Happy Father’s Day

Lone Star Struck would like to send a message out to all of the wonderful fathers out there.

When I created this website I dedicated to my father. I grew up in Dallas, Texas. I would not be a Dallas Cowboy fan if it weren’t for my dad. Although we may have drifted apart in my adulthood, one positive memory I have and one thing we will always share is love for Dallas Cowboys football.

I can remember my father missing important family holidays such as Thanksgiving, to be at a Cowboys game. I also remember getting to stay up late when the Cowboys played in the Super Bowls back in the 90s.

I rarely see my father these days, but when I visit Dallas for Thanksgiving I see him, and the one thing that’s never awkward to talk about is football.

Sending well wishes and happy thoughts to all the dads out there. I’m sure some of you can relate to my story and I hope this bring you wonderful memories with your father.



Jason Witten and his young son
Jason Witten and his young son
DeMarcus Ware and his baby daughter
DeMarcus Ware and his baby daughter
Jerry Jones and son Stephen Jones
Jerry Jones and son Stephen Jones

Ellis Shown The Door, Fans Shove Him Through

The writing was on the wall shortly after the 2007 NFL draft. The Cowboys picked Anthony Spencer, defensive end from Purdue in the first round. The 26th overall pick.

Greg Ellis, an aging veteran coming off a season-ending achilles injury saw the writing and, in turn, expressed himself – as only Greg can do – and voiced his concern about being replaced by the 6′ 3″ 255 lb prospect.

It took two years to happen but here we are. Greg Ellis, after 11 years of service, was officially released Tuesday, June 2, 2009.

I’m not disputing the fact that Ellis’ better days are past him. I’m not disputing the fact that it is time to see what Spencer truly has. These things are part of the NFL. Players get old and the young guns come in and take over. It is a natural cycle, not only in the NFL, but in life. The time has come for young blood.

Here is where I have a problem. No, it’s not with Jerry Jones(not this time anyway). It isn’t with Ellis or Spencer. My problem is with fickle Dallas Cowboys fans that seem to enjoy shoving this guy out the door after 11 years of hard-fought football service with America’s Team.

I dare the majority of these fans to show many anything they’ve done for 11 years with passion, conviction, loyalty and the dedication Ellis has shown this organization.

How soon people forget. It’s the “What have you done for me lately?” generation of football fans that forget Ellis’ 12.5 sacks in 2007 and his Comeback Player of the Year award. They don’t honor his 634 tackles, 36 tackles for losses, 197 quarterback pressures and 77 sacks over the course of the last 11 seasons. All in 162 games 156 in which he started.

All they see is Greg “The Whiner” they call him. Well I respect his honesty and at times I did question his timing. I’m not saying he didn’t have issues but he suited up in the Blue and Silver and gave his blood, sweat and tears for 11 years and, in my humble opinion, that gives him the right to voice his discord when things aren’t going, in his opinion, the way they should. He earned that voice.

We give our opinions every day about The Cowboys and have never put our bodies on the line to defend the Star. Then we’re gonna question this man?

Feel free to post your comments. Good bad or indifferent.

Here’s mine: Thank you, Greg Ellis. It has been an absolute honor to watch you play for the Dallas Cowboys. God bless you and your family. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

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Who Should Be In the Ring of Honor Next???

I have tried to debate this for awhile now with people that I know, but can’t seem to get anyone to bite back. Maybe now is the time. Who should Jerry Jones put in the Ring of Honor in the new stadium? It has been a long time since the Triplets where inducted into it. I have my opinions, which I don’t think a lot of people will agree on, but it is my opinion. I will throw out a few names for you and see if you agree.

My first choice is Danny White. Yes, I know he never took the team to the Super Bowl but he had some really big shoes to fill with the retiring Roger Staubach. He did take them to some Championship games but never really over the hump. He also played another role in punting for the Cowboys. I think he has been given a bad rap for not getting the boys the Super Bowl. But most people think, Danny will always but the butt of jokes for not being the QB that Roger was.

My second choice is Drew Pearson, the original 88. I kind of forgot about him but the Top Ten Cowboys List on NFL Network reminded me that he isn’t in the Ring of Honor. Who was Roger’s go-to guy? Drew. Who made the most famous Hail Mary catch? Drew. When Roger needed some yardage good ole 88 was there. Shoot, I think he should be in the Hall of Fame. What a great talent he was.

Who would you choose for the Ring of Honor with the current roster? Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware? Who knows. Tony won’t if he doesn’t win it all, just like Danny. That’s why I hear some fans put Tony and Danny in the same sentence. Jason is a solid TE for the Boys. If he keeps playing the way he has it shouldn’t be a debate about that one. And then there is DeMarcus ‘Sack Master’ Ware. Out of the three he should be the next great who is put up around the ring of the stadium.

You could agree or disagree with some of my choices or have some of your own. But in the end we have had some great teams and players throughout the years. Enjoy the memories and the future seasons to come. And last but not least – How ’bout them Cowboys!!

Cowboys Extra Points: Past, Present and Future

Former Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Brian Stewart will join the Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff this week. Stewart coached the Cowboys defense in 2007 and 2008. He was fired back in January after the Cowboys failed to make the playoffs.

Jerry Jones will be on tonight’s episode of “4th and Long”. According to reports he has high expectations for the winner of the television show. “4th and Long” airs on Spike TV at 9pm central on Mondays.

Still no word on a DeMarcus Ware extension. Some sources are reporting Ware will likely go into training camp without a deal, while Dallas Cowboys official website says Ware is patient and continues to be active and the same team player he always has been.

“I’m a guy that’s always been about hard work, and that’s what’s gotten me where I am right now,” Ware said. “Why would you take some days off or sort of jeopardize the team? If you want to be a team player that’s how you’ve got to do it. Sometimes you’ve got to sacrifice some things and that’s what I’m doing now.”

“My agent and Jerry Jones are handling that and they’re just letting me go out and play like they usually do,” Ware said. “I just let them handle that. And I’ll know when something happens.”

The Bleacher Report had an interesting article entitled, “Five Plays the Dallas Cowboys Offense Would Be Wise to Keep in Their Playbook for 2009“. You can read the article here.

Lone Star Struck is now on youtube. You can view our introduction video here.

Cowboys Extra Points: Expectations

extrapts2Anthony Spencer will be the Cowboys starting strong outside linebacker with Greg Ellis out of the picture. The Cowboys didn’t officially cut Ellis but they gave him permission to seek a trade and sent him home from OTAs. Whether you agree with the move or not, it’s time to let go of Ellis.


Rodney Hannah has a broken hand and was unable to participate in OTAs. The tight end was on the practice squad in ’08 and is looking to battle for a spot on the roster behind Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett. Poor Rodney, great athlete but this may hurt him with a fresh rookie tight end competing with him for the spot.


The Detroit Lions picked up former Cowboy Tra Battle from waivers yesterday. The cornerback will join the team next week for workouts. Obviously the Cowboys didn’t see much in Battle.


Rookie Asaph Schwapp was arrested last week at Dallas Love Field airport for carrying ninja stars. The young fullback collects martial arts weapons and was said to be very cooperative with police. He’s unlikely to make the team but this story was interesting (or was it).


Jerry Jones has high expectations from his players as they open up the new stadium this upcoming season.

“This building could have been built for two-thirds of the cost, but it was about expectations. And I expect every player who ever walks on this field to play above their level.”

I think most of the players feel the pressure and expectations that come with beign a Cowboy, plus walking into that new beautiful monster of a stadium, hopefully it gives them ambition and motivation to give %150.


Here’s an interesting one… A blogger for New York’s Newsday wants his readers to rank the NFC East quarterbacks. Of course most of his reader’s are listing Eli as number one. Give me a break! See the article here. Of course (most) New Yorkers aren’t going to give Tony Romo his due, but you and I and everyone else knows that Eli Manning is not the best quarterback in the NFC East.

Maybe Some Call For Jerry Jones’ Head, But Not Me

Year after year you hear Cowboys critics and fans calling for Jerry Jones’ head, Since the Cowboys haven’t gone all the way in over a decade the first person people call out is the general manager.

You won’t hear me complain about Jerry though. I believe with all my heart that he is the right person for the job. Everyone has their own opinion and they have the right to disagree with me. I just don’t think anyone loves this team more than Jerry Jones.

And it’s not only the team, but the entire organization. I recently read some comments made by Jerry about the roof collapse at Valley Ranch.

“I didn’t have a thought about what caused it or repairing it or doing anything like that,” said Jones, who went to the site the day after the accident. “It was purely about how fortunate we were that we didn’t have more injuries and how sorry we were that we did have some injuries.”

“It’s just coming to light more and more every day,” Jones said. “I don’t know that I’ve ever been prouder – and I don’t know them that well – of a group of players, those rookie players and certainly the coaches that were out there.

“The real story for me right now is the effort that the players and coaches made to help each other without regard for their own safety in a trying time.”

I joke with my friends and tell him Jerry is my daddy. My real dad’s first name is Jerry so it’s semi-true.

While Jerry has made some admitted mistakes, and at times seems to be quite stubborn, he has given us some many gifts as Cowboys fans. Actually, he has owned the team since I was 10 years old, so really he’s all that I know. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone can complain about someone who got us the Triplets and three Super Bowl victories. But he is my Daddy so I’m biased (lol).

I will continue to support Jerry Jones in his role in the wonderful organization that is the Dallas Cowboys. I also have  a lot of faith and respect for his sons, especially Stephen Jones. When that day comes that Stephen takes over, I believe the team will be in good hands. But until that day, Jerry Jones’ is our man.

-I know not everyone agrees wtih me, so bring on the heat, I can take it – let me hear it!-

Cowboys Stadium It Is

We’ve been waiting, for what seems like forever, for a name for our new home. Surprise surprise the name is set (for now) and is basically what most of us have been calling it since it broke ground.

Simply “Cowboys Stadium”.

The Dallas Morning News posted the following quote from Jerry Jones this afternoon:

“Texas Stadium, we certainly have a deep embedded vision of what it is and at some point we will say was,” Jones said. “But we’d like to keep it at that. It’s certainly fitting when looking at the tradition of the Cowboys for it to be Cowboys Stadium. It sounds obvious and simplistic but it’s right.”

Hey, I like it. What’s not to like. Basic and classic.

The sad thing is, it will change. When a big corporation settles on naming rights we will have some formal, hideous name that has nothing to do with football or Dallas.

But for now I, and I’m sure many fans will agree, Cowboys Stadium is just perfect.

Tragedy in Dallas: Team Scout Paralyzed

The Cowboys issued a release moments ago announcing that Rich Behm, a scouting assistant, sustained a fracture to the thoracic spine that caused a severing of his spinal cord and permanent paralysis from the waist down. Behm underwent surgery Saturday night and  remains at Parkland Hospital in stable condition, according to reports.

Jerry Jones and coach Wade Phillips spent a large part of Saturday night/Sunday morning with the Behm family. More coaches and players visited the hospital today.

Jones released this statement:

“To the Behm family we extend our love, comfort, and the full support of every person and resource within the organization, Rich is a courageous member of our family and someone for whom we care deeply. We ask for all friends and fans of the Dallas Cowboys to join us in embracing him and his family with their thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time.”

Very sad news for the Cowboys family.


While Everyone Else Is Complaining…

Turn on ESPN or NFL Network, or maybe your local Fox Sports Network. Visit one of the many NFL based blogs or websites. You know what you’ll find?

Bitching and moaning and complaining… this player wants this much money, this player doesn’t think his contract is good enough, this player doesn’t want on that team anymore… so on and so on.

I must admit, I’m one happy Cowboys fan to know that none of that complaining is coming out of Dallas, Texas.

Since Terrell Owens left, its been very calm and quiet in the Big D. What a relief. I love it!

I know it won’t stay like this and I don’t expect it to, but for now we should savor it, ya know?

I was reading how Sheldon Brown of the Eagles is no longer satisified with his contract and it will affect his play. The next thing you know the Eagles are firing back with a powerful press release letting Brown know who’s boss.

And unless you were out of the country or in a coma this offseason you knew all about the Jay Cutler saga. The former Denver frontman wanted out. He got his wish and was moved to Chicago but not before alot of press and drama infected the sports world.

I have to say even though my immediate reaction to the releases of Terrell Owens and Roy Williams was devastation, I have a ton of respect for Jerry Jones for making the right move. He was right and he took a huge chance in releasing them. But he did what was best for the team and I believe in the long run everyone will understand.

Say what you want about Jerry Jones but no one loves this team more than him. I honestly believe this franchise is heading in a new direction. Jerry has taken some chances and learned many lessons. Maybe he’s realizing taking a chance on the big names isn’t the way you win championships. Maybe the concept that ‘no one player is bigger than the team’ has finally sunk in.

Of course, we still have several months until the season starts, not to mention the draft this weekend, so he could still take us by surprise and make an outrageous move. But, I don’t think it will happen.

Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Roy Williams will take the reigns and lead this team to victory. We won’t have to worry about who will be counting passes or carries. DeMarcus Ware, Terence Newman and Bradie James will defend the post and make us proud.

The billion dollar home of the Cowboys will be packed game after game and television ratings will be off the charts. Not because of one name, but because of one team. You can thank Jerry for that.

Madden Retires, Collinsworth to Fill His Shoes

After 3 decades John Madden has decided to retire from football broadcasting. His famous voice and flamboyant analysis will no longer be heard on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

“It’s time,” Madden said. “I’m 73 years old. My 50th wedding anniversary is this fall. I have two great sons and their families and their five grandchildren are at an age now when they know when I’m home and, more importantly, when I’m not.”

Madden began his football career in 1967 with the Oakland Raiders. He started off as the linebackers coach and 2 years later was promoted to head coach.

In 1979 John led the Oakland Raiders to their first Super Bowl victory, retiring afterwards and went into broadcasting. After only ten years of coaching, he was the youngest coach ever to reach 100 career regular season victories. He was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones,  had this to say about John Madden:

“I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone who loves the NFL, or cares about the NFL, more than John Madden. As a friend, I know that John’s respect and passion for the sport will be the two elements of his legacy that matter the most to him. His imprint and impact on our game were powerful and meaningful. His influence on the sport was felt by everyone — the guys in the equipment room, the players, the coaches, the owners, and most importantly, the fans.

“He’s going out on top — as the best we have — and the best we have ever had.”

NBC has named Chris Collinsworth to replace John Madden in the booth.

No More Excuses

With the 2009 NFL Draft just around the corner, Cowboys fans across the nation have more questions than answers. The uncertainty of 2009 has many of us anxious to get this thing started. Predictions of 8-8 by so-called experts have many of us feeling frustrated and insulted.

Opinions of how to reach the pinnacle of the NFL vary as much as the hundreds of mock drafts being put together by football minds all over the country.

I see debates on various sites about who’s to blame and what the answers are. T.O. should not have been released. Owens should have been released. Felix Jones should be the starter. Tashard Choice should be the starter. Marion Barber should be the starter. Romo’s not the answer. Romo is without a doubt the answer. Wade should be fired. Jerry should fire himself.

With the possibility of a Miles Austin exodus looming over our heads, I’m one very nervous Cowboys fan without any real answers.

Keep in mind these are just the surface issues. I could probably write a 5,000 word essay just dealing with the questions Cowboys fans have. With no real answers.

I’m compelled to believe we can all agree on one thing. The time for excuses is over.

No more riding on our laurels. No more talk about 13-3 or 13 Pro Bowlers. No more “But this team did this and that team did that”. Time to lay to rest 2007 and 2008. The only true way to move forward is to( as cliche as it may sound) put the past behind us and don’t look back. No more talk about 44-6.

The pressure on this team to succeed – from top to bottom – is more intense than at any time that I can remember. This season will answer many questions. It is a make-or-break year for this organization. The time is now for Mr. Jones, Mr Phillips, Mr. Garrett, and Mr. Romo.

The time is now. No more excuses.

The Quiet Days of Offseason

A month away from the NFL draft and everything in Cowboys land seems a bit quiet for my taste. No more T.O. drama, no more Romo/Jessica sightings, no more throw Wade under the bus talk. Seems too quiet doesn’t it?

First off let me talk about my boy Demarcus Ware. I am still wondering why the Jones boys haven’t signed him to a long extension yet. Ware should become the richest player in NFL history within the next couple of weeks though. The guy deserves it. He was about half a step this year of having about 30 sacks. The NFL even took one away from him. James Harrison is good but he isn’t nowhere near Demarcus Ware’s playing level, 101 yard interception return for a touchdown in the Super Bowl or not.
Some Terrell Owens news. Ugh! Terrell Owens states that Jerry Jones reneged on his word to keep him in Dallas and that Stephen Jones and a couple others were behind his surprising release. Let me say this one last time. I actually loved Terrell Owens on this team. There is no way in God’s green earth you can convince me that Roy Williams, the receiver, is a legitimate # 1 receiver in the NFL. He hasn’t proven it, Detroit or not. I think way too many fans are being way too optimistic about Roy Williams. Sure he has better hands but he can’t stretch the field and he isn’t the hardest worker in the world. I really hope he proves me wrong. Back to T.O.. Yes, Jerry probably did back stab Terrell Owens to an extent but I really think this helps Romo more than anybody else on this team. This is going to be a make or break year for Romo. It’s his team now.
The NFL schedule does not come out until later this spring but sources say that Dallas will open Week 1 in Denver in the FOX 3 PM slot. They will also host the Oakland Raiders on Thanksgiving. I think playing in Denver Week 1 is gonna be awesome. Sources also said that Dallas will not open in the new stadium until Week 3 either in a Sunday night or Monday night game. I bet it’s either Philly or the Giants. On an unrelated note, sources state Jerry Jones is asking the NFL  for permission to change the navy blue jerseys (technically home jerseys) for the 2011 season to commemorate the hosting of the super bowl in the new stadium. I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad or to what extent the jersey change will take effect. I guess we will not find out until the 2011 season.
Dallas Cowboys Coach Wade Phillips stated that it takes a full 4 seasons before anyone can judge a coach in the NFL. San Francisco 49ers Coach Mike Singletary stated when told of this that he thought this was a win now league. I couldn’t of said it better myself. Thats why Jerry Jones should of fired Wade Phillips when this season ended. I couldn’t help but shake my head when I read that. I wonder what Jerry Jones thought of that statement by Wade.  Let’s make our # 1 receiver the scapegoat I guess and cut him. Oh didn’t we already do that?
Training Camp in San Antonio. Guys I can’t wait. I already asked for that first week off of work so I can be there. It’s gonna be awesome. See ya there Shelby!!!