My Birthday Wish

My special day is June 29th and what I want for my birthday is to watch my Dallas Cowboys!  Okay I know that wish can’t come true, but I can go to Arlington and take a tour of Cowboy Stadium. This is a inexpensive gift, fans can check out the new home of our Cowboys as low as $17.50 per person.  That includes access to the field, the Cowboys and Cheerleaders locker room, the Miller Lite Club and the post-game interview room.

I realize most of our readers have done this, but alot of us that have been fans for years can’t afford game tickets or maybe can’t make the time to attend the game, this would be a fantasy come true. Just close your eyes and believe that you and the special people in your life are standing on the very field that your heroes play every Sunday – the very field that Tony Romo takes charge of the offense!  Miles Austin is making a touchdown! Stand in the end zone, catch a pass from a friend. Can you imagine the thrill when your heart is overcome with emotion? Well open your eyes because it can come true!

I know times are tough for everyone now. Life is short, find a way to take the time to do this.  Make special memories with your family and friends.

There are restrictions so go to the Cowboy official website and click TOUR and check it out and make the time to make a dream come true.

That is all I want for my birthday. I can’t this year but I am going on a road trip and I will stand on the star that has been such a huge symbol in my life. I will make memories for my kids and grandkids. I can’t wait. I will continue this article as soon as I return from my dream trip.

What is your Cowboy fantasy?

I would love to hear all about your Cowboy Dream!

Fantasy Report: Week #10 Picks

Week #10 – Hot Starts For This Weekend


1)      D. Brees – NO

2)      B. Roethlisberger – PIT

3)      P. Manning – Ind.

4)      P. Rivers – SD

5)      K. Warner – ARZ


1)      R. Rice – BAL

2)      A. Peterson – MIN

3)      F. Gore – SF

4)      D. Williams – CAR

5)      M. Jones-Drew – JAC


1)      M. Colston – NO

2)      R. Moss – NE

3)      V. Jackson – SD

4)      L. Fitzgerald –ARZ

5)      R. Wayne – IND


1)      D. Clark – IND

2)      A. Gates – SD

3)      T. Gonzales – ATL

4)      J. Shockey – NO

5)      V. Davis – SF

OK Guys we start the Thursday Night games now so make sure you get your lineups in by Wednesday Night or Thursday morning just in case…


CHI vs SF: Chi is a pass 1st and then pass some more offense now. Not only that, but their defense has fallen to average as well. So I would start all players involved in this game, there will be plenty of Fantasy points to go around.

Sunday & Monday Games

ARZ vs SEA: Wow feel free to start all ARZ players you have it will be a great matchup for the Cardinals. Seattle will get beat but should score a couple TD’s this time around so start them if you don’t have anything better.

ATL vs CAR: This is a head scratcher now… .Atlanta was a passing team but now Turner has been going off. Hmmmm.. If I had anybody from ATL involved in this game I would probably start them. Carolina is another story. I think the running game will do OK but the passing game is done, they aren’t worth starting until they prove they are worth it again.

BAL vs CLE: R. Rice will go off a must start this weekend. CLE has put Brady Quinn back in at QB so avoid all Cleveland players until further notice.

BUF vs TEN: Man you would think that anybody with Buffalo players would be licking their chops, but wait a minute. Times have changed. Feel free to start all Titians especially C. Johnson who should have a nice game this week and don’t waste your time with the Bills.

CIN vs PIT: This is going to be a war, Pit is better than the last time they met but I still see some stats to be had here. I see it as only an average game for both teams so be careful who you start.

DALLAS vs GB: At the beginning of the year this looked like a tough game for the COWBOYS, but not so much anymore. Don’t get me wrong playing GB in GB is always tough, but this shouldn’t be “as bad”. Dallas is on a roll right now and is looking better than they have in a long time, where as the Packers have fallen apart lately. I would say after the Favre show in GB they just haven’t been the same. Dallas has the hottest receiver in the NFL right now in Austin and Smash, Dash & Tash are almost well and starting to roll again. I say start all Dallas players you got and only Rodgers from GB.

DEN vs WAS: Well even though is looks like a blow out here I would be careful and only start player I had to especially from Washington. With C. Portis out, look for Betts to have a deceit day.

DET vs MIN: For some reason Det has been able to shut down the Minnesota offense in the last 3 games. I really don’t see that happening again feel free to start all Viking layer you got and also K. Smith from Detroit.


IND vs NE: Game of the week should be a great game to watch and to have fantasy players in. I’m looking for a high scoring game from both sides. A must start on all players.

JAC vs NYJ: Look for a running game from both teams this weekend. I say avoid the Passing game if you can and feel free to start both teams’ running backs (Jones – Drew, T. Jones)

KC vs OAK: I just can’t get excited about anybody on these teams myself, so I’m leaving it up to you…

MIA vs TB: This is an above average game for the Dolphins and another rough game for the Bucs and I just don’t see them winning back to back games. So start you Miami players and only start them if you have to on the TB players.

NO vs STL: This game should have you licking your lips if you have any NO players. It’s a must start for all Saint players and go ahead and start Steven Jackson from STL if you got him he may even get his 2nd TD of the year this week.

NYG: BYE They better start praying to the football gods because if they don’t wake up fast their season will be over.

PHI vs SD: It’s a bad week to be an Eagle. After getting whipped by Dallas and their RB hurting now, they have to face a hot Charger team. With all the problems the Eagles have right now I see it as an above average game for the Chargers so Start’Em if you Got’Em. Hold off on your Eagles this week unless you’re hurting for options.

Alright Boys and girls remember to do your homework and study because there will be a Quiz on Thursday Night, and a final on Sunday Monday. Good luck all!

Da Gremlin’s

Fantasy Report: Week #7 Picks

Week #7: Hot starts for this weekend


1)      P. Manning – IND

2)      M. Schaub – HOU

3)      D. Brees – NO

4)      P. Rivers – SD

5)      T. Brady – NE


1)      D. Williams – CAR

2)      R. Grant – GB

3)      F. Gore – SF

4)      S. Jackson – STL



1)      R. Moss – NE

2)      A Johnson – HOU

3)      R. Wayne – IND

4)      R. White – ATL – Grrrrrrr don’t like it but we can’t stop any receiver right now let alone a good one.

5)      V. Jackson – SD


1)      D. Clark – IND

2)      A Gates – SD

3)      J. Witten – DALLAS COWBOYS

4)      T. Gonzales – ATL – Grrrr – same see WR’s for explanation

5)      O Daniels – HOU

O.K. guys, no team by team report this week as I’ll be leaving So. Cal in about an hour to fly to Dallas, Tx. for the Dallas Cowboys vs Atlanta Falcons football game. I should be back in time for next week’s full blow report again like normal. But since this is the game I’m going to I’ll give you my “Fantasy” opinion on it.

Cowboys vs Falcons: When I picked this game to take my lovely wife to, I wanted to pick a good game. One that I thought would be tough to win, but thought we could win. Man it looks like I might have bit off more than we (Cowboys) can chew. The Falcons are A LOT tougher than I had hope for, but I think we have a good chance at pulling out a hard fought win. With that said, here is the Fantasy outlook.


1)      Romo – Top 10 week

2)      Ryan – Just outside the top 10

Advantage Cowboys


1)      Barber – Top 5 / Jones – Top 25  /Choice – Top 30

2)      Turner – Top 20 at best

Advantage: Dallas, and this is the key to us winning this game. If Turner goes off, we are toast. The way we have been playing I see no reason we can’t hold Turner to under 75 yards this weekend.


1)      Witten – Top 3 TE / Austin – Top 30 / Williams – Top 40

2)      T. Gonzales – Top 5 TE / R. White – Top 5 / Jenkins – Top 60 at best

Advantage: ATL. With the holes we have in our secondary it’s going to be real tough containing those 2 top level receivers. If by chance we can keep them in front of us and contain them, we will have an easy win this week.


The Falcons are no longer a run first team like last season. Their offense is now a pass first offense. Now is that because Turner’s not as good as he used to be or because with the new pass first approach he is getting fewer opportunities to get that big run? Only time will tell. Atlanta’s defense is ranked in the bottom 10 in both passing and rushing, but don’t let that fool you. Their Red Zone defense has been outstanding and they seem to always come up with the big plays when they need them. So even though it sounds like we should light them up, I think it’s going to be hard to score. Well that’s it guys, time to go catch a plane ride to heaven. Will report back on the game with next week’s report.

Fantasy Report: Week #3 Picks

Fantasy Report:  Week #3

Week #3 – Hot Starts for this week


1)      D. Brees – NO  – Best of the Best
2)      P. Rivers – SD – Is on a roll
3)      P. Manning – IND
4)      T. Romo – DALLAS – will bounce back this weekend


1)      M. Jones-Drew  – JAC
2)      A. Peterson – MIN
3)      D. Sproles – SD – Breakout game
4)      F. Jackson – BUF


1)      Moss – NE – Due to break out
2)      A. Johnson – HOU
3)      L. Fitzgereld – ARZ
4)      M. Colston – NO


1)      D. Clark – IND
2)      T. Gonzales – ATL
3)      J. Witten – DALLAS
4)      A. Gates – SD
5)      J. Shockey – NO

Attention all Fantasy Addicts: Sorry but running real late this week so I’m going to have to make it short and sweet..

ARZ vs IND: Great Fantasy Game Start all major players in this game

ATL vs N.E..: New England Defense is a mess so feel free to start your Atl. Players.

BAL vs CLE: Cleveland is awful. Start all Balt. Players avoid all Cleveland players if possible

BUF vs N.O..: Buffalo will do fine offensively and you know that NO will go off again so start all players.

CAR vs DAL: Unfortunately the COWBOYS have some serious holes in our defense right now. So feel free to start your Carolina players. “They won’t win” but they will score. S. Smith & Muhammad will have an above average day and the running game should be the same for Carolina. DALLAS – Barber should play but there will be a bigger dose of F. Jones this week. Romo coming of the worst game of his carrier will bounce back with a nice game this week as I’m sure that the panthers will try to make Romo beat them by trying to stop the run. Yea right stop the run? Sure they will..

CHI vs SEA: Forte will have a nice game so make sure you start him. Avoid Seattle’s passing game since Hasselbeck is hurt. Only start J. Jones this week

CIN vs PITT: Believe it or not it should be a nice “Air Show” this weekend unless the Pit D  shows up

DEN vs OAK:  Avoid all players if you can. Should be a low scoring affair, both Defenses have improved

DET vs WSH: This could be the Lions 1st win in 2 years. Washington looks horrible on both sides of the ball.

G.B. vs STL: Both teams should have a good offensive day this week start all players.

HOU vs JAC: Good game for Houston’s Players this weekend and only start M. Jones-Drew on  the jag’s

K.C. vs PHIL: Tough game with all the eagles injury’s. Becarefull who you start make sure they are playing.

MIA vs SD.: This should be a run orientated game from both sides. Then SD will win it with their passing game, good stats for both this week.

MIN vs S.F..: Hmmm AP was shut down by them last time so Favre will have to have a good game to win, 49ers are on fire right now and a must start

NYG vs T.B..: Start your NYG players this week since the T.B. defense has been real soft so far I’d hold off on starting anybody on TB unless you have to.

NYJ vs TEN: “Let’s get ready to rummmmble” This should be the game of the week. Start all players as it should be a very exciting game of 2 very tough teams so far this season.

Fantasy Questions

Hello everyone! I just wanted to take the time to write a short post this weekend and wish everyone a great weekend. First off, I would like to announce my intentions of having a supplement article every week that would answer questions about Fantasy Football. My goal with this, is to answer questions about rules, beginner questions, and anything else that you guys might come up with. I really would like to see folks have the most fun that they can have and even coax some of the newbies into the water. Id love for you guys to jump in and make the Lone Star Struck Fantasy League conducive to not only beginners, but to EVERYONE.

If you guys have a question, please email me at with a heading stating Fantasy Question. I will do my best to answer all questions and will also direct you to reference material if available. I’d especially love to answer questions about Dallas Cowboys players! Id really love for EVERYONE to get in on this. We could have a lot of fun with this. So anyhow, I hope the rest of your weekend is awesome and i wish you guys all the best. Take care!

Fantasy Football Running Back List

Hey everyone, I hope everyone has had a good week since my last post. A lot has gone on in the Dallas Cowboys organization this week. With T.O. running his vapid mouth again, to the Greg Ellis situation, we sure have had a lot to talk about. I recently watched a feature on which was  a round table discussion with Deion Sanders, Warren Sapp, and Marshall Faulk. They seem to think that Dallas is going to have a hard time winning 8 games this year. Lets hope that they are wrong. I personally, don’t care about ANYTHING Warren Sapp has to say about anything. Heres hoping that the Cowboys are the sleeper story of the next NFL season. I really need something to shut up the haters that live in my part of the world. The Baltimore/Washington DC area….Enemy Territory.

Anyhow, getting down to business at hand, I promised to start with the Fantasy ranking of each position. As preseason comes around, some of these rankings may change, due to injuries and other factors. I am going to start with the rankings for Running backs. I will be doing a top 12 list for all positions, due to the fact that most Fantasy leagues that I have played in have about that many teams competing. The numbers I put up in this article are based on LAST Season.

  1. Michael Turner (ATL) – I may get flak for putting him at the #1 spot for this season, but I think that his numbers might be better than Adrian Peterson’s. This guy was a beast in every aspect of Fantasy football last year. Turner ran for 1,699 yards and scored a hefty 17 touchdowns for the season. He rarely fumbles, only losing the ball 3 times. He gets lots of touches in the Falcons offensive scheme and makes the most of them, averaging 106 yards per game.

  2. Adrian Peterson (MIN) – This guy is a beast in every aspect of Fantasy football. He had 20 rushes over 20 yards last season, and also pulled together 1,760 yards rushing for the season. This guy is a workhorse if there ever was one. The only downside to having him as your main running is that of all the premier Running backs in the league, he only scored 10 touchdowns all season and also coughed up the ball 9 times.

  3. Clinton Portis (WAS) – Even though he plays for the hated Redskins, Portis is a solid 1st round pick. He gets a lot of touches and averages about 4.5 yards per carry. He rushed for 1,487 yards last season. Portis can sometimes be streaky though. Last season, he exploded in the beginning of the season and kind of dropped off when the Redskins imploded last year. He also only scored 9 touchdowns. Bottom line, Portis will give you good numbers.

  4. LaDainian Tomlinson (SD) – In past years L.T. was almost a sure bet for being the #1 overall Fantasy draft pick. However it is widely speculated that his performance is dropping off. I don’t know if I agree with this consensus, but it does seem to be a fact. Tomlinson ran for 1,100 yards last season and put up 11 TD’s. He didn’t have the carries that he usually did, due to injury, and if he stays healthy this year, he is definitely someone you want to pick up in the 1st round.

  5. DeAngelo Williams (CAR) – He had a great season last year averaging 5.5 yards a carry and putting up 1,515 yards for the season. He was limited to only 273 carries but managed to score 18 times. His Fantasy numbers were great last year, the only question is, Will he be able to repeat the same success as last season?

  6. Brandon Jacobs (NYG) – Jacobs is a bulldozer of a running back, he ended up in opponents end zones 15 times last season, and averaged 5 yards a carry. While he doesn’t get the carries some of the other premier backs do, he definitely makes the most of them. If he is still on the board in the 1st round by the time your pick comes along, he might not be a bad choice.

  7. Steven Jackson (STL) – Although Jackson has had some injury issues in the past, he still gets the ball quite a bit with St. Louis’s receiving a liability. He got 253 carries last season and scored 7 times. Averaging 4.1 yards a carry isn’t anything to scoff at, but he also lacks that great offensive line. That being said, I expect Jackson to have a better season this year than last year.

  8. Thomas Jones (NYJ) – Jones got off to a very slow start last year, however got his game going good at the end of the season. He rushed for 1,312 yards and put up 13 touchdowns. However it remains to be seen if he gets his contract woes fixed. With a new head coach and a new QB in Sanchez, I expect the Jets to rely heavily on their running game, very similar to the pre-Flacco Ravens.

  9. Matt Forte (CHI) – Forte had some impressive numbers last season rushing for 1,238 yards and putting up 8 touchdowns. I might have even put him higher on the list. Hard to tell what his production will be next year. I do expect him to get more touches and have, at least, a slightly better season than last year.

  10. Chris Johnson (TEN) – One of the only reasons why I put Mr, Johnson towards the bottom of this list is because of how heavily he has to share the ball with Lendale White. Lendale seemed to get most of the goal line carries and took a lot away from the value of Johnson. Even with that being the case, He still put up good stats. 1,228 yards rushing, and 9 TD’s. Had he have gotten those goal line touches, he may even be in the top 5 RB’s in the league.

  11. Brien Westbrook (PHI) – Westbrook’s numbers have declined in the past few years, however what he lacks in touches, he makes up for in receiving. He put up a total of 14 TD’s last year and rushed for just under 1,000 yards. He might not rush more yards than some running backs but he is a dual threat and that makes him worth picking up.

  12. Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX) – Jones-Drew is an up and comer and possibly should be higher on this list. He should get more carries this year than he did last year. Even with that being said he still put up 12 touchdowns with only 197 carries. If he gets another 50-80 carries he will put up huge numbers.

Okay so there you have it. Remember these lists aren’t gospel. If you know someone with a crystal ball that can read the future, you might want to check in with them. I hope that this article, at the very least, gives you something to think about for your pick for your running back. What do you guys think? Who are you hoping to pick up? Any sleepers out there that you might be able to pick up on the sly? Let me know. As always, I wish you guys the best and have a great weekend.

Top 10 Players In Fantasy Football

I dont know about everyone else but I do play fantasy football during the season, and with it as popular as it is I figured I’d break down’s top 10 players and my top 10players.

          NFL Ranking 

  1. Adrian Peterson-RB- Minnesota Vikings
  2. Matt Forte-RB- Chicago Bears
  3. Michael Turner-RB- Atlanta Falcons
  4. Maurice Jones-Drew-RB- Jacksonville Jaguars
  5. DeAngelo Williams- RB- Carolina Panthers
  6. Chris Johnson- RB- Tennessee Titans
  7. Drew Brees- QB- New Orleans Saints
  8. Steven Jackson- RB- St.Louis Rams
  9. Brian Westbrook- RB- Philadelphia Eagles
  10. Frank Gore- RB- San Francisco 49ers

           My Ranking

  1. Larry Fitzgerald- WR- Arizona Cardinals
  2. Adrian Peterson- RB- Minnesota Vikings
  3. Chris Johnson- RB- Tennessee Titans
  4. Drew Brees- QB- New Orleans Saints
  5. Marion Barber- RB- Dallas Cowboys
  6. Calvin Johnson- WR- Detroit Lions
  7. DeAngelo Williams- RB- Carolina Panthers
  8. Peyton Manning- QB- Indianapolis Colts
  9. Steve Slaton- RB- Houston Texans
  10. Andre Johnson- WR- Houston Texans