Cowboys Rumblings and Grumblings

It’s been pretty quiet this week as far as Cowboys news goes, but here’s a few things that might interest some of you.

To begin, the Oakland Raiders have released ex-Cowboy Greg Ellis after a dismal injury-plagued season. one-year stint on the West Coast. he still has some money coming to him from the guaranteed $10 million dollars he received from the Raiders. It looks like it might be the end of the road for Ellis who is still battling an arthritic knee.

Martellus Bennett continues to voice displeasure over his role with the Cowboys. In an interview which you could watch here courtesy of the DMN, he said,

“I think I could be one of the all-time greats. Probably the system has to change for me to produce. You’ve got to fit into the system. It’s not just all on the player. It’s different things that have to be done to put me in a position to make those plays.”

This isn’t the first time he has expressed his angst with his role on the team and his future with the organization.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones, is not the least bit concerned with the team’s lack of movement in this years free agent market.

“We’re pleased with what we have in place with the Cowboys. But if you look at our past several years, we’ve never jumped right out there in free agency, and really, I don’t ever look at what other teams are doing. I look at what we’re about, and we have some places that we can improve our team in free agency just as we will in the draft, but there’s no angst about getting anxious here. We’re just watching it unfold.”

I really don’t see the Cowboys as major players in free agency this offseason. As a whole the roster is solid and only needs some shoring up depth wise and at the offensive line which they can easily do via the draft.

It’s A Marty B TV Marathon!

Poor Marty B has been getting a lot of flack lately for his You Tube videos which he enjoys making and having fun with.

I don’t like all of them, but I don’t begrudge the guy for having some fun with his friends and family and being gracious enough to share his personal videos with us.

I wish they would just leave the guy alone, and let him be who he is. At least he’s not getting pulled over with a .45 under his car seat and bag of grass in the glove compartment, or shooting up strip clubs, or torturing animals. Give the guy a break… 

Here are some his latest videos (including the one everybody’s groaning about). He has dozens of videos on his site, so I picked out my four favorites. Which one do you like best?

How can you not like Mary B moving and grooving to the sound of the Temptations? This one may not be as funny as the other three, but I give it kudos for style.

This video was the second video to get Mary B in some hot water. He calls it the Black Olympics, but I call it two brothers (I’m talking real brothers Marty and Mike) goofing off and having a little fun at home. I find it very funny and if it were Bernie Mac and Eddie Murphy doing this skit, nobody would have a problem with it. (Except maybe Newt Gingrich and Bill O’Reilly) Here’s what Marty B had to say about it:

“I get criticized every day,” he said. “It was really nothing… We were in the kitchen eating chicken, watermelon. We had cornbread and we’re drinking Kool-Aid. We’re like man, we’re eating every stereotype. Let’s see who can eat the chicken the fastest… it was all fun and games.

“Stereotypes are something we deal with every day. If we make a joke about it, that’s even funnier.”

Here’s a video that’s great for any time of the day especially when you’re getting ready for breakfast, or in Marty B’s case, lunch. This video isn’t as spicy as his other ones, but it does have some nice texture and crunch to it.

Marty B goes shopping for some new equipment to deck out the new studio he’s building in his house. Listen to him free-styling about 2 minutes in, pretty damn good for freestylin’ on the fly. I think it’s great that Marty B has something to fall back on just in case his football career goes belly up. (Just kidding Marty B, I’m keepin’ it real just the way you like it!)

So which one is your favorite?

Check them all out on Marty B TV.

Martellus Bennett’s tour of Cowboys Stadium

Check out this video from Martellus Bennett who toured the new Cowboys Stadium for the first time with the rest of the team. Martellus still seems a bit immature at times, but as long as catching the ball and running over people I’m fine with it. Great video that features many Cowboys as well as Jerry Jones.