NFL Draft Day Central – Live Chat – Day 2

This morning, the Dallas Cowboys will basically control the flow of the draft with the boatload of picks they have accrued including the two additional ones they acquired on day one of the draft, when they traded their one second round pick to Buffalo.

As we did during Day One, we will continue to update this post as the Cowboys make their selections.

A dozen picks for the ‘Boys to play with:

No. 69 (third round) – OLB Jason Williams – Western Illinois
No. 75 (third round) – OT Robert Brewster – Ball State
No. 101 (fourth round) – QB Stephen McGee – Texas A&M
No. 110 (fourth round) – OLB Victor Butler – Oregon St.

No. 120 (fourth round) – DE Brandon Williams – Texas Tech
No. 143 (fifth round) – CB DeAngelo Smith – Cincinnati
No. 166 (fifth round) – S Michael Hamlin – Clemson
No. 172 (fifth round) – K David Buehler – USC

No. 197 (sixth round) – S Stephen Hodge – TCU
No. 208 (sixth round) – TE John Phillips – Virginia

No. 227 (seventh round) – CB Mike Mickens – Cincinnati
No. 229 (seventh round) – WR Manuel Johnson – Oklahoma

LSS Draft Chat

At today’s Lone Star Struck Draft Chat a good time was had by all. I was very happy to be a part of it for over five hours. I talked to many true Dallas fans and also learned many things from them. What I liked most was that so many who were involved had their own opinions about things, but there were never any arguments or name calling. That is not the case on other Dallas forums I have been a part of. I’ve been called names and told that I was not a Dallas fan just because someone did not agree with me.

Today was about getting together and discussing things about the draft, the Cowboys and even other things that didn’t have to do with football at times. We talked about the different players as they were selected and what the Cowboys should do when it was finally their turn. We all respected each others opinions and had fun as the discussions rolled on through the hours and changed over and over. Although the Cowboys did not make any selections today, Sunday serves up 12 total picks for the Cowboys and another great Draft Chat session with some great fans.

Thank you for letting me a part of it!

The Reason For The Trade at Pick 51 has reported the reason why Jerry Jones and the Cowboys traded their first pick of the draft (#51) to the Buffalo Bills.

Sources inside the Cowboys organization tell me the reason Jerry Jones opted not to pick at 51 is because all of the players at the Cowboys’ positions of need were taken. The Cowboys entered the draft looking for safeties and wide receivers, but Louis Delmas went at the top of the second round to the lions, Patrick Chung went next at No. 34 to the Patriots and Brian Robiskie went to the Browns two picks later. With those guys off the board, Jones set his sights on offensive lineman Max Unger. But when the Seahawks took Unger just two picks before their own, Jones decided the Cowboys would be able to get a bigger bang for their buck with tomorrow’s price tag and moved back into the third and fourth round.

So does that mean Jones made an error by not trading up to get a player the Cowboys needed?

What Have the Cowboys Done in Round 3 and Beyond in the Past?

Day 1 of the 2009 Draft is over. And after waiting hours and hours for the Cowboys to make their first selection, the #51 is traded away to the Buffalo Bills for 2 more picks on Day 2.

Cowboy Nation screamed and threw their hands up in the air asking the simple question, “Why?”

Maybe it’s not such a simple question after all. Maybe we will hear an explanation, maybe not.

It’s over now, so it doesn’t matter. So lets take a look at what the Cowboys have done in recent years in the 3rd Round and beyond.


4 Tashard Choice Georgia Tech  
5 Orlando Scandrick Boise State  
6 Erik Walden Middle Tenn. State


3 James Marten Boston College  
4 Isaiah Stanback Washington  
4 Doug Free Northern Illinois  
6 Nicholas Folk Arizona  
6 Deon Anderson Connecticut  
7 Courtney Brown Cal Poly-S.L.O.  
7 Alan Ball Illinois


3 Jason Hatcher Grambling State  
4 Skyler Green Louisiana State  
5 Pat Watkins Florida State  
6 Montavious Stanley Louisville  
7 Pat McQuistan Weber State  
7 E.J. Whitley Texas Tech


4 Marion Barber Minnesota  
4 Chris Canty Virginia  
6 Justin Beriault Ball State  
6 Rob Petitti Pittsburgh  
7 Jay Ratliff Auburn

I think some of those names speak for themselves. Trent Edwards on ESPN said it best today when he said, “the later rounds are where you find your meat and potatoes. The first and second rounds you might find your superstars, but you build your foundation with the guys you find in the later rounds.”

Now those may not have been his exact words, but that’s the jist of it.


NFL Draft Day Central – Live Chat

Welcome to our exclusive NFL Draft Weekend Coverage here at Lone Star Struck.

For complete round the clock coverage of all the big news, signings and trades, keep it right here as we will keep updating this thread with everything you need to know.

We also invite you to join us at our live Draft Chat where many members of our staff will be discussing the day’s events and answering questions.

Join the conversation or just stop in and say “Go Cowboys!” Let us know who you think the Cowboys should draft with the first pick.

It’s going to be a great weekend and I bet there will be a few surprises with Jerry Jones running the show.

NFL Draft Update

1. Lions draft QB Matthew Stafford – Georgia with the first pick in the draft. The Lions get the building block they need for the future. His big arm and ability to get the ball down the field in the passing game makes him an ideal fit for what Detroit wants to do on offense.

2. Rams draft OT Jason Smith – Baylor

3. Chiefs draft DE Tyson Jackson – LSU

4. Seahawks draft LB Aaron Curry – Wake Forest

5. Jets draft QB Mark Sanchez – USC

6. Bengals draft OT Andre Smith – Alabama

7. Radiers draft WR Darrius Heyward-Bey – Maryland

8. Jaguars draft OT Eugene Monroe – Virginia

9. Packers draft DT B.J. Raji – Boston College

10. 49ers draft WR Michael Crabtree – Texas Tech

Note: Many had projected safety Louis Delmas – Western Michigan, to fall to the Cowboys. Unfortunatley he was snatched up by the Detroit Lions with the first pick in the second round, number 33 overall.

Wow, after a 5 hour wait the Cowboys traded their second round pick to Buffalo for a third and fourth round pick tomorrow.

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