David Buehler isn’t the only placekicker on the roster. Delbert Alvarado is also a kicker but hardly gets mentioned because after the team released Connor Hughes, it was assumed Buehler had no competition. Even Buehler said he’s competing against himself.

“Alvarado did well, and that’s why we kept him in the spring,” Phillips said.

Safety First – Does Pat Watkins have a shot to become the starting free safety over Alan Ball? Phillips said he does and that there is competition at almost every position. However, Phillips would like to see Watkins, who is a strong special teams player, be more consistent on defense. Watkins did have a nice breakup of a long pass Saturday.

He Ain’t All That – *Dez Bryant, the rookie wide receiver, was impressive in his first practice. Phillips said it’s not the best debut he ever saw.

“I don’t know if he looked any better than Steve Largent when he came in,” Phillips said. “Cris Carter when he came in, I’ve seen some pretty good ones.”

Not To Be Nosy, But – *Marcus Spears is still the starting defensive end, but he will get some snaps at nose tackle during training camp. The Cowboys did some of this last year with him. Phillips doesn’t believe it’s the start of something long term for Spears.

“I would be comfortable with him playing there,” Phillips said of Spears at the nose. “He’s a smart player and he’s a good run player already, and normally nose guard is a run-player position. [Jay] Ratliff has taken it to a different level; you don’t see nose guards getting six and eight and ten sacks. But I think Spears can fill that role as a run player and I think he’ll do a good job there.”

We Kneed You Man – *Linebacker Keith Brooking might miss the second practice Sunday. He’s fine, but Cowboys want to bring him along slowly because he had minor knee surgery in the offseason. Brooking looked pretty good Saturday knocking down a pass and moving around pretty good.

MartyB TV Off The Air – Wade Phillips said he does not expect Martellus Bennett to miss much practice time in training camp with the sprained left ankle he suffered last week while working out. The Cowboys placed Bennett on the non-football injury list because he did not suffer the injury while under the Cowboys’ care.

Dez Is How We Do It In Big D

Many may be worried about his integrity.  Many may be worried about his stamina, having played very little ball in his final college season at Oklahoma State.  But today, Dez Bryant proved his drive by being the first player to take the field for the kickoff of training-camp.

According to the Associated Press, Bryant was on the field 45 minutes early wearing his coveted number 88 jersey. 

He began catching passes soon-after from undrafted rookie QB Matt Nichols.

“I want to help this team. I want to compete. I can’t wait to start playing football again,” Bryant said in a statement that was released by the Cowboys earlier in the week.

Bryant’s willingness to get his deal done and hit the field so readily, stand to backup these statements.

Only time will tell if those double-eights on his shoulders will become too much weight to bear.

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