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UPDATED: Tender Me This

With the deadline coming up in eight days, the Cowboys still have several players yet to sign their tenders. Several are unhappy and the rest have been very quiet. Gerald Sensabaugh for example decided not to participate

Cowboys Still Quiet in Free Agency

I hate free agency after the big players are signed. After Julius Peppers and LaDainian Tomlinson went to other teams, I got bored. Dallas is a big part of that boredom because they haven’t done anything. They

Why Dallas Will Not Look To Re-sign Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens is now a UFA which means unrestricted free agent. Anyone can pick him up for however much money he and his agent agree to. He is an example of the joys of free agency which

Antrel Rolle a Strong Possibility as Free Agency Looms

Help could be on the way for the Cowboys as the official start of free agency begins in a little less than an hour. As expected, the Arizona Cardinals released safety Antrel Rolle this afternoon to avoid

Cowboys offer Tenders to Players

Only a few hours before Free Agency starts, the Cowboys have made offers to the following players as reported by… Miles Austin, First Round Tender Sam Hurd, Second Round Tender Corey Procter, Second Round Tender Jason