Boys Involved in Two Legacy Games in 2009

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the American Football League, the NFL has announced that the original eight AFL teams will wear their historic uniforms in 16 Legacy games in 2009.

The eight AFL teams will represent the following years…

1. Buffalo Bills 1965

2. Denver Broncos 1960

3. Kansas City Chiefs/Dallas Texans 1962

4. New England Patriots/Boston Patriots 1963

5. New York Jets/New York Titans 1961

6. Oakland Raiders 1963

7. San Diego Chargers 1963

8. Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers 1960

The Dallas Cowboys will take part in two Legacy games in 2009. One against the Kansas City Chiefs on October 11th. Dallas will wear the uniforms they wore from 1960-62.  The Cowboys and the Texans shared the Cotton Bowl from 1960-62 before the Texans moved to Kansas City to become the Chiefs.

The second Legacy game with be the Thanksgiving game on November 26th against the Oakland Raiders.