Cowboys Rumblings and Grumblings

It’s been pretty quiet this week as far as Cowboys news goes, but here’s a few things that might interest some of you.

To begin, the Oakland Raiders have released ex-Cowboy Greg Ellis after a dismal injury-plagued season. one-year stint on the West Coast. he still has some money coming to him from the guaranteed $10 million dollars he received from the Raiders. It looks like it might be the end of the road for Ellis who is still battling an arthritic knee.

Martellus Bennett continues to voice displeasure over his role with the Cowboys. In an interview which you could watch here courtesy of the DMN, he said,

“I think I could be one of the all-time greats. Probably the system has to change for me to produce. You’ve got to fit into the system. It’s not just all on the player. It’s different things that have to be done to put me in a position to make those plays.”

This isn’t the first time he has expressed his angst with his role on the team and his future with the organization.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones, is not the least bit concerned with the team’s lack of movement in this years free agent market.

“We’re pleased with what we have in place with the Cowboys. But if you look at our past several years, we’ve never jumped right out there in free agency, and really, I don’t ever look at what other teams are doing. I look at what we’re about, and we have some places that we can improve our team in free agency just as we will in the draft, but there’s no angst about getting anxious here. We’re just watching it unfold.”

I really don’t see the Cowboys as major players in free agency this offseason. As a whole the roster is solid and only needs some shoring up depth wise and at the offensive line which they can easily do via the draft.

Cowboys Extra Points: Leadership, Legal Battles and a Ticket Giveaway

According to a USA TODAY article, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke up about Tony Romo:

“Contrary to some, I think he’s a natural leader.”

“I think his leadership role will naturally foment; his position and his talent at that position, and him exerting leadership is a big ingredient to us winning. … His awareness of his leadership responsibility is encouraging.”


Martellus Bennett speaks up about the team and his youtube channel MartyBTv. Bennett says the locker room was never split and a lot of the rumors just weren’t true. He says this is “a whole new team and a whole new season”.


The DMN reported that litigations for the roof collapse from May 2nd are about to begin. Rich Behm has hired a high profile Dallas lawyer who admitted they have no plans to sue the Cowboys, and in fact can’t sue the Cowboys because of the workers’ compensation has received. Behm’s lawyer will be going after the company who built the structure that collapsed and left Behm paralyzed from the waist down.


Former Cowboy Greg Ellis has caused a stir once again this time from the Michael Irvin Show on ESPN radio. Ellis reportedly claimed that DeMarcus Ware would come off the field so that Ellis could get playing time. Here is what Ellis said:

“It’s a disgrace when DeMarcus Ware comes off the field just so I can get in the game and when the coaches tell him to come on the field, he tries to hide so I can play. And you’re telling me we’re trying to win the Super Bowl?”

“He would say, ‘G, come on.’ And I would tell him, ‘No, DeMarcus, go ahead, man. You’re coming up on your contract year. Don’t mess that stuff up. Go ahead and do you, and we’re just going to do what the coaches, or whoever the powers that be, what they want to do.'”

DeMarcus Ware was on the The Ticket this morning and of course they brought up Ellis’ comments. Ware responded:

“You know, I just think that everybody got an ample amount of playing time, for what it was worth. At the end of the day, if I was off the field, there was a reason why I was off the field. Maybe Greg rushed the passer better against a certain guy. But I think at the end of the day, the time that guys got is how it is.”

Ware is just a great guy, what else can you say.


Now for some awesome news for Cowboys fans:

The website based out of Arlington is giving tickets away to the Dallas Cowboys home opener on September 20th versus the New York Giants.

The contest runs from July 1 – August 31, 2009. The winner will be announced on September 4th.

Please visit their website for details and instructions on how to enter their contest. Here is the link:

Dallas Cowboys Ticket Give-Away!

Raiders Sign Greg Ellis

According to ESPN the Oakland Raiders have signed former Cowboy Greg Ellis:

Raiders reached an agreement with LB Greg Ellis on 3-year deal; he was released by the Cowboys on June 2nd.

No word on the deals of the contract just yet, but when we hear we will pass it along to you.

It should be an interesting Thanksgiving game this year, as the Raiders come to Dallas for the holiday matchup.

UPDATE: According to Fanhouse via Dallas Morning News the deal is for 3 years.

Greg Ellis Officially Released

As reported by Todd Archer at the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Cowboys have officially released Greg Ellis from the team.

The Cowboys have officially cut ties with Greg Ellis.

The move comes a week after owner and general manager Jerry Jones said Ellis likely would not be back in 2009 and gave the player permission to seek a trade.

A deal was not likely because of Ellis’ salary and other teams’ belief the Cowboys would eventually release Ellis.

With Ellis out, Anthony Spencer, the team’s first-round pick in 2007, will be the starter with rookies Victor Butler and Brandon Williams competing as the third outside linebacker working with the first team.

The move saves the Cowboys $4.15 million because Ellis has a $1.5 million guarantee that was added to his contract in 2007. If Ellis signs with another team, the Cowboys would have to make up the difference should he earn less than $1.5 million from his new team.

A first-round pick in 1998 when the Cowboys passed on Randy Moss, Ellis recorded 77 sackes and 634 tackles as a Cowboy. Ellis, who turns 34 in August, had eight sacks in 2008 but saw his playing time decrease as the season went on. 

Just A Few Thoughts

Sorry I have not been around lately, I just moved to college so I am still getting used to this new experience.

I have been able to watch ESPN the last couple weeks and a few things caught my eye.

1. Our generation’s version of Magic and Bird was interrupted at least for this year when LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers lost in 6 games in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Orlando Magic. Now I know this is not a basketball site but Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are the best basketball players in the world, but the dream match up will not happen between these two heavyweights, at least not this year anyway.

2. Greg Ellis will not be a Cowboy this season and Anthony Spencer will be stepping in to fill his shoes. Ellis has been a huge part of our recent success here in Dallas. We are truly losing a great player in number 98 but at the same time maybe it is time he graciously moved on. The Cowboys have a pretty stable LB corps with Ware on the outside and newly acquired Keith Brooking to help in the middle. Spencer has shown a lot of potential in his limited playing time here in Dallas.

3. Is our division the NFC East really as good as it is given credit for? Let’s break it down shall we.

The Washington Redskins are very much overrated and they never add too much talent, rather they over pay big names and they are unsettled at QB.

The New York Giants lost 1 of their 3 running backs that made up a great trio last year and they do not have a go-to receiver. Osi Umenyiora is a big part of this. If he comes back well from the injury their defense will succeed, if not they will not – simple as that.

The Philadelphia Eagles got to the NFC championship game last season almost by default. They ran into a young overachieving Atlanta Falcons team, who the Eagles were just smarter than. They still have no number one receiver for Donovan McNabb.

Last but not least our beloved Dallas Cowboys. Our number one receiver is Roy Williams, but do we really have confidence in the rest of our receivers, or are we trying to convince ourselves that they are good enough? Cornerback is a position of worry, just like receiver. Even though our young corners have shown more than our young receivers, outside of Terence Newman, we are uncertain.

GO COWBOYS and once again I am sorry I was not here for so long. Have a great day!

Cowboys Extra Points: Expectations

extrapts2Anthony Spencer will be the Cowboys starting strong outside linebacker with Greg Ellis out of the picture. The Cowboys didn’t officially cut Ellis but they gave him permission to seek a trade and sent him home from OTAs. Whether you agree with the move or not, it’s time to let go of Ellis.


Rodney Hannah has a broken hand and was unable to participate in OTAs. The tight end was on the practice squad in ’08 and is looking to battle for a spot on the roster behind Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett. Poor Rodney, great athlete but this may hurt him with a fresh rookie tight end competing with him for the spot.


The Detroit Lions picked up former Cowboy Tra Battle from waivers yesterday. The cornerback will join the team next week for workouts. Obviously the Cowboys didn’t see much in Battle.


Rookie Asaph Schwapp was arrested last week at Dallas Love Field airport for carrying ninja stars. The young fullback collects martial arts weapons and was said to be very cooperative with police. He’s unlikely to make the team but this story was interesting (or was it).


Jerry Jones has high expectations from his players as they open up the new stadium this upcoming season.

“This building could have been built for two-thirds of the cost, but it was about expectations. And I expect every player who ever walks on this field to play above their level.”

I think most of the players feel the pressure and expectations that come with beign a Cowboy, plus walking into that new beautiful monster of a stadium, hopefully it gives them ambition and motivation to give %150.


Here’s an interesting one… A blogger for New York’s Newsday wants his readers to rank the NFC East quarterbacks. Of course most of his reader’s are listing Eli as number one. Give me a break! See the article here. Of course (most) New Yorkers aren’t going to give Tony Romo his due, but you and I and everyone else knows that Eli Manning is not the best quarterback in the NFC East.

Cowboys To Cut Ties With Greg Ellis

According to The Ticket and a story by Todd Archer in the DMN, the Cowboys may just opt to cut Greg Ellis outright.

Ellis was apparently on the trading block according to several sources last Thursday, but it seems the Cowboys would rather just cut him now, as opposed to waiting for a trade offer to come along. Either that, or there just was no interest in the veteran linebacker.

Here is what Archer wrote this morning,

The Cowboys have decided to end their relationship with outside linebacker Greg Ellis.

Ellis and owner and general manager Jerry Jones met Tuesday morning. While a definitive time frame has not been set, Jones said Ellis will play elsewhere in 2009.

Ellis was told to stay home from organized team activities last Thursday as the club considered its options.

If Ellis is cut, the move frees up $4.15 million against this year’s salary cap, however, the team remains on the hook for a $1.5 million guarantee that was put in Ellis’ contract in 2007. If Ellis signs with another team, the Cowboys would have to make up the difference if he does not earn $1.5 million from his new employer.

Ellis had 77 sacks in 11 seasons with the Cowboys, but he will forever be linked with Randy Moss after the Cowboys chose to pass on the receiver in the first round of the 1998 draft.

The relationship between the Cowboys and Ellis has been strained for the last several seasons, but clearly it has taken an ugly turn now.

Just A Few Days Away, I Wouldn’t Say I Missed Much

I know I’ve been away for a little bit. Last week I was sick for a few days, but still had to work. Then I spent the holiday weekend with my family. But I’m back in action. Sadly, there’s still nothing to write about.

I think I missed a few things, that may or may not be worth mentioning.

Did someone say Greg Ellis is finished? It’s not a surprise that he’s been rumored to be on the trading block. I’m not sure what we can get for the aging linebacker. The Cowboys are looking to Anthony Spencer to take over the starting role. Ellis’ days are surely numbered. After years and years of offseason complaints, Ellis will finally be leaving the only professional team he’s ever known.

Oh, and I hear that Terrell Owens has pulled a “Terrell Owens”, this time with the newest trend, Twitter. Did Cowboys fans really think he was finished talking about the Cowboys? Nah, this was expected.

According to DMN, this is what was written:

neither ws i, blame the OC & romo!! but i’m happy 2 b where i am but i miss the other guys tht were & r true teammates!!

Whatever. What can you really say? Blame Tony Romo. Yeah, okay. Tony Romo, the young upcoming quarterback who amazed all with his ability to get you the ball, but then went down due to injury. Blame Jason Garrett (the OC), the man who worked you into almost every play call. Why?

In my opinion, which really means nothing, there are two people to blame. Yourself, and the man who fired you.

It’s over. He’s gone. That’s all I have to say about that.

So anyway… I really haven’t missed much. And, it’s okay to take a couple of days off in the dark days of offseason. It’s probably healthy to do so.

Enjoy the rest of the Memorial Day, what’s left of it. I’ll be watching Michael Irvin tonight to see what he’s got going on for us. The second episode of 4th and Long will be on tonight.

Dallas News on Michael Vick, Keith Davis and Greg Ellis

It seems that with every player released, unhappy or rumored to be on the trading block, most Cowboys fans ask if the player is right for the team. I’m in that group. I loved the idea of getting Roy Williams, Ken Hamlin, Tank Johnson and yes even Pacman. Now of course I feel the ground rumbling over the recently released from prison Michael Vick. With Vick I have no interest in him becoming a Cowboy. He is a great athlete, but when it comes to a QB I just don’t see much. There is also someone else who has no interest in Vick and that is Jerry Jones.It was reported on that Jones supports Tony Romo as the QB of the Cowboys.  When asked about interest in Vick Jones said…

“[Tony] Romo is our guy,”

In other news has reported that Keith Davis has once again left the Cowboys. This time he has signed with the Oakland Raiders. Davis was the captain of the Cowboys special teams in 2008 even after signing with the Dolphins in the off-season before coming back to the Cowboys before the season started. Davis wants to be a starting strong safety and I didn’t see that happening with the Cowboys. I wish Davis good luck. The Boys will see him for the first preseason game in 2009 as well as the Thanksgiving game in the new Cowboys stadium. is reporting that the Cowboys have put Greg Ellis on the trading block. Ellis is due to make $4.15 million in 2009. He has a cap number of $6.25 million. The Cowboys sent Ellis home from team activities this week so he wouldn’t risk injury. If Ellis is cut he will receive $1.5 million. It was also reported that New England and Cincinnati are possible destinations, but the Patriots say they are not interested.

Cowboys Extra Points: Hurd, Ellis, Scandrick and More

The preseason schedule has been finalized:

Aug. 13 at Oakland, 9 p.m. CST
Aug. 21 vs. Tennessee, 7 p.m. CST
Aug. 29 vs. San Francisco, 7 p.m. CST
Sept. 4 at Minnesota, 7 p.m. CST


First Day OTA Reports (from various sources):

Patrick Craytonwas the first-team flanker as the Cowboys began voluntary OTAs on Tuesday.

Gerald Sensabaugh appears entrenched as the Cowboys’ starting strong safety.

Sam Hurd caught every pass thrown to him. He was the only player without a drop.

Isaiah Stanback was among the players who stayed after practice to catch punts.

Greg Ellis ran as the Cowboys’ starting left outside linebacker at Tuesday’s spring practice.

Read more here.


Nose tackle Tim Anderson will undergo toe surgery and be out for up to three months. He was looking to compete with Junior Siavii as the backup to Jay Ratliff. Now recently signed Jonas Seawrightand Siavii will compete for the role.


Orlando Scandrickon getting the starting role at cornerback:

“I’m competing against myself — and let the cards fall where they may. I’m going to go out there and do the best I can and compete against myself. I can’t worry about what Mike or Terence or DeAngelo Smith or Mike Mickens or everybody else is doing.”

“It’s a totally different year. I’m still trying to impress and still trying to show them what I can do.”

Cowboys Extra Points: No Curses This Year

extrapts2For those Cowboys fans who believe that the HBO series ‘Hard Knocks’ cursed the Cowboys last season, you will be pleased to learn that the Cincinnati Bengals will be the feature team this summer. I guess with all the drama and illegal action in Cincy, it should be rather interesting to watch the likes of Ocho Cinco and Chris Henry ‘knock’ around. Oh yeah, and Tank Johnson’s there now, too.

Several sources believe that the draft, which was said to be aimed at improving Special Teams, may leave linebacker Bobby Carpenter without a job. Talk about a draft bust…

Speaking of players who should question their value on the team, Greg Ellis better watch his back. Ellis is 34 and this will be the last year of his contract. How many linebackers did the Cowboys draft again? 

It never was a guarantee that the free agent Keith Davis would be brought back but after the ‘special teams’ draft, it’s certain his days in Dallas are behind him.  DMN reminds us of Davis’ very interesting tenure with the Cowboys:

Davis definitely had an interesting tenure with the Cowboys. He made the team as an undrafted free agent in 2002, then was cut the following year after getting shot while in the parking lot of a strip club, putting him in position for Bill Parcells to make an example out of him. After a stint in NFL Europe, he earned his way back onto the Cowboys’ roster and was a special teams stud and occasional fill-in starter for the next six seasons, during which he survived another gunshot and spent a training camp with the Dolphins.

Now for some good news for all of you ‘Die Hards’:

The Cowboys first preseason game is exactly 3 months and 14 days away. And, only 4 months and 14 days until the first game of the 2009 Dallas Cowboys Football season.

Injury Report: Week 3

Game Status:

LB Greg Ellis (Achilles)
WR Terry Glenn (Knee)

CB Terence Newman (Foot)

LB Kevin Burnett (Ankle)


Terry Glenn will continue to be out until closer to midseason, if not longer.

Greg Ellis did not practice on Thursday, and is far from being game ready.

Terence Newman is looking alot better in practice, but still limited. Wade Phillips is saying Newman is a game-time decision. If they decide to activate Newman at gametime, he will play a limited role.

Patrick Crayton dislocated his pinky finger in last week’s game. It has not caused a problem, even though for precautionary reasons he has practiced with tape and a splint. He will start on Sunday.