Beer Goggles

Ah, to see the world, life and the Dallas Cowboys in total bliss. It ain’t easy. That really goes double if they lose a winnable game but that’s beside the point. Its been awhile since the Boys’ stunk up the joint. I mean really stink. You’d have to go back to the Campo era to see the botches we laid out. I think that’s how I became the fan I am today. Having to say “we don’t suck” when we make a losing JV Prep Squad in Alaska look good. It’s because of all of those ugly loses that I developed my own Dallas Cowboys Beer Goggles.

Cowboys Beer Goggles make Romo’s INT look like long punts; and the offensive line brain farts smell like roses. Sure that lose to the Skins looked like crap but I see improvement! Romo didn’t screw up; the wide-outs given the right plays can destroy a defense; our defense looked very strong. I see nothing but shinny diamonds in this. “What about the playcalling?” All gold on this end!

Unfortunately, the goggles don’t work on everything. While it’s a great thing to use while getting over a lose it shouldn’t blind you from the truth. The offensive line can not handle a pass rush without Kosier and Colombo. Doug Free is still a year away from being a solid blocker. Barron is either not taking advantage for this new beginning or he’s something we don’t need on this team. Garrett doesn’t like opening up the playbook when he isn’t sure about anything. This make Romo look indecisive and make Romo play away from his strong suit which is gunning it down field. But all of this was from our last game and it doesn’t define us as a team.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that the good will outweigh the bad on this team this year. I get that its hard to wrap your brains around that. So that being said, “I’m selling all new Dallas Cowboys beer goggles! Get them in Silver & Blue; Blue & Silver; Emmitt Smith 22; Bob Lilly 74; and Pink for the ladies! Hurry before our next lost which should be never!” I wouldn’t trust that last sentence, I am wearing them right now.


Fast Starts and False Starts

One of the things the Cowboys need to do is get some momentum going again. There’s all kinds of momentum and it doesn’t just happen on the field of play. I’d like to see the Cowboys get out there and start making some noise by signing some of their key players and getting that rumor mill churning as they look toward the draft and potential free agents and trades. When the new season begins, I’m looking for the ‘Boys to bust out of camp oozing with confidence and getting off to a fast start.

From fast starts to false starts…

The Dallas Morning News had an interesting take on one of the Cowboy’s big problems last season; the offensive line.

They believe That Marc Colombo is getting a free pass while Flozell Adams catches all the heat regarding the excessive amount of false starts.

Adams has 24 false-start penalties in 48 games during the last three regular seasons. Marc Colombo, who mans the right side, has had the same problem at nearly the same rate. He has 20 false-start penalties in 41 games during the last three regular seasons.

Add one mistake by Doug Free last season, and the Cowboys have 45 false-start penalties by their tackles in the last three regular seasons. Only one team has had more false starts by its tackles in that span: dreadful Oakland, with 47.

Penalties have haunted this team for a few seasons now. Each time training camp opens, we’ll hear how they plan to focus on reducing the penalties, but the fact is nothing really changes. Hopefully this year will be different.

One of the problems is that our O-Line is getting older, and to compensate for the reduced burst in their first step they move too early. Flozell will be 35, Colombo is 31, Gurode is 32, Davis is 32, Kosier 31. That may very well be one of the oldest lines in the NFL.

I wonder if this becomes one of our primary objectives in the NFL Draft?

Injuries Will Make Things Interesting

Tomorrow the Cowboys face Redskins in Dallas for their first matchup of the season. The Skins will be missing some big names in their lineup including Chris Cooley and Clinton Portis. While the Cowboys will be without starters Ken Hamlin and Marc Colombo.

Washington may be banged up and they may only have a record of 3-6 but you can’t count this as a win just yet, as we’ve learned already this season.

The Cowboys have to hope that Doug Free is ready to fill in for Marc Colombo, otherwise the Cowboys offense could suffer severely. Alan Ball will be starting in Ken Hamlin’s place at free safety.

As always expect a great game between one of the biggest rivalries in football at “The House That Jerry Built” tomorrow at noon (central time).

Cowboys Injuries for Week 11
Name Position Injury Practice Status Game Status
Marc Colombo T Ankle Did Not Participate In Practice Out
Ken Hamlin S Ankle Did Not Participate In Practice Out
Allen Rossum CB Hamstring Did Not Participate In Practice Out
Marion Barber RB Thumb Full Participation in Practice Probable
David Buehler K right Toe Full Participation in Practice Probable
Mike Jenkins CB Elbow Full Participation in Practice Probable
Gerald Sensabaugh S Thumb Full Participation in Practice Probable
DeMarcus Ware LB Foot Full Participation in Practice Probable
Redskins Injuries for Week 11
Name Position Injury Practice Status Game Status
Chris Cooley TE Ankle Out (Definitely Will Not Play) Out
Clinton Portis RB Concussion Out (Definitely Will Not Play) Out
Eddie Williams RB Ankle Out (Definitely Will Not Play) Out
Albert Haynesworth DT Ankle Did Not Participate In Practice Questionable
Mike Williams T Ankle Did Not Participate In Practice Questionable
Stephon Heyer T Knee Limited Participation in Practice Questionable
Ladell Betts RB Ankle Full Participation in Practice Probable

Injury Report from

Packers Break Cowboys’ Winning Streak, Dallas Loses 17-7

The Cowboys winning streak came to a halt today as the Packers beat the Boys 17-7. It was a strong defensive game on both sides but penalties, injuries and missed opportunities ruined the day.

green bay dallas

The most painful thing to come from this loss will be the hole that Marc Colombo leaves on the offensive line. Colombo went down in the first quarter and later it was learned that he suffered from a broken fibula. Doug Free came in to replace Colombo and immediately failed to protect Romo.

There was an injury scare with Bradie James who returned to play, and Ken Hamlin left the game with an ankle injury.

Another stinger was an arm injury to corner Mike Jenkins. He returned to play but left again for good after a few minutes.

Tony Romo also took a beating from the Green Bay defense taking five sacks, while Aaron Rodgers was sacked 4 times by Dallas. Romo ended the day 24 of 29 completions, 251 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

Roy Williams caught 5 passes for 105 yards and a touchdown. Sounds good right? No, not really. He also fumbled what would have been a 41-yard completion along with a dropped pass that could have been a game changer.

Luckily the Cowboys were able to score a touchdown in the final seconds to avoid getting shutout for the first time since December 14, 2003.

The running game was basically nonexistent. The three-headed monster combined for a measly 45 yards.

Defensively things were looking pretty good, just not good enough when your offense can’t produce and injuries sideline your starters. DeMarcus Ware had two sacks and Bobby Carpenter and Stephen Bowen recorded one sack each. Jay Ratliff was quiet, however Anthony Spencer stepped up and made several great plays.

Dallas has to pray that their injuries aren’t as bad as they seem. Of course Colombo is likely out for the season, but Jenkins and Hamlin should be able to return.

The Cowboys move on with a 6-3 record, still leading the NFC East and come back home to play the Washington Redskins for the first time this season.

Rockin’ the NFL

Dallas Cowboys rockers plus one, Free Reign, will be featured on FOX this weekend during NFL games.

As posted by Rob Phillips on the Cowboys website,

The Cowboys’ heavy metal band, Free Reign — featuring offensive linemen Marc Colombo, Leonard Davis, Cory Procter and talented guitarist Justin Chapman — will provide a soundtrack of sorts during Sunday’s season opener (noon, CT). The band’s debut song “Rise Up” will premiere throughout the NFL on Fox broadcast.Free Reign’s debut album “Tragedy” will be released Nov. 17 via Riot Entertainment/Dismanic/ADA Music.

ROCK ON! – Two of my favorite things at the same time, rock music and football!

I guess it’s a good thing the Cowboys didn’t break up the band and cut Procter as predicted by many last weekend… or is it?

FORWARD PROGRESS: Street Fights and Sensabaugh

Forward Progress

One more week… more week until we get a small taste of Cowboys football. A week from tonight I will be retreating to a quiet, fortified place, setting the phone to silent and cranking the volume up to 11 and watching the Cowboys and the Raiders. I am not expecting to see too much or many plays from any of the regulars, but I don’t care. It’s still the blue stars on the silver helmet and I want a win! More on that next week……

I was listening to some training camp coverage on the radio this morning as I was driving into work and they were discussing the small training camp fight that broke out between Marc Columbo and Jay Ratliff. It’s not a big deal at all, these things happen all the time, but what had my interest is the question that was posed: Who would be the one Cowboy you would want with you if you got jumped by 5 guys in a dark alley? I mean, many of them could do plenty of damage, but here is my top 5:

1. Marc Columbo – Just big and mean and has the fighter’s mentality.
2. Leonard Davis – Just BIG and BIG.
3. Jay Ratliff – He has the quickness and the toughness.
4. Marion Barber – He will fight to the death.
5. Gerald Sensabaugh – He will probably be packing an AK-47, so that helps!

Okay, sorry Gerald. That was a low-blow. Speaking of Mr. Sensabaugh, I wanted to do a little research on the new projected starter at safety and I was surprised to find many good to above average stats, combine performances and on-field accomplishments, even dating back to his college days at East Tennessee St and North Carolina. He transferred to UNC his senior year only because East Tennessee disbanded it’s football program.

In his only season playing Division 1-A football, he had 4 interceptions and returned three of them for touchdowns and also tied an NCAA single-game record by blocking 3 punts in a game. After his senior year, he was invited to the NFL combine where he recorded a 46 inch vertical jump, the highest for any NFL player on record. He was a 5th round pick and then started every game his rookie year and over the last 2 seasons he started around 70 percent of the Jaguars’ games, recording 4 interceptions just last year and also played a large role on special teams.

However, he was allowed to walk and become a free agent and was also signed to a one year deal for very little money. With his performance and youth, It really makes me wonder what the behind the scenes chatter on this guy is and why he wasn’t more sought after. He is not a celebrity bad boy NFL player like Vick or Plaxico, but he has had his share of run-in’s with the law. I read in the Fort-Worth Star Telegram that he has been participating in the one-on-one secondary drills normally reserved for the corners and nickelbacks and has been holding his own against the receivers. It was also noted that former safety Roy Williams would never participate in these drills. I know that Roy played strong safety his last few years, but still. I really think Sensabaugh can improve this defense and I hope that he can keep his head straight and earn a nice, long term deal that a dominant season will earn him.

We are starting to see big contract extensions around the league for established players, as this is the time when teams can sit down and negotiate and arrange all of the salary cap issues and the pro-rating of money as it is a new contract year. Eli Manning just became the highest paid quarterback in the NFL yesterday. I don’t understand that move, but that is another story all together. The main thing I am concerned about is DeMarcus Ware sitting back and watching these extensions to Manning and James Harrison and wondering when his is coming. Ware is too much of a stand up person to go to the media and whine, but isn’t that just one more reason to give him his deal? I can’t make this clear enough: Jerry, show D-WARE the money!

Anyways, things are still sort of slow as we creep towards the season, and that is a good thing really. Big news out of training camp is usually only bad news, so we should just sit back and relax and look forward to our first pre-season game, a week from tonight. Oh, and just a reminder, don’t call me during the game, I won’t answer.

Cowboys Fan For Life – TD

More Notes From Training Camp


When I wrote last week that the Cowboys needed to get a little meaner and show some fight, I didn’t mean that they should fight against themselves. MySA explains,

The first fight of camp erupted Tuesday and featured two of the club’s meanest players, nose tackle Jay Ratliff and offensive tackle Marc Colombo. Colombo was upset about something Ratliff did during a play, and the two mixed it up for a few seconds before cornerback Terence Newman played peacemaker.

I can’t recall the last time I was excited about our backup quarterback, but it’s great to read all the positive vibes on Jon Kitna so far in training camp. Yesterday, during seven on seven drills, Kitna complete 13 of 14 passes and wrapped up an impressive day on the field. You better watch your back Romo!

It looks like special teams coach, Joe DeCamillis, is planning on having one deep returner on kickoffs. Felix Jones and Miles Austin handled the kickoff returns last season, and both are competing for the job this season. Wade Phillips suggested yesterday, that Austin’s role on special teams will be greatly reduced, so it looks like Felix Jones will be bringing it most of the time this season. I totally approve and expect big things from Felix the Cat.

I read a quote from one of the beat writers today (who I wont name) that really makes me scratch my head. He wrote that Sam Hurd is currently playing the best football of his career. Really? Last time I checked, the season doesn’t start until September 13th, so can we please tone down the hype a little bit? I understand Hurd had a nice day playing against his teammates who are not allowed to hit him. Great… fine… nice job… Lets not make more out of it than it really is.

That’s all for now, more later…

The Cowboys Do Rock!

The phenomenon that is “Free Reign” has signed a record deal, as posted by Josh Ellis on the Dallas Cowboys website.

The press release read:

Their heavy metal group Free Reign, which also includes Dallas-area guitar virtuoso Justin Chapman, has signed a world wide record deal with Australian label Riot Entertainment. From the press release:

Free Reign has been branded ‘Heavier than Metal’ for their intense musical style as well as their intimidating stage presence. They bring something unique to this powerful genre. 

“This is an amazing opportunity for Riot and to further establish our name internationally,” saidRiot Owner / CEO John Howarth. “Free Reign is a band with massive potential. There has been an enormous buzz surrounding them since they appeared on the scene a few months ago. Free Reign has already been flooded with endorsements. Their marketing potential is limitless. These guys are already huge sports stars, but they have shown they have the talent to diversify. I am positive that Metal fans will embrace Free Reign and see them take it to the next level. These are exciting times for Riot and we are excited to see what the future holds. When the opportunity arose to work with Free Reign I jumped to it! This is something that has never been done before and this band is a long term project. It’s also been great working with John Gomez of TQ Management putting this deal to bed”.

Free Reign is made up of Cowboys Marc Colombo, Leonard Davis and Cory Proctor, along with Justin Chapman.


Free Reign will be performing their last show before the start of football on June 27 at the House of Blues in Dallas.

You can find tickets and sample some of their music at  

Training Camp Begins

Hey Cowboys fans! We seem to have had some technical difficulties with the site this morning, we are not sure how long the site was down but it seems to be working good now.

OK now that we got that out of the way, back to Cowboys talk!

The Cowboys have signed all but two of their draft picks by late last night. First-round draft pick Anthony Spencer and third-round draft pick James Marten are still negotiating. The plan is to have the final two signed before the start of practice today.

There are still several players who have not been cleared by doctors to begin training camp. Greg Ellis has been cleared and will be on the field this afternoon. Marc Colombo and Flozell Adams are still recovering. Colombo will not be attending this week but Adams may join the team in a few days. Also, fourth-round pick Isaiah Stanback is out with shin splints but may only miss a few days. Which is good because he didn’t attend either of the mini-camps.

Jerry Jones doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to sign Tony Romo to a mega-deal. He has been quoted saying:

"If the conditions were right, then I could be real happy before the season starts or going into a long-term deal. If it’s the other way, I can make that work."

So I guess only time will tell. I believe Romo can lead this team, I think alot of fans believe that.  He turned everything around for the Cowboys. He had us believing we could go all the way. And yes, he was part of the reason we didn’t make it, but he’s the main reason we got that far. But I have faith in Jerry Jones. He knows what he’s doing.

So as the Cowboys prepare to take the field for their first training camp practice, I’ll leave you with this pondering question:

Do you think the Cowboys should come to terms with Tony Romo before the Season starts?