Pacman Jones and Matt Jones in the Cowboys plans for ’09?

It has been reported on and that Jerry Jones said he’s considering bring back Adam Jones, although he calls it a long shot. Jones was heard asking a reporter for the Fort Worth Star Telegram…

“Would you beat me up too bad if I brought back Adam?”

I can answer that question. YES!!!! With all the positive things Jerry Jones has done this off season why ruin it with bringing Pacman back? I believe the team is heading in the right direction with the youth that they have in the secondary. Let the guys who are hungry and have that fire play. Not someone who can’t stay out of trouble. I’m excited with Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick going into their second seasons and even more excited for our rookies Mike Mickens and DeAngelo Smith. Although Smith will be playing mostly safety, he is still an option at cornerback. If Jerry Jones wants another veteran than I still say he should go out and see about signing Chris McAlister.


In other news has reported that Dallas has no interest in former Jacksonville Jaguar wide receiver Matt Jones. I would put Matt Jones right up there with Pacman. Leave him alone. The Cowboys do not need him. And I really hope the idea of Plaxico Burress does not pop-up anywhere.


On a lighter side of things. For everyone out there who like me will keep walking by the magazine stands waiting for those first preseason magazines…well, your wait is over. Yesterday I found two and of course bought them. Early season predictions don’t even have the Cowboys making the playoffs which I love. Let’s stay under that radar all season. Athlon Pro Football magazine has the Patriots beating the Eagles in Super Bowl XLIV. Also, because I’m NY Mediocre Manning is on the cover, so I was a little childish and cut out the head of Homer Simpson and put it over Eli’s head. It looks pretty good. I just couldn’t help myself. If only I lived in the Dallas area where Romo will be on the cover!!

Free Agent WR’s That Remain

After seeing that we only drafted one WR and only have 2 coming in as undrafted rookie free agents. I figured I would take a look and see who was still out there that could serve as a # 3 or #4 reciever if they come in and earn the job should Dallas sign one of them. This List only Contains WR’s that have been Released or are UFA’s, let me know which of these WR’s if any of them could help us this year at the #3 or #4 slot if they earn it.

  1. Drew Bennett-8 yrs in NFL
  2. Shaun Bodiford-3 yrs in NFL
  3. Marty Booker-10 yrs in NFL
  4. Drew Carter-5 yrs in NFL
  5. Jason Carter-2 yrs in NFL
  6. Keary Colbert-5 yrs in NFL
  7. William Franklin-2 yrs in NFL
  8. Mike Furrey-5 yrs in NFL
  9. D.J. Hackett-5 yrs in NFL
  10. Dante Hall-9 yrs in NFL
  11. Marvin Harrison-13 yrs in NFL
  12. Ike Hillard-12 yrs in NFL
  13. Darrell Jackson-9 yrs in NFL
  14. Matt Jones-4 yrs in NFL
  15. Joe Jurevicius-11 yrs in NFL
  16. Ashley Lelie-7 yrs in NFL
  17. Brandon Lloyd-6 yrs in NFL
  18. Dane Looker-8 yrs in NFL
  19. Shaun McDonald-6 yrs in NFL
  20. Tab Perry-4 yrs in NFL
  21. Jerry Porter-9 yrs in NFL
  22. Koren Robinson-7 yrs in NFL
  23. Edell Shepherd-5 yrs in NFL
  24. Amani Toomer-13 yrs in NFL
  25. Reggie Williams-5 yrs in NFL