Bare Necessities (of being a Dallas Cowboys geek)

Bare Necessities

(c) Disney 1967

We should all remember the song from that famous Disney movie.  After all, it was made in 1967.  It got me thinking.  What are the bare necessities of being a Dallas Cowboys geek?  I understand that I may not know all the player’s names or numbers.  I don’t have stats memorized or even the years in which the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl (be easy, I’m new).  Sure, I can Google that information in a second, but if I want to be a fan, I should know those things.

Expanding the idea further into my journey into Dallas Cowboy geekdom, I wondered what other prerequisites are in order to establish myself as a Dallas Cowboys geek.  Well, what better way to entertain that than to ask other Dallas Cowboys geeks.

What defines a Dallas Cowboys geek?
What should every Dallas Cowboys fan know?
What are some items every Dallas Cowboys fan should have?