Witten Praises Romo’s Commitment

Check out what Jason Witten had to say in an ESPN Dallas radio interview last Friday regarding Tony Romo.

Do you think Tony Romo gets a little too much criticism from experts? As a person catching passes from him, what do you think makes him a good quarterback?

Well, absolutely, I feel like there’s a lot of criticism that comes his way and obviously I’m biased because I’ve played with him for a long time and is a good friend. But, first of all, regardless of where you got him ranked on your list of quarterbacks, he’s one of the most competitive guys I know. So, questioning that aspect of the game: does he want to get back? Did he check out at the end? I mean, it’s just ridiculous. He’s one the hardest working guys I know; he’s definitely the most competitive guy I know in everything that he does.

I think that’s why he has success, whether it’s playing rec league basketball or golf or a two minute drive on Thursday in an OTA in May. He wants to win and I think that’s a great attribute that you look for in your quarterback and leader. That guy is going to have a high standard and everybody else needs to jump onboard, all in. And that’s the way we need to play too and so I think he’s an elite quarterback. I think he’s more motivated now than he’s ever been and throughout this experience: getting hurt, having to watch and see us fight like we did and watching Kitna come in and play so well and just wanting to be a part of that. It’s hard when the game is taken away from you like that and I think this experience is going to make him a better quarterback because of it, and I know he’s anxious to go back out there and play and lead our team and jump back into the foxhole with us.

Just like Jason Witten, I have complete faith in Tony Romo. I hear critics and fans both criticize Romo and I still can not fathom why. Maybe it just comes with the job of being the leader of America’s Team. Were there people that didn’t like Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach in their days? Probably so, although I can’t imagine that either. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying he’s reached their stature yet, but he certainly has the talent and determination. It’s up to him and his teammates if they will become champions of the star or just another number in the reference books.

Pro Bowl Profiles 2011

The 2011 Official Pro Bowl Program is a beautifully designed magazine that contains articles and player profiles. The program is available  for online viewing as well as download.

Below are the profiles for the five Cowboys originally elected to the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl. (Miles Austin was selected as an alternate therefore doesn’t have a profile in the program.)

The game between the NFC and the AFC will take place tonight at 6 p.m. CT at Aloha Stadium.

LSS Extra Points: Goodbye 2010

After ending the 2010 season a disappointing 6-10, the Cowboys will pick 9th in the 2011 NFL draft. While some would have rather the Cowboys lost the finale and received pick #6, I like what DeMarcus Ware had to say about the situation:

“It’s all about pride. When a fan sees you’re still fighting in the last game of the season and you don’t have anything to play for, you talk about the winning tradition of the Dallas Cowboys.”


2011 Opponents are as follows:

Home: New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins

Away: New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots, New York Jets.


Sam Hurd, who was sidelined at the season finale game due to a head injury, was chosen as the recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award. The Ed Block Courage Award is an annual award presented to selected players in the National Football League, who are voted by their teammates as role models of inspiration, sportsmanship, and courage (Wikipedia).


Wide receiver Roy Williams make some interesting comments in the past week.

“I was the go-to guy in Detroit. Coordinators can make who they want to make the star.”

“This is my dream [to stay] here and it started out good. Started out real good, but it fell apart I guess you could say. I love to be here.”

Many believe Williams’ is on his way out of Dallas, and I’m sure he has very few supporters campaigning to keep him a Cowboy. 37 catches for 530 yards and five touchdowns hardly warrants the high priced contract Jerry Jones generously issued back in 2008 (6 years, $54 million).


DeMarcus Ware won the NFL sack title with 15.5 sacks on the season. With his three sacks in Sunday’s game, Ware beat out Kansas City’s Tamba Hali by one sack. This is Ware’s second sack title in his 6-year career.


Jason Witten and Miles Austin both finished the season with over 1,000 yards. Witten passed the 1,000 yard mark in the final play of the game, ending the year with 85 receptions for 1002 yards and nine touchdowns. Austin finished with 69 receptions for 1041 yards (down from 1320 in 2009) and seven touchdowns.


And last but not least…

After the media mania on Sunday morning declaring Jason Garrett the official head coach, Jerry Jones himself denied the rumors.  Jones reiterated that he will honor the Rooney Rule, which states a minority must be interviewed.

“I am really interested in following the spirit of our NFL rules and that’s what this is all about.”

Reports Sunday and Monday say the Cowboys will interview wide receivers coach Ray Sherman to honor that rule. ESPNDallas reports that interview will take place Tuesday. ESPN also believes Jones wants to hire the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys by Friday. Which only leads one to believe that Jason Garrett is Jerry’s man.

Jason Witten Deserves Better

I’ve always been a rah! rah! positive type of fan, well that is until this season came along. It’s one thing when you give 100% and fail, but when you aren’t even putting forth your best effort or doing everything humanly possibly to secure a win it gets really hard to be a confident fan. Yes, I know the Cowboys have been plagued with injuries galore and young players have been asked to step up, but that’s just another excuse.

However, I’d like to talk about someone who never gives excuses and ALWAYS gives his everything on the field. Taken in the 3rd round of the 2003 NFL draft, its an understatement to say Jason Witten was a steal for the Dallas Cowboys. Six consecutive Pro Bowl selections hardly describe the wonderfulness that is #82. During week 15 of this season, Witten became the fastest tight end to 600 receptions (in 125 games). Witten also holds a franchise record for most catches in a game by a tight end with 15.

For the 2010 season Jason Witten has a career high 8 touchdowns and is less than 50 yards short of another 1000 yard season with one game left to play. He just keeps getting better, year after year. He doesn’t complain about his teammates, his coaches or the losing record of the 2010 Dallas Cowboys. When asked about the Christmas Day loss to the Cardinals, Jason replied:

“I feel playing the way we are, we’re building on something. To lose that way, it’s hard.”

Since Jason is such a class act and would never say it, I will say it for him – JASON WITTEN DESERVES BETTER!

Jason Witten is a Super Bowl caliber player and deserves at the very least one ring on his finger. He deserves the chance to fight through the playoffs and show the world what he’s got. Can you imagine Jason Witten on the super team of the nineties?

By the time Witten is done with his football career he will be remembered as a warrior and one of the best, if not the best tight end to ever play the game. Yeah, he’s that good. But what saddens me is, much like many of the forgotten Cowboys of the 1980’s, without a Super Bowl trophy to show for it he may only be that shining star in the eyes of the fans who will always remember the helmetless warrior who never went down without a fight.

Fans say it all the time, if we only had a team full of Jason Wittens – can you imagine, we would have a dynasty for years! Players like Jason Witten don’t come along very often. He may play his entire career and never see a Super Bowl, but if that chance comes along and his dream comes true then we will really know that God is a Cowboys fan.

Hot Flashes: Jason Witten

Talk about hot, Jason Witten has only missed one game in seven years. Where would the Cowboys be without the warrior? A great guy on the field as well as off, Jason is a leader and a role model in a league where the bad guys seem to get most of the attention. He doesn’t care, he does what he’s done since being drafted back in 2003, blocking, catching, leading and whatever else he can do to make this team win.

Hats off to Jason Witten, you are one of the best we’ve ever seen!

You’re Wrong, Jason Witten IS the BEST!

While snooping around on this evening I came across this video. A series entitled “Best in the Biz” on NFL Total Access. This particular video ranks the top 5 tight ends in the league.

I know we are biased around here, but come on man, Jason Witten is HANDS DOWN the best tight end in the BIZ! Sorry Charles Davis, you’ve got your list out of order…

LSS Extra Points: The Best and the Rest

The Dallas Morning News is putting 16 Cowboys head to head to find out who is the BEST Dallas Cowboys player according to fans.

Vote for the best Dallas Cowboys player here.


NFL Analyst Vic Carucci has the Cowboys winning the division:

The case for the Cowboys: They should be even stronger than the team that won the division in 2009. Tony Romo continues to make strides as a top-notch quarterback. He’s more mature and focused, and was able to blossom last season as the unquestioned leader of the team. Much of the offseason discussion has dealt with the expected game-breaking complement that first-round pick Dez Bryant will provide established receiving star Miles Austin and tight end Jason Witten. But the Cowboys have much more than an explosive passing attack. Their running game is among the best in the league and they have a championship-caliber defense.


Ex- Cowboy Flozell Adams worked out with the Steelers yesterday. The Steelers lost their starting right tackle Willie Colon after he suffered an Achilles injury on Monday. However there is no deal and according to

The Steelers got the impression Adams is not ready to make a decision, and money could be an issue as well. Adams, who was scheduled to earn over $7 million with Dallas prior to his release, is looking to earn $4 million for 2010, according to the source. The Steelers were hesitant to go that high.

Umm, Flozell give it up buddy you aren’t worth the big bucks anymore.


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Your 2010 Pro Bowl Cowboys

Sadly, the 2009 season ended for the Dallas Cowboys a couple of weeks ago, but this weekend when the Pro Bowl kicks off you might reconsider tuning in. In addition to the six Cowboys elected and Terence Newman who was added last week, two more will join the Cowboys coaching staff on the NFC roster. Andre Gurode will not be playing because of knee surgery.

Tony Romo and Mike Jenkins will play in the game due to injury of the elected starters. Romo was chosen to replace Brett Favre (ankle injury). Jenkins will replace Antoine Winfield (foot injury).

That makes a total of nine Cowboys attending this year’s Pro Bowl in Miami. Philadelphia is tied with Dallas for having the most players at the game. It is also the sixth most selections in franchise history.

StarStruck GraphicsYour 2010 Pro Bowl Cowboys:

Miles Austin, wide receiver

Leonard Davis, guard

Andre Gurode, center (injured)

Mike Jenkins, cornerback

Terence Newman, cornerback

Jay Ratliff, interior lineman

Tony Romo, quarterback

DeMarcus Ware, outside linebacker

Jason Witten, tight end

Head Coach Wade Phillips and his staff

My Reaction to the Cowboys Victory Over the Philadelphia Eagles

First, I want to apologize for my leave of absence. I’ve no reasonable excuse to explain why I have not written except a combination of holidays, homework, laziness, and writer’s block.

Thankfully though, I have found my muse and I’m ready to write and see Dallas go to playoffs. It has been as tough a year as it has been magical.

The tough part is losses to the Giants, the Broncos, the Packers, and the Chargers, but still to finish this season with back to back shutouts against division rivals is remarkable.

The Redskins win was one that redeemed us for our horrid win of 7-6 last time. Even though Al Davis is famous for saying, “Just win baby,” it is one thing to win a close one with a team that is your equal, but the Washington Redskins are not on the same planet as Dallas in terms of organization and teamwork.

That said, I was nervous going into the game this past Sunday. I had been sick with something that had stolen my voice from me to where I could only whisper naturally and talking was a challenge.

However, I was determined to not let that deter me as I went to see my good friend, Scott, at his house. It was me, Scott, and old friends of mine for a guys football night with Jeff, a tennis player in college now who could also switch hit when we were youngsters. Zach, who was a very good second baseman when he, Jeff, and I were kids on the city’s championship baseball team in little league. Jarrett, Zach’s little brother, Chris, who I’d become good friends with during sophomore English class in high school, and Carter, one of the most interesting yet at the same time, boring people I had ever met who had decided to go for the mountain man look and grown a beard.

I was thinking Dallas would win because of homefield advantage by a touchdown, but as I drove my way to Scott’s house and I was running late, I hear Brad Sham and Babe Laufenberg on the 97.5 radio station calling the game. I hear about Jason Witten reaching for the goal line and getting in for a touchdown.

I knew it had to be Dallas’ first possession on offense. That’s something that Dallas doesn’t normally do. They don’t score on the first possession often because they usually take a quarter to start to click on offense. That’s been a major problem of the past.

Yet, they are in on the first try for six points? I’m like, “Game on!”

As I get to my friends house with four jerseys, a Cowboys hoodie, a Cowboys t-shirt, my old worn out Cowboy cap; the only thing I didn’t bring was my Cowboys mug and Cowboys pajamas, I sit down to get some chips, cheese dip, and soda.

There, sitting in that amazing room filled with my buddy’s accolades, game systems, and big screen TV with a pinball machine behind the great sofa and easy chair (the only thing Scott didn’t have was a pool table), I saw the Dallas Cowboys make new history.

Despite having the greatest coach, in terms of innovation and invention, in Tom Landry, despite having five Lombardi trophies in Dallas’ glorious history, the 2009 Cowboys did what no Cowboys team had ever done. They posted back to back shutouts for the first time ever.

And even if I had known the outcome ahead of time, I still wouldn’t have believed it.

Dallas shut out the Philadelphia Eagles? The same Eagles with explosive talent all across the board. Six of their guys are in the Pro Bowl, they have a strong offensive line, an experienced quarterback in Donovan McNabb, dynamite and nitroglycerin known as DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin respectively, and a tight end who causes constant trouble in Brent Celek.

That offense had not been shut out for a half, let alone for a full four quarters. I didn’t even think that Philly could be held to seven or ten points. I thought for sure they’d put two touchdowns on their first time in Dallas’ new stadium.

Some of it was luck like a few errant Donovan McNabb passes at some key moments including one where DeSean Jackson had the entire secondary beat for six, but not even he could catch up to McNabb’s overthrown pass.

A David Akers missed field goal really hurt the Eagles and Dallas fed off that to finish with a score of 24-0. Tony Romo had every snap under center for the season, and no key injuries happened to Dallas.

This win got Dallas a playoff game at home and they know have momentum, they have belief, they have passion.

All they need now is a playoff win against the same team as last week.

That’s right. Dallas will have to face Philadelphia again, and I pray that for Dallas, the third time is not the charm for Philly. The Cowboys have all the chips in their favor except for history. The history of 13 years without a playoff win. Nothing irritates me more than the trolls of the web who constantly bring that fact to light.

It’s up to you Dallas. Let’s not make it 14 years.

Now They Fear the Star

I just read this interesting article over at and thought it was worth sharing with our readers. Its nice to see the Cowboys are finally getting some much deserved respect in the league.

NFC Fear Factor: Cowboys are conference’s most dangerous team

1. Dallas Cowboys (11-5, No. 3 seed)

Beware of this red-hot team, winners of three straight and five of their last seven. Dallas has shown to be the most physical team in the postseason on both sides of the line.

The offensive front is road-grading, giving its trio of tailbacks room to run and allowing quarterback Tony Romo time to make the right decisions. Defensively, Dallas is making life troublesome for opposing quarterbacks with Jay Ratliff, Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware living in the backfield.

Romo has been the main ingredient for the team’s solid late-season play. He seems unflappable, which has been a huge departure from his past. He relies heavily on tight end Jason Witten and No. 1 wideout Miles Austin with good reason. Romo is taking few gambles with his throws, and that ball security has been a big reason for Dallas’ late-season success.

It’s a deep run through the playoffs — or bust — for this evolving team.

Weekly Game Balls: Week 13

Unfortunately I’ve had to say this before, sometimes its hard to choose players worthy of game balls after such a devastating loss. This week the offensive game ball was a given but the defensive game ball took some thought.

This week’s offensive game ball goes to Jason Witten.

Jason Witten never fails us. Even though it had seemed he had slowed down for a few games, Witten excelled during his second consecutive 100+ yard game.

Witten had a career day last Sunday in New York. Not only did he catch his 500th catch for the Cowboys but his 14 receptions for 156 yards also set a career high for the veteran tight end. He has also moved up to second place behind Michael Irvin in Dallas receiving of all time. That’s pretty impressive!

The Cowboys didn’t come away with the win on Sunday, but this wasn’t due to lack of performance from Mr. Clutch by any means.

Way to go Witten!


This week’s defensive/special teams game ball goes to Jay Ratliff.

As stated above, this was a tough decision and not for a good reason this time.

However, the only defensive play that stood out and made a difference was Ratliff’s forced fumble and recovery.

The play lead to the first touchdown during the second quarter. I won’t go into what happened after that, but at the time Ratliff created a game-changer and for that he deserves props.


Way to go to Witten and Ratliff!

Honorable Mention: Tony Romo ( 41-55, 392 yards, 3 TDs – a career/franchise high in receptions), DeMarcus Ware (lead the team in tackles and had the one and only sack)

Fantasy Report: Week #14 Picks

Week #14 – PLAYOFFS STARTING for most people

For most of us this is the 1st week of the playoffs, that is if we are lucky enough to make it. Now it’s all about winning (win and you continue or lose and you’re out).

If you’re lucky enough to have made it, make sure you really study who’s playing and who’s not.

Take INDY for an example. They have clinched everything but the conference championship. Once they do they will rest their key players like Manning, Addai, Wayne & Clark. So if these are players you rely on then you will need some back up, because they will be watching the game next weekend just like you!


1)      A. Rodgers – GB

2)      M. Schaub – HOU

3)      D. Brees – NO

4)      B. Favre – MIN

5)      K. Warner – ARZ


1)      C. Johnson – TEN

2)      R. Rice – BAL

3)      M. Jones Drew – JAC

4)      S. Jackson – STL

5)      T. Jones – NYJ


1)      A. Johnson – HOU

2)      L. Fitzgerald – ARZ

3)      S. Rice – MIN

4)      A. Boldin – ARZ

5)      M. Colston – NO


1)      V. Davis – SF

2)      B. Celek – PHI

3)      J. Witten – DALLAS COWBOYS

4)      A. Gates – SD

5)      D. Clark – IND


PIT vs CLE: J. Lewis is done for the year. Hines Ward is questionable, Mike Wallace makes a good sleeper here.


ARZ vs SF: Great passing game here, start all players involved.

ATL vs NO: Matt Ryan – Out, M. Turner – Out. Coach says that NO will go for perfect season so all players may play thru week 17, but be careful.

BAL vs DET: Great week to have Balt. players, a must start for all involved.

BUF vs KC: Great week for Buff players, a must start for all “KEY” players.

Car vs NE: D. Williams should play. Both teams should run the ball a lot.

CIN vs MIN: C. Henry done for the year. C. Benson may no play AGAIN. This will be a passing game. So start the players accordingly.

CHI vs GB: K. Jones is out. D. Hester should play, but it will be all GB this week.

Dallas vs SD: Ah hell…This is a do or die week for the Cowboys. In fact, every game from here on out is. Romo and the passing game should be fine this week, but the running game continues to struggle. SD is probably going to score and score a lot in the air. Lets just hope its not as much as the Boys do.

DEN vs IND: A. Gonzales is out. Both teams should do fine with INDY coming out on top. Start all.

HOU vs SEA: S. Slaton is done for the year. Schaub is a big question mark right now so be careful. Everybody else should play.

JAC vs MIA: No Injuries and this should be a run-the-ball kind of game by both teams.

NYG vs PHI: My only hope is both teams lose! D. Jackson should be back. This will be a low score battle mostly on the ground due to weather conditions.

NYJ vs TB: No Injuries to speak of and it will be a good run game for the Jets. Both will score some pts this week

OAK vs WAS: Neither team is any good. C. Cooley out for the season. Portis & Betts done for the it’s Cartwright & Ganther? Who? Sheeez somebody has to score, but it won’t be much.

STL vs TEN: It’s Steven Jackson vs Tenn and Tenn will win this one and have a good time doing it.


Next week I will be posting a lot more on who is playing and who will be watching!

Good luck and my the Fantasy Gods bless your team.

– Gremlins

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