New Graphics: 2010 Schedules

The schedules were released last night and I have to ask you, was it worth the anticipation? Hell yeah it was. This quiet offseason is killin’ us Die Hards, isn’t it?

Driving to work yesterday rocking out to Octane XM, the DJ asked, remember when the release of the NFL schedule was no big deal and the draft wasn’t either and now they are both in primetime?

Hey it is what it is, but we crave football! Any tiny bit of coverage we can get and we jump all over it!

Which probably explains why I worked nearly 12 hours yesterday and came home and designed new schedule graphics all night.

Well, here they are – nine new designs for your pleasure. Take ’em, post ’em, print ’em – whatever you do I hope you love ’em!

Click here to see them all – All New 2010 Schedules

An Offseason Letter From Kelly

Every offseason we go through the same drought. After five years you would think one would be used to it. Every now and again you will find a story the media has brewed up to stir some controversy. Nine times out of ten those stories are speculation and hype that never develops.

The most interesting subject this offseason will no doubt be the salary cap issue and how it affects free agency. The draft is always exciting as well. We don’t have a high pick but definitely have some needs, anything can happen when Jerry Jones is in the war room.

This summer will definitely be a memorable one for many Cowboys fans. The great Emmitt Smith will finally claim his place in the National Football League’s Hall of Fame. We received great news a few weeks back that the Cowboys have been selected to play in the Hall of Fame exhibition game the same weekend. It seems like the best thing next to a Super Bowl party if you ask me.

Speaking of Super Bowl, how exciting is it that the big game will be played in North Texas this time around? Of course every year we die-hard fans believe the Cowboys are going to the Bowl, well our haters really are going to squirm this season aren’t they? Our expectations will be at an all-time high and no we won’t back down.

On another note, during the offseason we are continuing to think of ways to improve the site. Everyday as technology advances there are new ideas and the world wide web is constantly changing. One thing that has made this site unique and popular is our graphics. Our site was created back in 2006 on Myspace. As everyone can tell, Myspace is dwindling and losing popularity fast. Facebook and Twitter are where it’s at now, and who knows how long that will last before the next big thing arrives.

I’m going to need some fan feedback here. With a show of hands (votes) how many Cowboys fans would like to continue to see our graphics grow? Do you still use the graphics? Should we keep our graphics section open?

I know we still have many fans and followers who use our graphics daily and we are very grateful for your continued support. As a graphic designer it brings me great joy to create Cowboys themed images and to share them with the world. I just want to know if I should be focusing my creative energy elsewhere. Please take a minute to vote in the following polls so I can get an idea on what the future has in store for LSS. Don’t be shy, if you have ideas or requests please leave a comment or contact us in an email.

This is not a resignation letter but more of a “how can I serve you better” letter. We love the Cowboys and we love Cowboys fans. And for the record, we aren’t going anywhere but up! 2009 was our biggest year in the five seasons we’ve been around, we grew by leaps and bounds. Our new layout design was a big hit and we gained some excellent staff members who continue to impress every time they post. All of this is thanks to you, our fellow Cowboys fans. So to show our appreciation I am reaching out to you in hopes of making the site even better! I am looking forward to your feedback.

How ’bout them Cowboys!


Kelly Horn
Founder/Owner/Graphic Designer of

Back By Popular Demand [New Graphics]

Back in July we created new game day schedules. While they were well received, we received several messages asking where the neon light schedules were and if we were planning to make them for the new season.

So without further ado, I present to you the famed 2009 Neon Light Schedule Graphics. There is one graphic for each week, 17 in all including the bye week but excluding preseason.

You can find the entire collection in our graphics section under the category “gameday” or you can click here.

New Graphics: 2009 Player Cards

Hey Cowboys Fans!

We’ve just finished up the 2009 Cowboys Player Cards for the upcoming football season. As of now, there are 50 cards posted, there will be more as we learn which rookies make the team. Waiting and watching to see who works hard and gets their chance to play in the NFL is the most exciting part of preseason football!

You can find the image codes for the new cards in our graphics section here. Fee free to post them on your website, myspace, facebook, share them with your friends or even create your own slideshow.

Enjoy the graphics, more on the way! GO COWBOYS!

You Are One In A Billion [New Graphics]

Next month we will be coming up on our 3rd year anniversary. Some of you may already know our background, but Lone Star Struck began as a Myspace Cowboys Fan Site. Only a few months later the Myspace had become so successful we decided to create a website. And the rest they say is history.

A huge part of the site’s fans come over for our free custom graphics to decorate their sites and share with friends. Just for you, I spent the weekend setting and achieving a goal of creating 30 new greeting comments.

You will find these new beauties in our graphics section under greetings. The last 3 pages of that section are completely new images.

I hope you enjoy the new creations. We are continuously adding to our collection, especially as the season gets closer. Next up will be 2009 player cards. Stay tuned!

StarStruck Graphics

I would also like to mention our friend and staff member TD has created several new graphics as well. Check em out!

New Graphics: Game Day Schedules

As we get closer to the 2009 Cowboys season, we will be busting out new graphics exclusively for fan use. For the past 4 years we have been bringing Cowboy fans tons of graphics, layouts, avatars, and more to celebrate the Dallas Cowboys and our amazing love for the team and it’s players.

I would like to introduce this year’s game day schedules. There is one graphic for each week this upcoming season, plus the 4 preseason games.

Here is the graphic for Week 1 of the new 2009 season:

As you can tell the graphics have transformed quite a bit over the years. Here are the previous game day graphics.







Please enjoy these graphics and feel free to use them to express your true team colors. 

You can find the entire collection of 2009 game day schedules in our graphics section under GAMEDAY or simply click here.

Come back and visit often!

Gearing up for 2008 “The Sunday Spot”

Well it’s almost that time of the year kiddies. Sundays and Dallas Cowboys Football. We are about a month away from serious Dallas Cowboys coverage and ramblings. I would like to thank Kelly for inviting back to 2008 for my usual "Sunday Spot" feature here on LoneStarStruck and everyone else associated with this website who reads, contributes and gives their two cents. I will also still be contributing some graphics to the site again as well as on my myspace page at .   I have already made a Dallas Cowboys graphic schedule for the upcoming season but it needs a little re-work done. I made it really fast and think It can be better. I will be attending at least maybe 2 Dallas Cowboys home games this year and just bought a very expensive digital camera just for the occasion, so be sure to look for my pictures during the season. Anyways guys, I hope you all check out the site weekly and hope to hear from all of you. Are you guys ready for Dallas Cowboys football? Did I even have to ask?