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Poll Results: '08 Draft Class

Poll Results: Which player from the Draft Class of ’08 will make the biggest impact this season?   Wow! What a close poll. Basically Mike Jenkins (36%) and Felix Jones (37%) were elected to make the biggest impact

Felix Jones Is Primed For An Explosive Season

I read an interesting piece by ESPN.com’s Matt Mosely who projects his breakout players of the year for the upcoming season. His choice for breakout player in the NFC East is Cowboys running back, Felix Jones. He

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I was going to write this post about how formidable our rushing attack will be with our 3 headed monster in Jones, Barber, and Choice and it hit me. The classic hand game ROCK PAPER SCISSORS fits them perfectly.

Felix Jones Wild About New Formation

Several sources have reported that the Dallas Cowboys unveiled a new “Wildcat” offense during organized team activities Thursday at Standridge Stadium. The one difference is that they changed up the name a bit and referred to it as

First Full Squad OTAs of 2009 Begin Monday

The Cowboys will begin the first of their OTAs on Monday. Instead of meeting in Valley Ranch, the team will practice at Standridge Stadium in Carollton, Texas. The Valley Ranch practice facility is still under investigation and

Q and A with Felix Jones

This past weekend Felix Jones came home to celebrate his 22nd birthday with about 300 family and friends in downtown Tulsa and to kickoff his first ‘Felix Jones Football and Life Skills Camp’. Thanks to Bill Haisten

The Real Reasons We Failed In '08

Last season was going great, we had our 2 headed rushing attack, Felix Jones was turning out to be a huge asset, T.O. was behaving, everything was good in Dallas… and then we had to go to

No More Excuses

With the 2009 NFL Draft just around the corner, Cowboys fans across the nation have more questions than answers. The uncertainty of 2009 has many of us anxious to get this thing started. Predictions of 8-8 by

Jason Garrett Needs To Be The Cowboys MVP

Here we are, three weeks before the draft and unless we make a blockbuster trade to move up or sign Holt or Harrison our offense right now is probably the offense that will start the 2009 season. Now that

Marion Barber's Future In Dallas

Ok at the end of 2007 I was a full out supporter for Marion being the starter, but at the end of 2008 I would just like him to be featured in the 2nd half again and

Finding That Blue And Silver Lining

There are times, in life, when things aren’t going exactly as you would hope. In those times it is difficult to remain positive. Focusing on the negative just seems so much more natural. I know it sure

If there was ever a time to rally the troops…

Hard to see this one coming. Think back to Sunday night September 21. Dallas was rolling over Green Bay in Lambeau. Tell me you didnt at least have the thought of an undeafeated season in your head. Best team in NFC AND