3 Day Draft May Happen In 2010 has reported that the NFL has confirmed this, here is what the article said.

The NFL confirmed reports that the league is considering the idea of starting the 2010 draft in prime time on a Thursday night and making it a three-day event but added that no decision has been made.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the NFL was considering holding the first round of the draft on a Thursday night, the second and third rounds on a Friday night and rounds 4 through 7 on a Saturday. “We think it can be very appealing from a fan’s standpoint and an audience standpoint,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in the story.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy posted the same details on his Twitter channel, asking his “followers” to let him know what they thought.

Last year, the NFL shortened the time between first-round picks from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, and this year’s first round took 3:23 — making it the fastest first round since 1990 (when there were four fewer teams in the league).

So what do yall think of this idea, leave a comment below and let me know.

Interesting Draft on the Horizon for Cowboys

With the 2009 NFL Draft but a few days away, a fair share of uncertainty surrounds draft day for the Cowboys.  Without a first round pick this year, it will be interesting to see what kind of player the Cowboys can get with their second round pick.  The Cowboys have 11 picks this year, so look for them to do the wheeling and dealing that their drafts have become famous for.  The Cowboys have no glaring needs this year, so taking the “best player available” approach is an option that will definitely be laying on the War Room table come Saturday.  With that being said, here are a few names to be on the lookout for.


Jarron Gilbert – Defensive End, San Jose State

I first came across this guy’s name while doing research on draft prospects in early 2009, and was quite impressed with what I saw.  At 6 foot 5, 288 pounds, Gilbert possesses the frame to play defensive end in the 3-4 scheme.  Not only does Gilbert have the rare build that 3-4 defenses covet, but he has the speed and athleticism to play the run effectively.  If anybody questions the athleticism of this young man, they need to watch the video on YouTube of him jumping out of a swimming pool.  Amazing.  If he’s around when the Cowboys are on the clock in round two, look for them to strongly consider him.  Gilbert would provide instant depth and flexibility on an already talented defensive line. 


James Casey – Tight End, Rice

If ever there was a year that the Cowboys have no need whatsoever for a tight end, it’s this year.  But the more information I unearth about James Casey, the more I understand why his services would tickle the fancy of the Cowboys, who brought him in for a final workout on Wednesday.  Casey’s hands, skills, and build would project him to be an H-back of sorts, similar to Chris Cooley.  Though the Cowboys are loaded at tight end, drafting an H-back prospect wouldn’t be such a bad idea due to the lack of a clear-cut #2 receiver.  A big athlete like Casey would give the Cowboys a weapon that could exploit the flats effectively and take additional pressure off of the receiving corps. 


Brian Robiskie – Wide Receiver, Ohio State

A great receiving class is one of the many headliners of this year’s draft.  Players such as Michael Crabtree and Jeremy Maclin will certainly be off the board early in the first round.  But behind them are also some very talented receivers, and Brian Robiskie is definitely among them.  His father Terry Robiskie is an assistant coach for the Falcons and a former player.  One has to believe that Brian’s football-oriented background would make his transition to the NFL that much easier.  He does not possess blazing speed, but has decent hands and runs terrific routes.  His 6 foot 3 frame also makes him an attractive potential addition to a Cowboys receiving corps that would welcome more help and competition. 


Zack Follett – Outside Linebacker, Cal

The departure of Kevin Burnett in free agency coupled with the minimal depth behind Demarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, and Greg Ellis would indicate that adding a linebacker this weekend looks to be a must for the Cowboys.  With that being said, Zack Follett would be a great addition in the middle rounds.  Follett possesses size that is essential when playing linebacker in the 3-4 scheme.  But the most impressive thing about Follett has to be his play last season for the Golden Bears, where he had 23 tackles for loss, and 10.5 sacks.  His pass rushing skills and his ability to play the run would make him a great addition to the linebacking corps.

Looking At The Late Rounds

The draft is only days away and the mock drafts have been put up. I was asked to do one but…Nah.

To be fairly honest, I really don’t like the draft class this year. Mainly the secondary class. They’re either bad tacklers or too slow, they hit too soft or they drop interceptions. All this over analyzing can give scouts headaches.

So who do we get as the 51st pick in the draft. It’s obvious that with the loss of Roy “Not so Superman” Williams and Anthony Henry we need secondary power. So instead of looking in the free agent 5 dollar bin at Wal-Mart, we look to the draft.

The one thing Dallas is hit or miss on, is drafting corners and safeties. It’s not likely that a Terrence Newman type player will fall into our laps again – well, maybe in the 6th round. This is why I’m not focused on the 2nd and 3rd round picks we have but more on the 9 picks we have after that. Come on now, late round draft picks are best due to the fact that they’re the hungriest.

In the NFL they cut 4th, 5th and 6th draft picks like breathing. But some of them refuse to be cut. Like Bradie James, 103rd pick; Marion Barber, the 109th pick; Tashard Choice, 112th pick; Nick Folk, 178th pick; Patrick Crayton, 216th pick; or Jay Ratliff, 224th pick.

I don’t see us getting more than two over-looked players but the 4th to 6th round is the real meat and potatoes to me. A lot of Pro-Bowlers came from these rounds and a few Hall of Famers. Either way I’m watching our first pick and maybe our second pick. The real test for all of our rookies will be the training camp where we can really see their hunger and heart for the game.

Let’s go Boys’!

Draft Day Fast Approaching

As the 2009 NFL Draft fast approaches, I have read many articles about what the Cowboys will do with their first pick. All of these are opinions of course which is what makes draft day so much fun. Do they go best talent on the board no matter what position? Do they go for best talent in the most needed positions? Do they try to get back into the first round? Will Jerry Jones make a move that will change the whole look of the Cowboys draft? The Cowboys have 11 draft picks this year and I think it’s a great opportunity to add talent, depth and maybe even find those gems in the later rounds.

I would think Safety would be the Cowboys first concern with the release of Roy Williams and the options they currently have to play alongside Ken Hamlin. They have Keith Davis, Pat Watkins and newly signed Gerald Sensabaugh on the roster, but if either Louis Delmas from Western Michigan or Patrick Chung from Oregon are still available at pick 51 I would think it would be hard to pass them over. Both are excellent Safeties and should be able contribute early for the Cowboys and maybe even become a starter.

Then there is the question of Wide Receiver? What happens if there is still a top receiver on the board come pick 51? What if players like Hakeem Nicks or Brian Robiskie is still available for the Cowboys? You can’t have too many weapons on offense if you ask me. The Cowboys have Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin and Sam Hurd, but if we can add a game breaker at wide receiver it will be hard to pass up.

There are so many options and only a few minutes to make the pick. I’m sure whatever the pick is it will be debated by all. Come pick 51 I’m not sure I would want to be Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips. I believe they will have a lot of options and directions they can go to add more talent to the already talented Cowboys roster. When it comes to Jerry Jones anything is possible. Draft Day is like Christmas morning…you know you’re going to get things, you just hope they are things that will be great! Will the players selected be the missing pieces to the Cowboys puzzle? Time will tell. All I know for sure is that I will be sitting, watching and waiting this weekend as I always do.

LSS Live Draft Chat and Coverage

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for since the last play of the 2008 season ended – NFL DRAFT WEEKEND!

Lone Star Struck is hosting a Live Draft Chat this upcoming weekend. Several of our staff members will be on hand providing up-to-the-minute draft updates and discussion during the entire draft.

Coverage will begin Saturday at 3 p.m. central time until the last pick of the day is made, and starting up again Sunday at 9 a.m. central time until the end.

Everyone is invited and we encourage you to come and learn and discuss the Cowboys and all NFL moves.

Stop by and say hi! Stay a while if you can, we will be here all weekend long!

Cowboys Extra Points: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

extrapts2The new home of the Dallas Cowboys will be featured on the Science Channel on Monday at 9:00 p.m. central time. For an hour the program “Build It Bigger” will explore the biggest stadium ever built in the United States.

While discussing the trade talks and rumors of Anquan Boldin former Giants defensive star Michael Strahan made a sly remark:

“Playing in Arizona’s not so bad. He could be with T.O. in Buffalo. It’s colder up there.”

The Star-Telegram brought up a great point in a recent article. The Cowboys need a punt returner. We have our kickoff return man in Felix Jones, but Patrick Crayton, who has been filling the position, really needs to be replaced on Special Teams.

Do you have NFL Draft plans? Make sure to check us out during the draft will will feature a live chat and up to the minute draft moves and reports. Spend one of the most exciting weekends of the spring with your friends and true fans!

Final Mock Draft of 2009

Another crazy year of mock drafts has come to an end. If I’ve learned anything from previous years of mocking the Cowboys, it’s that you just can’t predict it. Jerry is a wheeler and dealer and no one is gonna change that. So I imagine, there will be other deals, some even involving current players, that will happen on draft day, that I simply won’t predict. The best I can do is predict a player’s worth and our want for that player at our specific picks. The following mock is my final prediction for the Cowboys in the 2009 draft.

 51. Louis Delmas S Western Michigan

I finally have a favorite at safety and here he is. My prediction is that he is the starting strong safety before the end of the year.

69. Tyrone McKenzie OLB South Florida

The only other OLB in our range I like better is Clint Sintim and he’s gone in the second round. Tyrone will have a year to learn behind Ware, Spencer and Ellis.

101. Jason Phillips ILB TCU

For me, it’s a toss up between Jason Phillips and Scott McKillop, but word has it that Jerry is high on this Texas Christian prospect and would be a great fit playing inside linebacker in Wade’s 3-4.

117. Sammie Lee Hill DT Stillman

A massive run stuffing nose tackle. Exactly what we need to move forward in 2010.

156. Domonique Johnson CB Jackson State

Depth for a very young and thin cornerback group.

166. Deon Butler WR Penn State

A speedy receiver/returner who makes the roster returning punts.

172. Alex Boone OT Ohio State

Some character concerns drop Alex nearly out of the draft, but with some love, Alex is turned into a solid backup behind Flo and Colombo.

197. Dallas Reynolds C/OG/OT BYU

This is my sleeper pick and also our future starter at left guard. Anyone who’s been following my mocks this season know of my man-crush for Mr. Reynolds. He is our new utility o-lineman (Cory Procter) for the up-coming year.

208. Cullen Harper QB Clemson

I’m not positive this is the pick, but Cullen is my clear-cut favorite amongst the 2nd tier QB’s in this draft. He has all you would want in a young QB, ready to learn from two of the best, Romo and Kitna.

210. to Denver along with pick 227, Corey Procter and Doug Free for a 2010 4th round pick

227. to Denver

Last of Draft Hopefuls Visit Valley Ranch

The final of the thirty allowed college draft hopefuls visited Valley Ranch this past week. Three second day receivers and one first day are on this week’s list. I’m thinking they’re getting a Plan B in case Stanback doesn’t make it past camp.

This week’s visitors include:

LB Lawrence Sidbury Richmond
TE TE Anthony Hill NC State
S S Mike Hamlin Clemson
QB QB Stephen McGee Texas A&M
S S Darcel McBath Texas Tech
S S Louis Delmas Western Michigan
QB QB Tom Brandstater Fresno State
WR WR Patrick Turner Southern Cal
CB CB Bradley Fletcher Iowa
CB CB Jairus Byrd Oregon
LB LB Jason Williams Western Illinois
LB LB Jasper Brinkley South Carolina
DE DE Jarron Gilbert San Jose State
WR WR Mohamed Massaquoi Georgia
LB LB Marcus Freeman Ohio State
LB LB Larry English Northern Illinois
WR WR Brian Robiskie Ohio State
OL OL Sebastian Vollmer Houston
CB CB DeAngelo Smith Cincinnati
OL OL SirVincent Rogers Houston
WR WR Brandon Tate

North Carolina


Mock Talk 4

With the draft less than two weeks away, I decided to do another mock draft with the current Cowboy’s issue of Miles Austin possibly leaving for the Jets a main focus.

We will have to adjust some contracts to make room for the draft class, Demarcus Ware’s new contract and our new receiver, Tory Holt, who before this mock draft, signs a three year contract.

Here we go.

51. Ron Brace DT Boston College
52. (from Jets) Louis Delmas S Western Michigan
69. Fenuki Tupou OT Oregon
101. Jason Phillips ILB TCU
117. Brandon Long OLB Michigan State
156. Domonique Johnson CB Jackson State
166. trade picks 166, 210, 227 and Doug Free to Denver for their 2010 third round pick.
172. Deon Butler WR Penn State
197. Dallas Reynolds C/OG/OT BYU
208. Cullen Harper QB Clemson
210. to Denver
227. to Denver

Austin and Free will free up approx. 2 million in cap money.

Top 20 Players In The Draft

The following is a recent ranking of who the top available players in the NFL Draft are. It’s not intended to be a mock draft, it’s just based on the most talented players.

If by chance the Cowboys do end up losing Miles Austin, they may be able to package next years first round plus a second round and maybe a lower round pick to move into the first and get Jeremy Maclin.

Rk Player Pos. School
1 Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech
2 Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest
3 Brian Orakpo DE/LB Texas
4 Matthew Stafford QB Georgia
5 Jason Smith OT Baylor
6 Mark Sanchez QB USC
7 Eugene Monroe OT Virginia
8 Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State
9 Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri
10 Donald Brown RB Connecticut
11 Andre Smith OT Alabama
12 Percy Harvin WR Florida
13 B.J. Raji DT Boston College
14 Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia
15 Rey Maualuga LB USC
16 Brian Cushing LB USC
17 Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State
18 Chris “Beanie” Wells RB Ohio State
19 Everette Brown DE/LB Florida State
20 Peria Jerry DT Mississippi

The Miles Austin Sweepstakes

The Miles Austin Sweepstakes is on and it looks like, because of the “poison pill” contract, he very well might become a New York Jet should they decide he is worth giving up their second round draft pick. (52nd overall) 

With Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd (who is yet to sign his restricted offer) battling for the number two spot, that leaves only converted quarterback Isiah Stanback as our “starting” calibre wide receivers. At this point, we are thinking seriously about getting some help at the receiver position. 

In free agency, veterans Marvin Harrison and Tori Holt are the big names who should be able to step into a system and contribute right away. How durable they are is the question. 

In the draft, no matter who you get, unless he is a freak of nature, a receiver will need a year or two to become a regular contributer. Most players, they say, are a make or break in their third year.
Below is a link that has a list of players available sorted by stars:
5 star = 1st round hopeful
4 star= second round hopeful
and so on… 
2009 NFL Draft Rankings
We should find out by the 17th whether we have Miles or not. A whole lot of decisions need to be made should he sign with another team.

Historically, Cowboys Have Done Well In 2nd Round

I came across a great article in the Dallas Morning News by Tim MacMahon, who lists the top 25 players that the dallas Cowboys have drafted in the second round of the NFL Draft.

Here are the top ten, but make sure to check out the rest at DMN.

I’ll warn you that it gets pretty ugly toward the bottom, but hey… nobody’s perfect.

1. G/T Larry Allen (1994, 46th overall) – The most overpowering offensive lineman of his era is a no-brainer Hall of Famer.

2. S Darren Woodson (1992, 37th overall) – All-time leading tackler in franchise history has a strong case for the Hall of Fame.

3. FB Daryl Johnston (1989, 39th overall) – Moose, the best blocking fullback of his era, played major role on three Super Bowl title teams.

4. LT Flozell Adams (1998, 38th overall) – Might not have deserved all five Pro Bowl trips, but he’s started 162 games over the last 11 seasons.

5. C/G Andre Gurode (2002, 37th overall) – Gaining ground on Adams after three consecutive Pro Bowl appearances.

6. LB Dixon Edwards (1991, 37th overall) – Solid player who earned three Super Bowl rings.

7. LB Darrin Smith (1993, 54th overall) – Similar to Edwards, but he has one less ring.

8. LB Randall Godfrey (1996, 49th overall) – Like Edwards and Smith, gave Cowboys four solid seasons before leaving in free agency.

9. RB Julius Jones (2004, 43rd overall) – He’s no Steven Jackson, but he was a decent back in Dallas (3,484 rushing yards, 18 TDs in four seasons).

10. WR Kevin Williams (1993, 46th overall) – Dallas native was pretty good return man, serviceable receiver for four seasons with Cowboys.