Poll Results: ’08 Draft Class

Poll Results: Which player from the Draft Class of ’08 will make the biggest impact this season?


Wow! What a close poll. Basically Mike Jenkins (36%) and Felix Jones (37%) were elected to make the biggest impact this upcoming season out of the players from the Draft Class of 2008. Tashard Choice came in third with 14% of the votes, which is interesting since he’s our third string running back. Martellus Bennett took 8%, while Orlando Scandrick had 6%.

Looks like LSS readers believed Mike Jenkins when he said he was the starting cornerback last week. Jenkins and Scandrick will go into training camp competing for that starting role, but many, including Jenkins, believe its already in the bag.

Jenkins was drafted in the first round as the Cowboys second pick back in 2008. While Scandrick went in Round 5. We all know draft position doesn’t mean more than the production numbers. If you look back at 2008, Jenkins had 19 tackles and one interception in 14 games last season. Scandrick had 36 tackles and 1 sack in 16 games. It should be an interesting battle to say the least during camp and preseason.

What else can I say about my man Felix Jones! Everyone knows he’s going to shine this year. He was totally ripped off last season, and only injury destroyed his chance of clinching rookie of the year. The Cowboys are excited about a healthy Felix Jones as well. We’ve heard everything from Wildcat formation to going back to the split carries reminiscent of the Julius Jones/Marion Barber tandem in ’07. Expect Felix to do amazing things in 2009!

In my opinion the Cowboys running game will be one of the most exciting things about the 2009-10 football season. The thought of adding Tashard Choice in the Barber/Jones mix makes me giddy. We had the pleasure of seeing what Choice has to offer while Marion and Felix were out last season, and he wowed us all the way to the goal line.

No one can deny the power and talent of Martellus Bennett. Some predict many two tight end sets with Bennett lining up with veteran Jason Witten.

The 2008 Draft had to be one of the most successful drafts in Cowboys history. These guys are going to be stars for years to come. The truth is all five of the players featured in this poll will impact our team this upcoming season. 


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Felix Jones Is Primed For An Explosive Season


I read an interesting piece by’s Matt Mosely who projects his breakout players of the year for the upcoming season. His choice for breakout player in the NFC East is Cowboys running back, Felix Jones.

He writes,

The Cowboys are toying around with the idea of starting Jones and letting Barber return to the closing role that he filled when Julius Jones was still on the roster. The thought is that Jones and Tashard Choice could hurt defenses with their speed and quickness, allowing Barber to come in and punish defenders with his battering style.

Jones is an instinctive back who could easily reach 800 yards rushing with somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 15 carries a game. And I also think he can help make up for the loss of Terrell Owens by contributing to the passing game. With LeSean McCoy (Philly) and Andre Brown (New York) entering the division, you have some talented young backs. But Jones has a chance to make a major breakthrough now that he’s completely healthy.

The Cowboys have made it no secret that they plan on opening up more opportunities for their young and versatile running back. Only a few weeks ago they even surprised beat writers and fans alike when they ran some plays using the Razorback formation. Felix Jones can be an explosive weapon, especially when he let loose in an open field where his speed makes him both dangerous and elusive. Wade Phillips and company are trying to figure out how to exploit that explosiveness, and just the mere thought of it makes my mouth water.

When Jones was first drafted, the plan was to get him in as many formations as possible with Marion Barber, however that never really happened and rarely were both backs on the field at the same time. Don’t count on that happening again this season.

Before the toe injury ended his season last year, we got a glimpse of just how talented Jones was whenever he had the ball in his hands.  Jones made the most of his limited playing time in ’08, and as Matt points out, he averaged 8.9 yards on 30 carries and returned a kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown. He also had three touchdown runs of 20 yards or more, including a 60-yarder at Lambeau Field. Wow!

Be prepared to see plenty of Felix Jones this season and not only on running plays either. Jones didn’t get a chance to show off his amazing receiving skills last year, but he’ll be used a lot more in passing situations and he could have opposing defenses pulling their hair and talking to themselves this season.

Watching Felix Jones emerge as one of the NFL’s most exciting players will be one of my favorite parts of what is bound to be a fantastic season for the Cowboys.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I was going to write this post about how formidable our rushing attack will be with our 3 headed monster in Jones, Barber, and Choice and it hit me. The classic hand game ROCK PAPER SCISSORS fits them perfectly.

Barber #24of course will be the rock. He is know for seeking out contact and punishing defenders. In Chicago while playing the Bears 2 seasons ago Barber absolutely destroyed Adam Archuleta, safety for the Bears. Who can forget him just slapping Asante Samuel in the head with a stiff arm going out of bounds against the Patriots… or the greatest 2-yard run ever when he ran through the entire Patriots team. Barber is a beast and in my mind has another nickname besides the “Barbarian”…….“The Rock”.

Felix Jones #28 will be the Paper, just gliding through the defense effortlessly, making them all look as if he is standing still. Jones got hurt about midway through last season but was showing his explosiveness and his desire to win along with his love of the star. Jones is so fast, last year in Dallas against Washington he got a toss play to the right and just ran up the entire sideline by the whole Redskins team on his way to a touchdown. Felix may not have all the highlights as Barber (YET) but trust me he will. Felix Jones is “Paper”.

Tashard Choice #23 was sort of accidentally discovered last season because of a foot injury to Barber and a hamstring injury to Jones. Choice ran excellent against the league’s best defenses Pittsburgh, Baltimore and the NY Giants. He had 88 yards in Pittsburgh as a starter, 90 yards starting against Baltimore, and coming off the bench against NY he earned 91 yards on only 9 attempts. Cutting defenses was Choice’s choice last year. He was a basically unknown and playing with a chip on his shoulder and with a passion and love of the game. Choice played in only 10 games, started only 3, and had 92 carries for a 5.1 rushing average, 472 yards and 2 touchdowns, now if that is not cutting your opposition to threads, what is?? Choice will be known as “Scissors”.

Now this is just something I am throwing out there. Let me know what you guys think of the nicknames.


Felix Jones Wild About New Formation


Several sources have reported that the Dallas Cowboys unveiled a new “Wildcat” offense during organized team activities Thursday at Standridge Stadium.

The one difference is that they changed up the name a bit and referred to it as the “Razorback” in honor of running back Felix Jones, who helped make the formation famous as running back for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

“Man, it was great,” Jones said. “It brought back old memories. It’s just the first day. I believe we can get a lot better at it. You’ll see a lot more of it, I’m hoping, when the time comes.”

While it will be fun to watch as a change of pace every now and then, don’t expect it to be incorporated as major part of the offense, not as long as Tony Romo is under center.

“We’re looking at it a little bit,” Phillips said. We’ll see if it goes any further than that. It depends on what we can do, certainly.”

The one thing this signals is that the Cowboys have every intention of making Felix Jones a bigger part of the offense. And that my Cowboys friends, is perfectly fine by me.

I think Felix Jones is going to emerge as one of the most exciting players in the game this season.

First Full Squad OTAs of 2009 Begin Monday

The Cowboys will begin the first of their OTAs on Monday. Instead of meeting in Valley Ranch, the team will practice at Standridge Stadium in Carollton, Texas.

The Valley Ranch practice facility is still under investigation and going through the clean up process following the roof collapse earlier this month.

An article at has listed 5 things to look for during these OTAs and I have added my thoughts:

1. Tony Romo in full control –This will be Tony’s year to shine. As we’ve heard way too much this offseason, Tony will be able to make plays without the pressure to get the ball Terrell Owens. Tony has been extremely quiet and out of the light (except when playing golf) and maybe that’s best for the team. But we need him to speak loudly on the field and lead this team strongly throughout the season.

2. Find an identity on offense – As I just stated Romo is the leader of this team. He needs to take control, learn his offense, and become extremely familiar with his receivers. Show everyone exactly what “Romo-friendly” means.

3. The return of Felix Jones – This is pretty self-explanatory. Our top draft pick of ’08 emerged and impressed everyone immediately. He even earned three “Player of the Week” nods from the NFL in the first 5 weeks of the season. Unfortunately Felix fell in week 6, when he tore his hamstring and was later labeled out for the season. This year we will see if Felix Jones can come back from the injury and continue where he left off. 

4. Competition at cornerback –This is a biggie. Looking at the depth chart, other than Terence Newman, we’ve got some young guys fighting for a starting role. Second year players, Orlando Scandrick and Mike Jenkins, proved that they are both capable of being quality starters. Rookies Mike Mickens and DeAngelo Smith played together at the University of Cincinnati and all eyes will be upon to see where they will fit in.

5. Anthony Spencer replacing Greg Ellis – Spencer will certainly have some big shoes to fill. But based on what he’s done in a part time role, I believe he’s up for the challenge.

Hopefully these practices and activities will bring these players together in a positive light. The loss of Terrell Owens and Roy Lee Williams, followed by the roof collapse tragedy brought negativity and gloom this offseason.

I believe these ‘Boys will grow and bond over the next few months leading up to Training Camp.

Q and A with Felix Jones

Felix Jones at his high school field. Being hands on with the young athletes attending his inaugural Felix Jones Football Camp and Life Skills camp in Tulsa. Photo by the Tulsa World.

Felix Jones at his high school field. Being hands on with the young athletes attending his inaugural Felix Jones Football Camp and Life Skills camp in Tulsa. Photo by the Tulsa World.

This past weekend Felix Jones came home to celebrate his 22nd birthday with about 300 family and friends in downtown Tulsa and to kickoff his first ‘Felix Jones Football and Life Skills Camp’. Thanks to Bill Haisten sports writer for the Tulsa World we have direct quotes from Felix and a question and answer interview held at his former High School in Tulsa where he held his camp last Saturday.

Felix’s camp was a total success with 75 young athletes in all positions on his high school football field. According to Bill of the World Felix was a hands on coach to these kids, going from different position stations making to give his expertise to each child. I am sure with the dedication he has shown this weekend his camp will strive in Tulsa and Dallas. He will be a Hero to a lot of young players now and in the future. As a parent that is fine with me. Any young man that has just entered the world of the NFL and still care enough to want to take care of the kids in both of his home towns can be my child’s hero anytime.

After starting off his rookie season with the Cowboys, all fans know how great he started out. Felix’s stats were 8.9 yards per rush and a average of 27.1 yards per kickoff returns before his hamstring and toe injury put in on the sideline for the rest of the season.

Here area few of the questions that was asked of Felix during his time at his old high school.

Q: How difficult was it to watch the final 10 games from the sideline?

A: Very tough. We had been doing so good and winning a lot of ball games, and I was able to contribute early in the season. I was upset after I got hurt.

Q: If you hadn’t been injured, you might have been the NFL’s Rookie of the Year.

A: Yeah, but in this sport, injuries happen. It’s part of the game. It’s frustrating, but you just have to deal with it.

Q: Your favorite memory at this stadium during your high school years?

A: My Sophomore year, in my first Varsity game. I returned the second-half kickoff for a touchdown. We were playing against McLain ( a rival in Tulsa) and I took it to the house.

Q: Are you determined to score the first touchdown in the Dallas Cowboy’s new stadium?

A: That would be very nice. A big highlight for me. I’m always determined to get into the end zone, but to get that first one in the stadium, Yeah, that would be great. I’ll give it a try.

Q: Troy Aikman says Terrell Owens’ departure is a positive for Dallas. What does Felix Jones say about it?

A: I love Terrell. He was my teammate. But I think my football camp is a better subject to talk about.

Q: Were you at Valley Ranch when a storm flattened their practice faculty?

A: I wasn’t there. It was such a sad situation. You can’t control Mother Nature. I am just glad everyone got out of there alive.

Q: You have been around Tony Romo for a full year. Can he take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl?

A: Romo definitely a Super Bowl quarterback. He’s showing his leadership. I am happy to be his teammate.

Well that is it for the Q & A thanks to the Tulsa World. I am planning on being at next year’s camp for I can take exclusive pictures for LSS.

I think all Cowboy fans will agree that Felix Jones will be a weapon for the Cowboys this season. He is a superstar in the making and I am proud to call the former Razorback a Cowboy.

Felix is back home in Dallas now working hard to be ready for his second season with the Cowboys. Look for his camp in the Dallas area schools and be sure and support it. It is a cause that he feels deeply about and will help so many young people. So Cowboy fans lets not only support him on the field, which I know all fans will, accept him in your community also because he is definitely a asset.

Felix Jones at his old high school football field having his inaugural Felix Jones football camp and life skills camp for the young athletes in the Tulsa area. Photo taken by Tulsa World. Check out the T- Shirt! I want one. Maybe next year.

The Real Reasons We Failed In ’08

Last season was going great, we had our 2 headed rushing attack, Felix Jones was turning out to be a huge asset, T.O. was behaving, everything was good in Dallas… and then we had to go to Arizona. 

Matt McBriar our punter who was always putting our defense in great field position with his great punting, went down in Arizona with a broken foot. Most people do not know the effect a great punter can have on a football game. Instead of the ball being put down inside the 10 or 15 yard line teams were now getting the ball on the 30 and 35 yard line thats a 20 yard difference. 

Felix Jones, our future star running back, went down with a hamstring injury. Now we all love Marion Barber and believe he is one of the best in the entire league, but without a back to take some of the load off, his contributions drop considerably. Jones added a speed factor that just was not there with any other back we had on the roster.

Tony Romo also went down in the Arizona game. A broken pinky finger on his throwing hand and it is safe to say seeing how Brad Johnson and Brooks Bollinger performed, we were not prepared in the least bit. Romo is more than a QB he is a playmaker. Yes he makes mistakes, but he wins games. Brad and Brooks put our offense in handcuffs and held our team hostage for 4 weeks.

No More Excuses

With the 2009 NFL Draft just around the corner, Cowboys fans across the nation have more questions than answers. The uncertainty of 2009 has many of us anxious to get this thing started. Predictions of 8-8 by so-called experts have many of us feeling frustrated and insulted.

Opinions of how to reach the pinnacle of the NFL vary as much as the hundreds of mock drafts being put together by football minds all over the country.

I see debates on various sites about who’s to blame and what the answers are. T.O. should not have been released. Owens should have been released. Felix Jones should be the starter. Tashard Choice should be the starter. Marion Barber should be the starter. Romo’s not the answer. Romo is without a doubt the answer. Wade should be fired. Jerry should fire himself.

With the possibility of a Miles Austin exodus looming over our heads, I’m one very nervous Cowboys fan without any real answers.

Keep in mind these are just the surface issues. I could probably write a 5,000 word essay just dealing with the questions Cowboys fans have. With no real answers.

I’m compelled to believe we can all agree on one thing. The time for excuses is over.

No more riding on our laurels. No more talk about 13-3 or 13 Pro Bowlers. No more “But this team did this and that team did that”. Time to lay to rest 2007 and 2008. The only true way to move forward is to( as cliche as it may sound) put the past behind us and don’t look back. No more talk about 44-6.

The pressure on this team to succeed – from top to bottom – is more intense than at any time that I can remember. This season will answer many questions. It is a make-or-break year for this organization. The time is now for Mr. Jones, Mr Phillips, Mr. Garrett, and Mr. Romo.

The time is now. No more excuses.

Jason Garrett Needs To Be The Cowboys MVP

Here we are, three weeks before the draft and unless we make a blockbuster trade to move up or sign Holt or Harrison our offense right now is probably the offense that will start the 2009 season.

Now that we cut loose our most explosive offensive weapon (which I still believe is a huge mistake) we need to focus on what we need to get that sixth title.

Jason Garrett in my opinion needs to be the MVP of this team in order for the Cowboys to compete. MVP meaning… the most valuable play-caller.

He wowed us in 2007 when the offense racked up huge numbers, but once teams caught on and took away THE PLAYER, the offense was average at best. Garrett’s play calling was way too predictable  last year, I mean think back at all the times we had an incomplete pass on first down, then a one-yard run on second, and then a five-yard completion on third, and finally a punt. That scenario played out so many times last season… too many to remember.

Even with THE PLAYER gone, this offense is loaded with talent ranging from the three headed monster in the backfield, to Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin downfield, to Mr. Reliable himself, Jason Witten who I believe will suffer most due to The Player’s departure. I just see him drawing that extra man from the defense which could and should open up Martellus Bennett to have a decent season.

If Garret can use the talent he has and accounts for the defensive adjustments during the game, there is no reason we shouldn’t be able to put up 30 passes per game in 2009.

Here is my gameplan…

First, he needs to find a way to get Tashard Choice, Felix Jones, and Marion Barber into the game as much as possible whether its throwing Felix out in the slot or even loading up  the backfield with all three… he needs to get creative with these three.

Second, lots of screen passes is a must. Get the ball in these guys hands and make the defense stop them.

Third, once you establish to the opposing defense that they need to come up and stop our three backs, this will free up Witten and Bennett in the middle of the field for some nice chunks of yardage.

Fourth, they need to throw downfield more. If the Cowboys accomplish the first three items on this list, it should leave our receivers in one on one coverage. With Williams’ height and ability, coupled with the speedy Austin Miles, it could be a potent combination.

Finally and most important, the offensive line needs to have that killer instinct. Whether its run blocking or protecting Tony, they need to step up and show that they are not only the biggest but also the baddest group in the league. Mark Colombo, Leonard Davis, Andre Gurode, Kyle Kosier and Flozell Adams are all locked into long deals and for decent chunks of Jerry Jones’ money. They need to play with that swagger we often hear so much about.

So there it is my plan for Garrett to become the Cowboys MVP in 2009.

If I am right and Garrett can use that Princeton education of his to establish a smarter, creative and more efficient playbook, then hopefully we’ll be celebrating our sixth ring in Miami in February of 2010.

Edited by Joe D.

Marion Barber’s Future In Dallas

Ok at the end of 2007 I was a full out supporter for Marion being the starter, but at the end of 2008 I would just like him to be featured in the 2nd half again and on our 2nd and 3rd and shorts again.

Dont get me wrong I love Marion to death, it’s just that it takes him the whole first half to warm up and get to running like the beast he is. Which brings me to the question that has been plauging me since I had the oppurtunity to watch Felix Jones and Tashard Choice run. That question is “Will Marion Barber return to Dallas after 2009?”.

My personal opinion is that if Felix “The Cat” stays healthy this season and runs like he did at the start of 2008 and Tashard “The Peoples Choice” embraces his oppurtunities like I know he can then I dont think Marion will be in Dallas in 2010 because we can’t keep 3 good rb’s all 3 of them would be highly wanted in the league.

So for 2010 I believe our rb lineup will Felix Jones starting and Tashard Choice backing him up and Alonzo Coleman or some similar half-way decent rb at 3rd string.

This is probably my biggest thought I want to hear your opinions about so please comment and let me know how you feel on this situation.

Finding That Blue And Silver Lining

There are times, in life, when things aren’t going exactly as you would hope. In those times it is difficult to remain positive. Focusing on the negative just seems so much more natural. I know it sure is true in my case. I can’t speak for you of course. We all handle things in our own way. Some manage to look on the bright side no matter what. I, for one, could learn a lot from these people.

The one thing that 99.9% of visitors to this site have in common is obvious. Our love for the Dallas Cowboys.

Being the cynic that I am I tend to look at negative things in life and take for granted all the good things going on. Looking back on the 2008 season I’ve focused on lack of discipline, lack of leadership and a general sense of discord with the Cowboys organization as a whole. But there were some amazing moments this year. New faces emerged and old reliables continued to amaze us.

Felix Jones

How many of us saw this guy coming? His incredible burst and open-field speed left friend and foe alike wide-eyed with mouths hanging open in amazement. Not to mention you would be hard pressed to ever see him without a smile on his face. This young man has a very bright future ahead of him and I know we all look forward to watching him grow into the elite running back he obviously has the potential to be. I have no doubt that had he not gotten injured and subsequently put on injured reserve he would be the 2008 NFL Rookie of the Year.

DeMarcus Ware

Just when you think this guy couldn’t get any better what does he do? He gets better. His athleticism and sheer determination are something to behold. This man is a game changer. A difference maker. One of the greatest linebackers I’ve ever seen play the position and I’ve seen plenty. My personal choice for Defensive Player of the Year. I have no doubt he will be a Hall of Famer. First ballot. Bank on it. And he’s a Dallas Cowboy baby!

Jason Witten

Can you have a more solid teammate than Jason Witten? The greatest tight end in the game today, bar none. He’s always willing to give a little extra. Even with injuries that would have sidelined most players, Witten never relented, always stayed focused on the task at hand and never let anyone down. A warrior.

Tashard Choice

If you haven’t seen it yet check out the Georgia Tech locker room speech video of Choice posted on youtube. This video alone makes you well up with pride that he wears the blue and silver. His running style and ability to find the hole and to get extra yards where most players wouldn’t reminds me so much of Emmitt Smith. This guy is a legend in the making.

Bradie James

James is emerging as a true leader on the defensive unit. This diamond in the rough is only going to get better. I mean.. 116 tackles and 8 sacks at inside linebacker. Are you freaking kidding me? Should be a Pro Bowler. I have the upmost respect for Bradie James. He’s a great interview and has no problem telling it like it is.

These are just a few of what was arguably the largest collection of talent on any team in the NFL. Yeah, as a whole this team underachieved. But they will be alright. They will right the ship. Nothing comes easy in the NFL. Chalk 2008 up as a learning experience. What’s done is done. Time to move on.

On this day on January 28, 1996 the Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX. Number 5. They were not and are not done. Not by a long shot.

The destiny of the Dallas Cowboys is the same as it has always been. Greatness. Some things never change, my friend. I’ll never stop believing in this team. Many, many great men have donned the blue and silver. More have arrived and more will follow. No team does greatness-knows greatness-like the Dallas Cowboys. Glorious battles and future gold are just over the horizon. All we have to do now is wait for the clouds to break and follow the stars.

If there was ever a time to rally the troops…

Hard to see this one coming. Think back to Sunday night September 21. Dallas was rolling over Green Bay in Lambeau. Tell me you didnt at least have the thought of an undeafeated season in your head. Best team in NFC AND NFL. Make your reservations for Tampa.  Hard to believe that was only six short weeks ago. 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  

Now 5-4 and in last place in the NFC East and, as hard as it is to believe, the playoffs are far from a sure thing.  Sure the starting QB missed some games. Terrence Newman & Felix Jones being out hurt too.  But all of the Cowboys woes can’t be placed on injured players being out.  There were plenty of signs in the Arizona game that this team was flawed. All this talent and 5 wins in 9 games ?  Where do we go from here?

After all the injuries, poor play and coaching, the PacMan Jones saga and a rough start in the division the season can still be saved!!  One win in Washington can save the season.  Next Tuesday the practice field should look more like the 2008 Cowboys were supposed to:  Romo, Newman, Kosier, F. Jones, A. Spencer and Roy Williams.  Two weeks to rally the troops.  Two weeks to save the season!

From Where I’m Sitting:

-Brad Johnson.  Seems like a nice guy.  Too bad his last NFL pass had to be an interception.

-Finally hit me after 8 weeks yesterday how big a loss the Kyle Kosier is.  Without trying I saw Cory Procter get beat 4 times yesterday

-I really hope that we didn’t waste a first round pick on Roy Williams for 3 catches. I understand that it is unfair to judge him on 3 games with Brad Johnson but lets hope he can make more plays with Romo

-What was Mike Jenkins thinking on the last Giants TD run? 

-I know I’m reaching but did anyone else want to see an onside kick at 28-14?

-I say it every week that I love MB3…but we sure do miss Felix Jones

-Not sure that Witten had a catch yesterday…but man it should say something that he even gave it a go yesterday with a bye coming up..